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17 June 2020


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Polish Janitor

After winning the Carolinas and Super Tuesday, the Biden campaign took off only with the help of Rep. Clyburn's mobilization of black votes. This has been the underlining theme of Biden's campaign, and was carefully engineered with the help of the DNC machine with emphasis on the significance of the black votes in November.

The expectation from Biden since March has been to name a black woman and a few names began circulating as potential candidates along with several high-ranking white women. From Withmer, Warren, Klobuchar to Abrams, Kamala, Condi Rice, Susan Rice and even Michele O.

Campaign strategists are well aware of the importance of black votes in elections, especially for Democrats. Notwithstanding, the black vote is even more crucial for Republicans and for a good reason too: in 2004 Bush won 11% of black votes and won re-election, McCain secured only 6-7% and lost, Romney could not get more than 4% and lost, and Trump won 8% and won the 2016.

Since 2016, Trump has done a good job for the black community: Criminal reform bill, lowest black unemployment in history, cutting taxes which had some positive trickle-down effect for black businesses at lest until the Covid-19 blew everything up to square one. So you can see that Trump was focusing on tapping into at least 10% black votes which would undoubtedly have been catastrophic for Democrats and would have secured him a solid chance in November.

What has been going on lately IMO is that Democrats are doing whatever they could to prevent Trump from winning re-election by not allowing Trump to become comfortable with the black votes. Their key objective has been to create as much separation as possible between Trump and black votes. Black democratic leadership is also fully on board and they seek Biden to nominate their shadow president who would be more or less managing everything like Cheney did during W's presidency.

My gut tells me that it is gonna be either Michele O or Stacey Abrams (a Rhodes Scholar) or even Kamala Harris. And believe me if Biden manages to somehow win and this scenario turns into reality, these's gonna be chaos.

In the meantime watch how centrist Democrats are working hand-in-hand to undermine Trump's chances, along with the NeverTrumpers and Neoconservatives such as Bill Kristol, Mike Murphy, who left and right are propping up these damn PACs such as the RightSide PAC and the Lincoln Project, etc. They are now campaigning for Biden in key states such as Arizona, Wisconsin, Ohio...Remember folks these are REPUBLICANS campaigning for Biden a DEMOCRAT! And now there is another prominent filthy neocon, John Bolton with his new book that is aimed at screwing Trump's character and Foreign policy and solidifying the Borg/Blob's alliance with the Biden campaign at least until Trump's defeat and the restoration of their version of normalcy in the white house.

Key Tip to understand what's going on: it's East-Coast Straussians (i.e. Republican neocons and centrist Democrats) vs. West-Coast Straussians (i.e. Trump, Peleocons and folks at Clairemont Institute down in California)

Strange times...


You are either an idiot or a lefty agitpropper. The Biden thing is MY analysis. If you don't like my analysis - fine, but if you write something that stupid again, I will ban you here.

Barbara Ann


The Deep State folk you described here: "Suppose some very rich folks bought the majority of American media. They control that by influencing who is hired, promoted and fired throughout their networks"

I did not intend "walrus'" to be read in the possessive sense!


Rick Merlotti

Colonel, I misread your post and then you misread mine. I assure you I am not a woke lefty agitprop agent. Tho I may be stupid :)

The Dems and the MSM have gone insane. I read your site everyday to get a reality fix. Keep up the excellent work.



We will not deport the illegal immigrants we already have. Their children born here are citizens and cannot be deported.

I agree with you that white identity politics will become more prevalent in the years ahead. It's inevitable as we become less than 50% of the population. But we will have to get our way through cooperation with other groups and the economic power white people still have by owning so much of everything here. I am assuming that today's anti-white white people will change their minds once we are a minority but I could be wrong about that.

Our biggest task will be to convince the country to reduce immigration levels in the future. This will benefit the whole country but it will be a hard sell until we start to see the catastrophic permanent job destruction due to technology predicted by Andrew Yang and others. Once people finally have to face the facts that we don't and won't have enough jobs for ourselves, presumably their ideas about immigration will change, even if they themselves are immigrants. Of course I could be wrong about that, too.


Rick Merlotti

Bless you.


We can no longer support "immigration" in any form when a singular goal is sending dollars earned in the US economy, out of the US economy.

When US remittences are used to fund corruption in "home countries", this is a lose-lose for the US. We are not seed corn for the third world. If they come and want "revolution" in the US, they need to take those sentiments back home and start their "revolutions" there.

Run the numbers: 50% of Calif tax revenues are committed to public education. Well over 50% of Calif K-12 are illegal "english learners". And California consistently ranks #45 nationwide in student outcomes. That is the "system" that must be changed.

Yet all we do is encourage more "revolutionaries hell bent on destroying us from within; not asking them to change their own lives back home for themselves.

This is building systematic dysfunction on our tab on our own home turf. The numbers do not lie. Nor can we let the only response be cries of racism. We owe solid K-12 educations, in English, to our own citizens first. We owe a non-diluted public education dollar to our own citizens first. And we need to talk about this.



I want much less immigration too. But I would say remittances are not the major problem. The major problem is starting with one or two immigrants and ending up with dozens of relatives here eventually through chain migration. It's the relatives here that will cost us trillions eventually. I think remittances mostly go to support family members. American money does fuel corruption down there through illegal activities such as drugs, prostitution, guns sales and trafficking.

I don't know where you got your numbers on illegal English language learners in Califotnia but it didn't match what I saw on the internet, which was much lower. Plus lots of legal immigrants don't speak English.

We need to put our own people first. We sure do need to talk about that. The Democratic Party -- my party -- has moved to a virtually open borders policy though they don't want to admit it. It is painful for me to see and it makes getting anything positive done about immigration almost impossible as the Democrats and their cheap labor Republican and libertarian allies combine to keep trying to increase immigration, not decrease it.

Account Deleted

Martyrs for the cause. Steven Carrillo & Robert Justus wanted to get the boog rolling, maybe they succeeded.


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