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02 June 2020


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To plantman above, antifa is described as mostly horizontally-oriented...apparently there isn't much leadership. I suppose you could say there are some with bigger twitter followings than others, who influence more, but I don't think you'll be able tie a big conspiracy charge together.

I guess the money has to come from somewhere, but like with islamist terror groups they may have their funding sources and cash transfers concealed nicely.


With CJCS set loose on these maggots, whomever that is behind it will be nailed, they will not be able to escape their ultimate fate, be they privately or otherwise organized/funded/directed. They will not be able escape the assets that CJCS has at its beckon call.

Mike Wallens

The white nationalist are causing the riots, working hand in hand with Marcus from Camden??? So bat crap crazy that you really can't make it up.


In Miami, there was a peaceful protest led by local church leaders and the police were even giving people water.

Everything was fine, then the police told the church leaders to leave because two hundred outsiders were coming.

The police were ready and the National Guard was there almost immediately, damage was minimum.

There might be more intelligence on the outsiders then we are led to believe.



"who's doing this?"

I would say the very best of community organizing 501C3 groups, Organizing for Antifa.



Have you seen the articles on protesters cell phones being tracked by stingray technology? Who in the protest groups are the Feds tracking? It is unclear to me if they only track externals and location data, or can they also tap phone conversations or text with a warrant. I assume they can also capture the phone number being called by a tracked cell phone.



Mathias Alexander

Color Revolution tactics are being used against Trump. The Guardian and even the tories are on board. Soon opposing teams of snipers will be organised to shoot both cops and protestors.
Among other things, we are being told that Creepy Joe is afriend to black people, which he is not.

Jerseycityjoan; you should never watch TV.

Deap; the GOP do not spend less than the Dems and they do not shrink the state, they just talk about it.



Is the Killer Virus no longer a thing? I watched some of the coverage of the protests/riots last night and it didn't seem like there was a hell of a lot of "social distancing" going on. The British Bullshitting Corporation made no mention whatsoever of this aspect, when they're normally all too eager to ramp the fear porn up to 11.


Chistina Lin at Asia Times
"White extremist groups instigate looting, property destruction and violence against police as fears rise of race-based civil war"


"The protests have been quickly infiltrated by mainly white extremist groups, including most visible in videos anarchist Antifa leftist activists. Clad in black, they have initiated and instigated looting and property destruction."

"Among the protesters, people are increasingly seeing black-clad agents provocateurs inciting violence between demonstrators and law enforcement. Cities and neighborhoods across the US are descending into chaos and violence with pre-positioned assets such as bottles, rocks and bricks to throw at law enforcement, white men driving around handing bricks to black protesters, paid protesters, protesters being bused in from other states and widespread property destruction and arson."


I was looking at trump holding the bible outside the church and I had a premonition that these riots were a big mistake and it will be shown that Floyd was not the man most people thought he was.That policeman who knelt on his neck knew it.The democrats and left and the antifa have fallen into there own trap of righteous indignation.They have been played.

Peter VE

I would be glad to be the defendant if this was used as evidence of anything. His words are intelligible until he directs the guy on the bike to the picnic tables, and there's no money visible.


Massive protests in Los Angeles today (Wednesday). There was no violence, and little to no looting. Something must have happened. Volunteers came out to clean up afterward. All in all, a beautiful sight to behold.

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