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07 June 2020


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The deep state is comprised of government employees. Government employee union are deeply funded and move in ominous ways.

Provocative article about the long history of the police unions looting taxpayers in California. Teachers unions CalSTRS and the rest of public sector CalPERS not far behind the police unions take. https://kcrw.co/30dDqe2

How much of the deep malaise among young people is coming from their barely nascent understanding they got stuck with the life-long debts run up in their name used to fund these police pensions, and all the other perks and benefits granted the public sector union deep staters. They get squeezed out while the deep state gets paid in full.

Taxation without represented fueled one revolution. I suspect it will fuel another as the public pension debt crushes a generation that never signed up for it. The day of reckoning is fast coming, but has been warned against heedlessly for decades.

Young people know something is vaguely wrong and unfair. But the deep state players are laughing all the way to the bank, and have been able so far to outrun them. Too bad it is the teachers unions themselves that filled young people's head with so much mush, the real issues are virtually lost in the misguided sloganeering.

Teachers are okay and necessary. Police are okay and necessary. But both their unions have strangled us and we can no longer breathe. Public sector union member funding is the life blood of the Democrat Party. All 44 million of them. That is a huge special interest group who still manages to stay under the radar.

Terence Gore


Soros predicting revolution prior to election in US at Davos earlier this year


Walrus "Threats to defund the police in various states are false".

They will do this. They have done it in the past (Tampa, early to mid-90s). The people of Tampa complained but went unheard. Both NYC and LA are already implementing plans as we speak to defund the cops. It's going to be hell for a while until the major insurers get tired of paying out claims, they will in the future not insure property unless change is made.

The MSM portrays Trump falsely as far as popularity goes. He's gaining substantial Black voters, up to 40% now, it used to be about 7%. Educated Black voters do realize that Black Lives Matter, but only in the election year. Then they don't matter at all. Trump has widespread support outside of the major cities and with our Electoral College system he should win again.

Once the eight plus minute Hollywood Blockbuster made for TV movie is shown for what it really is, Biden won't have a chance. The only thing missing from that extravaganza was a noose.

Lynn Addington

I can not retweet this. It is so dystopian as to make me want to give up. You paint an accurate picture, though.

There is another (perhaps equally weighted) side to your theory. There is the controversial Q.

If you are correct, couldn’t it be reasonable to assume that there is real rebellion Afoot? That Trump is making alliances world-wide to counter this Deep State? That pieces on the board are now being exposed as “players”? Lines being drawn, moves and countermoves.

Your suppositions above, only lend weight to the theory that the Q Movement is real. Thank the Lord. God Wins.

Harlan Easley

Mystery Babylon



"Suppose some very rich folks bought the majority of American media." It really isn't hard to figure out which entities control the major news outlets or where their corporate revenue stream is coming from. The democrat led lockdown orders had an effect very beneficial to monopolist media firms: It destroyed local media by destroying the small and mid-sized firms in every Blue city and state. Which economic class wins? You can't hide that to actual black voters without BLM riots to provide emotional cover and burnging buildings to provide an actual smokescreen. "The ni*****" are out to get you" has been replaced with "Whitey did it" because a third of the democratic party voting base is black and urban. Trump was making actual inroads because he was delivering actual results to the bottom of the economic pyramid.

"Now suppose there is also a global foundation"
There are multiple NGOs and not just the Clinton Foundation or the one run by Soros.

"They control and operate a global influence network."
Remind us all again of your multiple years in international business and the need for China to save face? Any other interconnections that might be of interest? Bilderberg and Davos are just the eurocentric starting points.

"Threats to defund the police in various states are false." That is untrue. Police agencies have already been copopted in multiple cities and at the leadership ranks of the FBI. Defunding them will happen in LA and elsewhere with predictable results. It will drive out those close to retirement, thus allowing an ideological purge of the leadership ranks.

"This is no longer about BLM, this is about HIM. "
This was always about Trump because he is capable of rolling up the corrupt operatives within FBI/DOJ/DOD and the rest of government. He has already shown how corrupt the major media companies are. Look at "Fake News CNN" which can't even mention its own building was damaged in a riot.

"That is followed by a requirement to hire and promote minority members for no good reason except political safety." Afirmative Action and minority set-assides are lawful means of racial discrimination in favor of protected classes and have been for decades.

" The first requirement being the suppression of any white backlash against the black mobs. That is about militias and gun control."
There was never going to be a flag waving militia marching into NYC, LA, Detroit or elsewhere to save anyone from their own neighbors and ideological allies of the hard left. Bernie Bro James Hodgkinson, already erased from your memory, was just that - a lefty Bernie Bro. The FBI's finest still can't figure out why a man in Vegas would unleash a half hour barage of gunfire at a country music concert. Do you need anyone to explain what percent of country music fans vote for which party?

"Trump, if he is even Presidential Candidate"
Pray tell how Romeny or anyone else gets the nomination without forcably removing Trump from office? Romney lost when he ran and nobody outside what is contemptiously referred to as a "cuckservative" is going to back him.
(Keith) Rupert Murdoch, AC, KCSG, is almost 90. Do you think he is running day-to-day operations of his media holding company? Perhaps you read that in the New York Times...


An excellent interview of Ric Grenell, discussing the Deep State, courtesy of CTH.


I never knew him before but I am impressed with his clarity.



I hope you are right and I am wrong, but this sure looks like an attempted coup to me.

I may be guilty of an overactive imagination, however the events since January 1 suggest perhaps we have not been imaginative enough.

As for outside assistance by other states. I don’t think so because to do it would be regarded as an act of war against the USA. That would be suicidal. As for “bilderberg and Davos” how would I know?

As for Rupert, his mother made 100 with her intellect intact. He shows no signs of slowing down that I can see, nor have I heard any rumors otherwise. You will know Ruperts opinion from the tenor of Fox, Skynews and his print media flagships. Trust me on this.

My main concern is that the U.S. forces remain true to their C in C. A politicized Army with 1000+ nuclear weapons under its control is a nightmare.



of course it is an attempted coup. The media, rigged worse than Hilary's DNC debate, didn't help her win, Russian probe fraud, Ukraine Fraud, Stormy Daniels fraud, China's manipulative virus attack on the west, the CDC/FDA corrupt conduct and criminal actions of multiple governors who in effect murdered thousands of seniors in nursing homes by returning infected patients by executive order, an economy locking shutdown; all of that failed. Where the hell was the left when poor St. George was trying to make a living; Travon, Michael Brown, Freddie Grey, Eric Garner? Where was holy Joe Biden and his boss, Barack? The bore from NYC via reality TV has been the only effective leader in delivering economic results to the lower middle and working class communities, especially the black ones, in decades.

"A politicized Army with 1000+ nuclear weapons under its control is a nightmare."
Oh, you figured that part out? What do you think is going to result if the left succeeds in the erasure of American culture and transformational change of what is left of the Republic? Perhaps the never Trumper's should have a road to Damascus moment that doesn't include treating the cult of St. George of Minneapolis as the second coming. The only thing to stop them is their own guilt or complicity in any of the afformentioned plots.


even IF all of this is true and occurs it won't make much of a difference in the trajectory of the world in 20 years times because both russia and china are immune to the foundations goal of plundering them for private profit. THIS is where future growth on earth will take place, this is where future scientific discovering will be made.

the foundation is predicated on a malthusian world view where the only outcome is based on scarcity so resources must be divvied up and populations must be rigidly controlled.

for this reason alone the foundation is on its last legs before financial power, wealth creation, invention and all the power that those thing bring with them migrates to asia.

what happens in the west will be sad and perhaps tragic if the foundation wins but for the world it will become merely a speed bump to move around and overcome.

look at the level of competence that rises to the top now in the west.... in politics and academic...... imbeciles and flunkys in military weaponry terms the west is at minimum a decade behind an falling.

because of the foundations greed the west is done!

both putin and xi understand this and you can read between the lines in all their speeches.

without an authentically powerful usa military which no longer exists in conventional terms there is simply way for the foundation to ....in smedley butler terms (metaphorically)...... act an enforcer for citibank.


Fluid mechanics suggests that as the glass is slowly tilted up the liquid flows quicker.I am suspicious of people defying this essential beer drinking theory by insisting on drinking beer with a straw.
That's the problem right there."They" want us to consume by straw only.Strawmen are of the bane of my existence
Luckily they are quite flammable and make great bonfires.of the insanities

Eric Newhill

I'm more with Fred on this. IMO, an incestuous multigenerational clique comprised of devious, selfish, mediocre intelligences who are never held accountable -and those seeking entrance into the clique - can explain the whole thing. Though I am surprised they that even men like Gen Mad Dog Mattis have fallen into the that network. Then again, those stars always make me suspicious.



Trump ordered the Guard out of DC today. What choice did he have after the military abandoned him? As for Andrew Robert, he is a fully vetted servant of the foundation. I know because he expelled me from a board in a military history prize project because a senior foundation sponsor in NY City said he thought I might be an anti-Semite.


AVAAZ + Imperial College of Medicine = 2 million dead from Covid unless we destroy ourselves from within first. How dare you put a price on saving even one life.

Antonia Staats (AVAAZ) + Neil Ferguson (ICM) = global chaos. Surely their pandemic affair was not just a coincidence? Not when Soros drops cash on AVAAZ and AVAAZ drops her pants for ICM hugely flawed pandemic model.

There truly can be only a few at the top calling shots - public sector union bosses control 44 million Americans and AVAAZ controls 66 million world wide - that can skew a lot of public interest polling and policy making.

Shall be watching "Occupy Unmasked" again and see if any clues are dropped from that documentary investigation of the roots of that global chaos, seemingly coming out of no where, yet became the source of many new vocabulary words conveniently tossed around by the "resistance" forces still today - and OWS was all the NewSpeak language of class warfare.

j. casey

Ischenko has a similar perspective, with perhaps a wider historical POV. https://www.stalkerzone.org/test-by-maidan-what-strikes-protests-in-the-us-other-countries-really-mean/

Diana Croissant

I attended church IN CHURCH for the first time in a long time. It felt right and good. But, besides feeling right and good about being in church, I felt cheated when I thought of the last few months on the COVID19 restrictions, the ridiculous masks, the use of shaming if one spoke up against some of the restrictions......because not one person I know thinks Fauci is anything but an incompetent fool.

After church I ate lunch with family and extended family in a restaurant while sitting close to each other and NOT wearing masks. We actually mentioned our beliefs that the BLM outcries had gone too far. The police officers who were the cause of his death make us sick. But the result of Floyd's death now being the seeming vilification of all people of NO color (meaning of white color) hurts all of us white people terribly since many, many, many of us do not live in places where there are large populations of Blacks. We live here because these places are our home towns. We do have Hispanic populations and some blacks and other minorities such as Asian minorities and those from other parts of the world. We resent a little the protesters in our town, mostly young women in the local teacher training University who marched and held several noisy demonstrations with their ONE token Black person, the only one they could find, I assume.

We sat and each agreed with the basic assertion of your piece: that there is a definite conspiracy against Trump in the crazy areas of our country controlled by Democrats, by the corrupted media (which has been that way for a long, long time) and the extremely wealthy class.

There are many of us still keeping our MAGA hats ready; and I don't know one single Republican where I live who would not rise up against a movement to push Romney again as the Republican nominee.

We may not be as noisy as the young impressionable mis-educated youth that are rioting and marching in the streets. In fact, we are quietly sitting back and preparing for the next Trump rally and for the next chance we have to show our support for Trump.

I have seen NO movement against Trump from the friends and family I know who supported him before.

Fly-over country denizens sit and waits, as they are disgusted by the failures of the idiots who run the coasts. Some of us write to our Congressional representative and Senators warning them against even thinking of not supporting Trump. We watch FOX News and enjoy it most when they mock and make fun of the supposed journalists who appear on the MSM.

The mention of any effort to again give the Obamas any sort of say in our government, much less Hillary and the idiot speaking out of his basement who is now the Democrats' chosen one, the reins of the government makes our stomachs turn and causes us to think of giving up our dignity in order to riot against Democrats, BLM, and those Antifa jerks and their sponsors. We will bring semis, tractors, and construction equipment, and angry people with rifles on horses--whoever and whatever to the fight.

I think there are many here not wanting to think about it, but resolving to finally rise up ourselves if we have to.


Don't forget there is an army of NoTrumpers who became Pro-Trumpers after the election, realizing the Democrats were too toxic to ever stomach again.

While Trump may be losing some of his former base, he is also gaining in unexpected quarters. Like me, who at one time marched for Hilary in Denver and finally saw what the Obama Democrat party had become.

The hot issue this election is where will the police unions go since they have been hard core Democrats but have lately defected. Democrats naturally will now revile police in any way they can, and they are certainly beating the drums to take the renegade police unions down.

How will this come across to the voters -- and to the rank and file police themselves. It is war now between the police unions and the Democrats - it is an issue and a voting block to carefully tease out.

Drain the swamp is to lessen the power of the public sector unions on our lives and elections. But now the police unions, who have taken the lions share of local tax dollars for themselves already, will go along with "draining the swamp with trump, or will the Democrats seduce them back into the fold.

In California, police unions are lining up to take a knee for BLM, so they have made their choice - scurry back to the Democrat plantation.

The unknown unknown - when will Biden officially implode and who will replace him?



"A politicized Army with 1000+ nuclear weapons under its control is a nightmare."

i posit this is the ONLY worry that russia and china have at this point regarding the united states. they know with absolute surety washington and the 'hidden rulers behind them' are simply no longer powerful enough or capable enough to subdue and force them to submit to private control.

they worry someone enters the white house and is delusional enough or insecure enough to feel the need to prove they have what it takes........my wager is on a female president fitting that bill and minority racist female president would likely give these leaders real worries.........not because they can be defeated but because of the millions of deaths and destruction she will bring in her wake.

if/when the democrats return to the oval office and if that resident is female and more so if she is black world war against russia or china which means BOTH is very much more likely.

because the pentagon can no longer prevail conventionally against either russia or china and against both will be summarily defeated almost immediately the urge to go nuclear even tactically will be overwhelming if not INEVITABLE. this is the danger of an identity politics anti white female president.

the russians have stated in no uncertain terms through their published war doctrine.........if a war is inevitable and CAN NOT be avoided then they will strike first....and as a cherry on the sunday putin has stated multiple times that the next war will NOT be fought on russian soil which means at the least nato disappears as a fighting force in 72 hours if they last that long, then america gets a taste of what the russians and chinese have suffered.

John from Michigan


I thought Fox news had been taken over by Rupert Murdoch's sons. That is what I have read.

John Merryman

I suspect what is happening on the streets will prove to be a massive overshoot by the elements promoting them. I don't think they are driven by any grand plan, as even top predators and parasites need a healthy ecosystem.
I think the primary factor is simple pent up frustration from the lockdown and thoroughly corrupted political system, that is as delusional and demented as our current choice of leadership.
More the Soviet Union, circa 1989, than anything planned.


Cold anger will take Trump to the White House again in 2020:

it is out there, it is silent, but it is deep. (American Thinker)



He thought you were an anti Semite.Well what gave him that idea.?


Lynn Addington wrote:

There is another (perhaps equally weighted) side to your theory. There is the controversial Q.

Many military veterans believe that the Q team is broadcasting a combination of true-but-vague info to encourage the white hats and misleading disinfo to frustrate the black hats. I will not pretend that I am unbiased: I think Q team is trustworthy and loyal to the USA and its Constitution.

Turcopolier wrote:

Trump ordered the Guard out of DC today. What choice did he have after the military abandoned him?

I believe Trump's public maneuvers are mostly clever ruses and that Trump is supported by many, many military insiders (including Q team). I believe Trump had various choices and that a large portion of the military has not abandoned him. However, I have very little solid evidence for these beliefs, so I can't hope to add very much until I get much more solid evidence. My main source of news is the crowdsourced news from


and I recommend it highly.

Mathias Alexander

This is obviously an approved movement. MSM love 'em and the protestors don't get kettled. I think the BLM crowd have a point but also that they are being manipulated. Antifa are an obvious bunch of agent prococateurs.


There have always existed networks and patronage. Soros, Clinton, Zionist, neocons, military industrial. Problem for Trump many of these are bitterly opposed to him, he has little support in the Imperial City, except for some parts of the Israel lobby, although it is mostly actual Israelis.

Russiagate, Obama people.

Flynn to protect the Obama people.

Denouncing Trump is so the gravy train in DC doesn't get upset. Look at Sgt Bilko, James Mattis, complete grifter with a puffed up persona, painted like a latter day Patton, except he has only seen combat in Desert Storm. Theranos, Cohen Group. Useful neocon idiot McCain or Rubio, or bitter loser Romney.

We had the exposure of the journolist network in the media, no doubt something similar exists still, we know the media collude with various parties to put across certain viewpoints.

Like JFK was, Trump is seen as a threat to a few well established interest groups, much opposed to a change in the status quo.

The only thing I don't get is why business in America is so 'woke'. You get a bit of this in Britain, but nowhere near the same, is it the larger Jewish population, lack of a public school network?

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