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10 June 2020


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exiled off mainstreet

It is an obvious travesty of justice not to dismiss the case, and Sullivan and his cohorts have gone extra-legal.

Keith Harbaugh

One place to obtain the briefs and replies seems to be at Sidney Powell's website, at its page

How nice and generous it is that she provides this information for free.
I have not found it at courtlistener.

blue peacock

Judge Sullivan's lawyer Beth Wilkinson is arguing that the Writ of Mandamus should be denied because Sullivan has not yet ruled on the motion of the government to dismiss the prosecution of Flynn. That it is his court's prerogative to evaluate the motions. And that both Flynn and the government have remedies by appealing his judgment.

The government and Flynn are arguing that Sullivan has to accept the government's motion to dismiss because it is the prerogative of the executive branch to determine who gets prosecuted.

Will this head to the supreme court?


DoJ push to dismiss Michael Flynn case a 'gross abuse of power', ex-judge finds

A former federal judge appointed to review the justice department’s motion to dismiss criminal charges against former national security adviser Michael Flynn has found that the government’s request should be denied because there is “clear evidence of a gross abuse of prosecutorial power”. Former US district judge John Gleeson said in a filing on Wednesday that the government “has engaged in highly irregular conduct to benefit a political ally of the president”.


Bill H

CBS Evening News reported on this, and presented it with an aura of running victory laps as if a court SUPERIOR to that of Sullivan issued a ruling supporting Sullivan's actions and committing Flynn to prison, and implying that Flynn's next step is further appeal to a higher court yet.

I knew that was false because I have been following the issue here, but I wonder how many Biden fanboys were applauding with a sense of some sort of victory.

Keith Harbaugh

For a very effective rebuttal to the Gleeson "brief" to Judge Sullivan, see

Keith Harbaugh

Margot Cleveland gives an excellent, nine-point dissection of the Gleeson brief here:

Keith Harbaugh

The oral arguments for the Flynn writ of mandamus will be made at 1330 UTC (9:30 AM EDT) today.
Sidney Powell has kindly provided (in an email to her subscribers) two URLs which make it possible to listen to this arguments in real time: https://www.cadc.uscourts.gov/internet/sixtyday.nsf/mobile?OpenAgent&TodaysSitting

Also something at YouTube, but that doesn't seem to copy.
You can visit YouTube and try and find it yourself.

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