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30 June 2020


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Terence Gore

"These movements are deeply Marxist, deeply against private enterprise, deeply anti-democratic except for the Soviet definition of the word. "Government ownership of the means of production and distribution.""

We often take a walk in a now almost abandoned office park with tall redwood trees, instead of going to the park path we're we usually walked prior to the Covid "Crisis". Mostly private offices. I'm guessing a mixture of professional and tech. How many are going to realize that the office is now a non-productive liability rather than a benefit? If so will commercial real estate have a tough time making ends meet? How many pension plans are dependent on high earning REITS?



My eldest brother coined a very apropos term; "Liberal Supremacy" to describe the leftist tendency to dismiss any other idea or argument to their religion

Eric Newhill

Yes, The insurgents have been very effective convincing a lot of people that this is all about a law enforcement event that occurs maybe 10 times a year out of millions of interactions. Even those not totally convinced must play along lest they be "cancelled".

Still, it's an urban phenomenon for the most part. If it attempts to appear in rural areas in any Kinetic way, there will be at least a minor war. I think the insurgents know that and will continue to infiltrate via the education system.

Ultimately, I have to agree that, as you said elsewhere, there will be a civil war, like the Spanish version, as well something like the French Revolution in the cities. The 2A was never more important. The agitprop even had a guillotine outside of Bezo's home this week. Funny that a noose door handle is illegal but guillotine just fine. We are past logic, equity and recognition of irony.


Nothing more than a turf war between SEIU et al and the teachers unions against the police union, for the declining amounts of post-covid taxpayer cash.

Follow the money as their covers are blown. Grow the numbers of government employee union members at the expense of police union members.

This is the only way to make sense out of the obvious inconsistencies of BLM, including using "progressive" ActBlue as their official administrative and fund raising entity.


War of the Vendee Perhaps?

Accept this time the Vendee will be much better armed, trained, and motivated. And they (we, if I was young enough) will control the food supply, along with much of the energy supply. And we'll have lots of allies in cities and on the Coasts.


"The insurrectionists are hoping for a collapse of the will to resist, a PTA moment in which the weak willed throw up their hands and surrender."

One problem those who rule and own have is that they have been raping their own working class to death for the last 30 years, sending jobs overseas and importing their replacement here in our homeland. How many of our own have died of the White Death? We defended their property during the long Cold War and the second it was over they threw us under the bus. We only have a communist problem, a socialism problem, a marxism problem, because we got a cheap-labor-over-all-else globalism problem in our ruling class FIRST.

Who will die to protect the property and citizenship rights of creatures like Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer? Generally by the time a ruling class gets a communist revolution it deserves a communist revolution. It is the rest of us who do not, but we will get it anyway. Our suffering, our penance for our forebears not snuffing out the first smoldering embers of globalism, is just beginning. Those with neither tribe nor nation are easy meat for cooperative foreign predators who do.

Establishment Republicans bent the knee in surrender by the end of the 1960's after dyscivilizational eGOP leadership made decisions to destroy our institutional right-wing instead of the communists, to not fight the culture war and refuse to let the Republican Party be used as an institutional vehicle to do so. Their default culture is that short term profits will come first and any consequences will be borne by future generations long after they would die with a glass of brandy in one hand and a cigar in the other. The end of the road down which to kick the can is in sight.

The federalism of our founders does not work in a hostile-oligarch-monopoly mass-media society. A national group in a multicultural society either social engineers others or gets social engineered by others. Our leaders have been conditioned like dogs (as have we all) and either they uncuck themselves and reimpose OUR traditional civilization upon the country or there will be no "will to resist" exercised on their behalf. Either 'our' leaders lead us, or they will either be replaced by those who will or we (and they) will be destroyed.

David Solomon

Colonel, I believe this statement "something like the way badly behaved children take control of weak parents" goes for both sides in this dispute and really provides an excellent description of Trump as well. He has, just like the Clintons inflamed everyone. I don't know what good can possibly come out of both sides carrying on like three year olds.

Balint Somkuti, Phd


a prominent moderate liberal, here in Hungary coined the current movement "progressive talibs".


david Solomon

For me Trump is so much like all the New York boor business people that I know that I guess he doesn't seem different or surprising to me.

Diana Croissant

For a while, I had some hope in the home school, private school, charter school movement. The parents pushing for them were trying to hold the line against liberal ideologies.

It's pretty had to work in those movements because parents who want their children in those alternate schools have to give up some of their financial nest egg building to support them.

The NEA has worked hard to prevent those movements from progressing also. The largest school district in our state--one in which I taught until I retired--eventually was able through clearly union tactics to overturn the voters' wishes when they voted in a school board in favor of accepting alternate schools, many of which would be run by boards of parents.

The teachers convinced their students to march with them up an down the major streets of the district to vote to throw out the school board. I was appalled that parents allowed their kids to be coerced with extra credit points, etc., to join in those union tactics.

Sorry to say, most of the younger teachers are well-entrenched in their stupid liberal ideas and have little to no really knowledge in regard to the actual subjects they are supposed to be teaching. Our popular teacher of ninth graders once bemoaned the fact that when she was grading a set of essays, she didn't know when to use the word "past" and when to use the word "passed."

That was the year I gave up and applied to retire. I was in the minority by then and too tired to keep fighting for real standards in each subject matter.


Been chuckling to myself a bit, I figure us "normies" should start showing up to the protests in huge numbers to support the insurgents. Make sure to wear Bermuda shorts and Hawaiian shirts, golf cart optional. The Democrats would freak out and the insurgents would lose their minds.


Prices going up.


Fits behind or under seat great. Sorry about those eardrums though.

Antifa shooting now, Check Zerohedge.

Polish Janitor

Col. Lang,

I completely agree with your views with regards to this ongoing situation. A month has passed since the first shots were fired in the liberal-controlled cities against the very fabrics of society, and it is getting worse by the day and there's no one to stop this Maoist insurgency. Trump used to trust his instincts and act upon them when faced with crisis, like not risking fight with Russia in 2018, Iran in 2019 (2 times), dumping Bolton (long overdue though), diplomacy with N.Korea and earlier in June when he flirted with the idea of bringing law and order unto the streets by force. But somewhere along the line things got out of hand and even the generals have turned on him out in the open and distancing themselves from him as though he is deadly plague. Either Trump is a paper tiger armed only with his twitter account or his advisors are screwing him big time by not giving him proper advice on how to handle the riots. with that being said, I am not a Trump supporter at all and lean more paleo/libertarian, but a maoist insurgency is bad regardless of where it is taking place that it warrants a serious federal response immediately.

In the meantime, the House recently passed D.C. statehood bill unanimously and I believe the plan gonna get in the Senate too. This will change a lot of things both nationally and internationally.

The current BLM/Antifa movement is a powerful tool mobilized by the elite liberal democrats to fulfill their wet dream of changing the nature of America from a constitutional small (r) republic to multicultural democracy. Will it succeed?




Tomorrow, how many NY City bitches male and females, I will identify.



You forget that I expect civil war.


Col. Lang,

If you are correct, then what matters right now is which way the defense forces will jump. I think Trump has already lost control of them as evidenced by Miley’s memo. Both sides will claim to be defending the Constitution.

I am concerned about who has the control of the software and airpower. F35’s and drones against unprotected infantry is not good.

If you are right, members of the five eyes (except Canada) will be thinking that they may need to make their own accommodations with Russia and China. Taiwan is gone. Hong Kong too. The Koreas must make their own peace.

blue peacock


What are your opinions on the similarities and differences between Occupy Wall Street and BLM/Antifa? There used be anarchist protests at globalist events. Is there any similarity with current crop of anarchists?

Are these mostly "trustafarians" taking advantage of the situation and loosely organized by the Democrats and their media to take Trump out?

Curious what the Committee thinks.



I wouldn't want to be a lefty when this blows up. More than a few will follow James Hodkinson example and be shooting the soft targets in government from librarian to state rep all across the country, just like we've been getting warned about every time a left winger does it. Given the discrediting of government at all levels and voting process sabotage from the left I suspect that will happen before the end of the year. Those of us still promoting voting will get silenced or ignored before then.

Babak makkinejad

Balink Sumkoti

"Talib" means "seeker" in Arabic, a seeker for truths of religion, in Muslim context. In other words, a student of the Religious Sciences of Islam.

The bon mot would be Liberal Jihadist. Just like Jihadist who do not recognize any central Religious Authority of Islam, the Western Liberal one also recognizes not Just Central Authority.

I would expect most of the Liberal Jihadiists be from Protestant backgrounds.

Jphn Merrymaan

There will always be the anarchy of desire versus the tyranny of judgement. We live in a consumer culture that has ingrained in everyone they have a divine right to have their cake and eat it too.
Yet not every acorn gets to be an oak tree. If society doesn't make some of the selection, eventually nature does it for us.
The problem is that we have a culture of monist idealism, where each side of the dynamic see themselves as the one true path and the other as fools, if not evil.
The problem for inherently liberal movements is they cannot have a program, a process, or then they become the conservatives. So eventually those who do rise to the crest of the wave are those who can best control the mob and the only emotion the mob truly understands is fear.
Though as some have pointed out, this only really applies in the closed loop of the urban, media culture. The countryside is foreign territory to them.



Of course I should I should say that I did not actually know what was in the hearts of my schoolmates.

John in Michigan


It would be very interesting to war game a hypothetical Civil War in the United States, beginning with the initial catalyst.


There’s a reason why Tucker’s show is such a ratings hit. His monologues are attracting many viewers. He gets the zeitgeist.



Areas with higher flu death tolls also spent less money per capita on government services in the decade following the pandemic — especially when it came to services used by young people, such as schools, according to the study.



> You forget that I expect civil war.

We should no exaggerate the current events. There will be no civil war. Polarization did increase considerably. Most people understand that "something is rotten in the state of Denmark" but can't pinpoint what exactly.

I hope people will eventually see how corrupt neoliberal Dems are and how they try to manipulate the population using BML and Antifa. The inability to find a leader and presenting this semi-senile "has been" is another liability for neoliberal democrats (Clinton democrats, who sold the Party to Wall street and still dominate the party).

I think the proper framework of thinking about this events is "American Maidan": two greedy and corrupt groups with the US neoliberal oligarchy are fighting for power.

Sadly, Trump behaves somewhat like Yanukovich (and presence of Kushner in his entourage makes analogy with Yanukovich much stronger) , but he was backstabbed several times, including by Esper ( https://thehill.com/policy/defense/501930-trump-was-talked-out-of-firing-esper-last-week-report ) and his gang of MIC lobbyists.

But this country is not Ukraine; it is a much stronger country.

It looks like BLM should be properly viewed as a DNC project, or as the project appropriated DNC soon after its emergence. At least sources of financing suggest that (Soros, Ford Foundation: two well-known faces for this kind of operations).

BTW this sad parody on Marxists (should we call them "black Bolsheviks" or this is politically incorrect?) that we see are just low-level cannon fodder. At the top are not "black Bolsheviks", but standard, typical for non-profits bunch of parasites and demagogues. In other words, DNC people.

In this sense, "Black Lives Matter" in reality might well mean "Black Lives Matter only till November."

So not all is lost ;-)

As for Antifa, I think they were created and supported to counterbalance the mythical threat of "far-right militants" and, as such, are a group that was probably thoroughly penetrated and even partially controlled by the FBI. So it might well be that a faction of FBI that created Russiagate is somehow coordinating Antifa actions in the protests.

The fact that pallets of bricks and cans of bottles with frozen water were delivered at several protests and nobody was investigated and punished for that increases plausibility of this hypothesis.

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