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06 June 2020


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LA Sox Fan

It is telling that the word “handcuffed” is completely absent from both this post and any comment to it. That’s really the problem here. A handcuffed man was killed by a police officer kneeling on his neck for what seems to be at least seven minutes.

Because Mr. Floyd was handcuffed, there was no reason to either remove him from the vehicle or kneel on his neck for seven minutes. He was not a danger to the police officers while handcuffed in the back of the cruiser. He should not have been removed from the vehicle until after he was taken to the police station.

Once he was removed from the vehicle on the street, there is no reason for any officer to kneel on the neck of a handcuffed man. I don’t care what drugs he was supposedly on. Because he was handcuffed and lying down, kneeling on his neck for seven minutes was an unnecessary use of force.

These cops are in trouble mostly because Mr. Floyd was handcuffed. Police can and do bullshit juries all the time about how the amount of force they used was necessary because the suspect was on drugs, wouldn’t comply, assumed a fighting stance or seemed to be reaching for a weapon. Those excuses will fail in this case because Mr. Floyd was handcuffed.


LA Sox Fan

Not so! I mentioned that in "Murder is murder."

Eric Newhill

LA Sox Fan,
I know you won't believe this, but the cop may have been restraining Floyd for Floyd's own safety per department policy. You don't know how much he may have been thrashing around, biting, kicking, hurling himself against things. He may have been having seizures. Kneeling on his neck is how you put it to frame it in the worst possible way for the cops. You can try it with a friend if you don't want to believe me, but with one knee on the ground, you can apply regulated pressure to the one on the neck and it need not be enough to harm the guy on the ground.

It is actually safer to use that technique than to apply weight to the guy on the ground's back. pressure to the back can restrict breath very quickly via the reciprocal pressure to the chest and lungs.

I think that Chauvin pinned him too long, but that is just my opinion based on an edited video and lack of knowledge of that PD's policies. I would have aske the other cops to hog time Floyd. IMO, the drugs killed Floyd.


@LA Sox Fan:

From your comment, I assume that you would care regardless of the skin color of the killed prisoner.


As the linked picture mentions, Tony Timpa was just one of the many white men who have been killed by similar procedures. Whites have been killed by police brutality and no one cared. Many blacks have been thus killed and few people cared. Then, suddenly, at a moment convenient for George Soros, yet another black man was killed thus ... and suddenly an international propaganda machine was configured for "outrage" and shifted into high gear. It looks like a conspiracy of rich psychopaths to create insurrection and make it falsely appear to be grassroots outrage. It looks like an attempt at astroturf revolution.

Stephen Richter

very fair and well reported article on the death of George Floyd

"... The officers were recorded on their body cams assessing George Floyd as suffering from “excited delirium syndrome” (ExDS), a condition which the MPD considers an extreme threat to both the officers and the suspect. A white paper used by the MPD acknowledges that ExDS suspects may die irrespective of force involved. The officers’ response to this situation was in line with MPD guidelines for ExDS. ..."

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