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05 June 2020


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why he was being arrested for passing a fake $20.

I wondered about that too. There was someone else who wondered. Was that you too?

Is this routine? I mean, I am familiar with bigger bills checking routines. But considering that, I could be simply passed on a fake bill without noticing. I do not have such a tool.

thanks for asking.

Diana Croissant

The only black life I've seen since moving back to the county seat, my home town, in Colorado is the adopted son of my minister and his wife. They adopted him after meeting him in Africa, where they were serving as missionaries. He seems quite comfortable in our almost completely white congregation. He, along with all the children in the church, have to put up with the onslaught of hugs they receive from all the "grandmas" in the church.

My prayer for him is that he grows up with other people his age who just don't see any difference between him and them.

We had a "Black Lives Matter" peaceful protest featured in our local paper this morning. 300 mostly white students from the local college--which started out as a "normal" school to teach teachers for the rural schools in the area.

And it's true that the "racial" issue in our town concerns the Hispanic gangs that are being influenced by those causing problems in our capital and other larger cities.

Yet, most of us grew up with many Hispanic friends, people I could never suspect ever of joining a gang.

Babak makkinejad


All true.

But he did not deserve to be killed at hands of the Law.

Eric Newhill

See Larry's most recent piece. You don't know he was killed by the law. In the USA we have courts that weigh objective evidence. We don't go on mob rule, a mob of which you appear to be an active participant.

Mark Logan


I hadn't mentioned that before.

I think the two rookie officers are going to walk on this, they have a heck of a good excuse.


They tried to tell him to stop, as much as they could as rookies on their fourth day of active duty. They had been trained that maintaining a neck hold on people that long was dangerous but can't be reasonably expected to interfere with their training officer's actions that early in their careers. Officer to inmate in four days...I feel for those guys, and the odds are good so will the jury.

I suspect that training officer was trying to show his two new rooks that HE set the rules out here.

Babak makkinejad

Eric Newhill

The Police are Officers of the Law.

The Courts could only decide if this was the case of wrongful death.


NYC Public Advocate Jumaane Williams [who is black] blasted Mayor Delasio’s handling of the NYC protests – accusing the mayor of using his biracial family as a political shield.

“This is me talking, like, you can no longer hide behind your black wife and children, not anymore,” Williams said during a press conference streamed on Facebook Friday.

“You’re exposed now. We are at a time when we need your leadership. It is not there,” Williams said.

Williams’ rebuke comes a day after de Blasio was booed off the stage at a George Floyd memorial in Brooklyn.

When the mayor attempted to tell the crowd, “Black lives matter in New York,” one heckler shouted, “Not to you!”

Nancy K

The police were not unwitting players. No one forced one policemen to place his knee on George Floyd's neck until he stopped breathing, he chose to. No one forced the other 3 policemen to stand there and watch, they chose to. George Floyd made many very bad choices that day but killing himself was not one of them.



Is it part of your liberal faith to believe that George Floyd could not possibly have had any responsibility for his own death? BTW you have not told me what your ex IDF husband says about the use of chokeholds on Palestinians in Israel.


Nancy K,

The police are accountable to the elected officials in Minneapolis. They have been led for 48 years by Democratic Farm-Labor party leaders. Instead of buring down thier own city the residents should have voted out those politicians who created the policies they now decry.

Nancy K

Col Lang, I have in the past written that my husband does not agree with Israel regarding their treatment of Palestinians. He is especially critical of Likuid, the Ultra Orthodox and the settlors. He was a 17 year old paratrooper in the 6 day war and his unit was the first into Jerusalem. He left however 4 years later and has not gone back.
You asked does he not have an opinion, have you ever met an Israeli without an opinion. He was a communication prof for many years and verbalizes well, in many languages.
I believe George Floyd was responsible for the many poor choices he made in life. I also believe he was not responsible for the poor choice the police officer made.

I am liberal, but not far left and I am not at all in agreement about defunding all police departments. But I do feel there needs to be changes.



But he does know that the Israelis do this to Palestinians as a matter of routine.

Nancy K

Col Lang I'm sure it does not surprise him as it does not surprise him when done by police here. Acknowledging this is done is not the same as approving of it.

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