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14 June 2020


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Peter Williams (a/k/a ace),

Oh, and then there is this, too. Things that make you go, hmm...


Story concerns illegal export by a scientist at a Canadian lab to Level 4 Biohazard lab in Wuhan (of all places! what a coincidence!) of deadly pathogens including Ebola and Henipah viruses. The kicker? She, and others at the lab under investigation, were (wait for it...) Chinese. Again with the coincidences. What's that they say: 1st time, chance; second time, suspicion of enemy action.

Put this together with deap's post about the CA pension fund.



That history channel story aired in 2014, when OMB was just a tv star and welcome in the media.

""The leading health agency opened investigations into nearly 200 scientists with unreported foreign ties; 93% of the undisclosed funding came from China. The NIH has, so far, removed 77 grant recipients from its databases."
Good thing the media erased this story with all that coverage of peaceful protests burning down cities, China might have lost face.


The Chinese Wuhan lab is South of Russia, so "ringing" might be geographically accurate, though a Chinese national doing research and getting a few million from the NIH that Fauci was running so that the gain of function prohabitions can be circumvented hardly counts as making the lab under US control.


I subscribe to the daily email from the International Society for Infectious Diseases. Known as Pro-Med mail. The first notice of what because known as CoVid-19 was reported on 30 December, ie. between Christmas and New Years. Every infectious disease researcher in the world, including the CDC would have read this email. I told friends before New Years and I'm just a guy interested in epidemiology. Additionally, on 12 January I bought face masks and started stocking up on food based on the daily, open source, easily discoverable Pro-Med mail. Twenty years of reading these daily reports, and this was the first time it ever motivated me to action. It was obvious what was coming. Press reports have said that Azar of HHS was warned immediately after New Year's, but was unable to get anything moving in the White House.

J Robson


An article about Pro-Med mail and the Pandemic.



I never questioned your credibility, but relaying information relying uniquely on cred, puts the info into potential disinfo category, and your basically relying on deference, not evidence.

As you know (I assume you looked at my website) I wrote about Baric's work at Gilead on Coronavirus, and my conclusions were based on logic and public access documents, nothing more.

Let's assume you are right, and its just the tip of iceberg, in that case - I checked Goldbergs's Pogo/Zephyr video for dates for its initial posting, and confirmed that it went back to September 2019 earliest. This doesn't exclude manipulation, so a technical analysis is in order.

Goldberg most likely did not exist. Photo was of supposed Goldberg were of Sheryl Sandberg's deceased husband. Whoever "he" may have been, "his" prediction were uncannily accurate in some respect.

Rather than debating things you cannot divulge, why don't you and the other folks here take a look at Goldberg's video and explain to me why I should dismiss its importance out of hand, or if you find it of interest, tell me how you think it relates to your sources/info.



"Don't know about other countries, but in France there was a first (known) case before China..."

The French case is most likely bogus, a result of much too high high concentration of the control, which led to cross contamination.

There is no further evidence, which would be quite easy, for an early infection in France.


Some aspects of the time line:

The WHO test was developed by a group in the Charite Berlin and was validated by international groups before 15th of January.

Therefore, the guys were already busy in December at latest.

OTOH the hope back then was that the issue could be contained in China like SARS-1.

Brutus canneloni

no pun intended but have you entertained the letter K at the end of your name.
Walrusk has potential


Nobody knows where the 1918 Spanish flu originated. The only thing that is fairly certain is it was not in Spain. Kentucky is the most likely but we are never going to know. All type A Influenza viruses have a natural base in fresh water birds and SE Asia as a home-base where much of the reassorment and recombination takes place.
Corona viruses are found in many species type A mainly in birds and type B typically in bats (human common cold viruses include both types). The SARS family of betacorona viruses have their base in micro-bats, also in SE Asia, but we do not know the range as almost all of the sampling has occurred in China but it is probably also in the surrounding countries. It would be nice to know but then the NIH has just cut funding to Eco-health Alliance who have provided most of the data we do have about the range of these bats, the sequences, their interactions with the human populations in the area, the likely routes of transmission and the serology data. This data is showing that SARS like viruses have been causing over a million infections a year in China so it not a great surprise that we have had two flavours,so far, that went on to cause transmissible human disease.
Flu strains from the avian pool are also causing regular stuttering outbreaks on a regular basis but it is only recently that we have had the tools to watch all these natural processes take place.


Peter william wrote: "Perhaps we should talk about the Kansas Flu of 1917 that killed 50 million worldwide"

The Spanish Flu most likely originated from China. There is a good article in "War in History".

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