22 June 2020


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Eric Newhill

Is it fair to assume that you agree that the CDC data confirms what I have been saying about a significant proportion of "excess deaths" being due to chronic and acute conditions other than C-19?


Eric I have not looked at the US cause of death categories so can not comment. NY was the first US city, as London was for us, and for the same reason - major point of entry for foreign travelers. Any city where public transport is commonly used to get to work is going to be a problem. Where I would caution is thinking New York is the only city to reach hospital saturation point I think it is merely the first. With only about 1% infected in the US this virus still has a very long way to go before it slows down. While it may not seem like it this outbreak has not really started yet. The US data show of the resolved case 89% survived and 11% died.

Eric Newhill

Well, you should look at it. It show the component causes of the excess deaths. It's one of the radio buttons you can push on the graph I linked to that you have already taken the time to look at. It refreshes the graph in about 2 seconds. IMO, you cannot speak intelligently about C-19 mortality until you have thought about the excess deaths and how a large proportion are not due to viral causes.

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