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09 June 2020


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Shuck and Jive for the geriatric set. The pandering is unbelievable.


The pushback is coming, some are starting to point out St. George's drug usage, criminal record etc. Like Candace Owens, I don't know why black people keep putting the worst of their kind on pedestals.

William Fitzgerald

Sacre Bleu!!! What a performance! Thus arrayed they could be taking an oath to embark on a crusade, ca. 1096.



The "jump the shark" Deplorables moment comes early this year!

Bill H

There is something about those scarves that has raised a charge of "cultural appropriation." I don't know the details because the reference was a video and SWMBO was asleep so I could not play it.

John Minnerath

The "flyover" country populated by us "deplorables" is spreading from coast to coast across the nation.
The far left crowd will be left in restricted and isolated pockets in certain metropolitan areas with their overall powers greatly reduced.

Terence Gore


"You only get power in reaction to a threat"

William F Buckley Saul Alinsky interview. Maybe old hat for some.

Patrick Armstrong

"I had to say something about the American politicians shameless and ignorantly using the Kente fabric as a prop in their virtue signaling.
*I’m usually more mild mannered than this so please forgive me, I’m upset."




Here’s a video about the cultural appropriation.




I don’t get their political antenna. Who were they trying to reach with their wokeness?

Peter VE

Don't worry. Her Lordship will get right to renewing the Patriot Act that just expired, as soon as she can be helped up from her genuflection.



Just pandering for Black votes.

Matthew Hughes

Imagine the pose AIPAC will require...


well, at least they are not washing anyone feet--yet--like they did in North Carolina.


This picture is worth the heaps of black scorn it has triggered. The black push back against this stunt has been monumental. This is a campaign fodder money shot.

Wearing only a single tribe's signature garb shows zero understanding of the murderous tribal prejudices that have wracked Africa both before and after the few decades of " western colonialism".

Much like wearing the wrong gang colors in the wrong hood will and does get you killed in Democrat controlled ghetto America. Why didn't Maxine Waters warn them?


Another picture worth a million words: Bill Whittle does a brilliant job comparing red pill America and blue pill America - and why "coming together" may not be a worthy goal: https://www.dailywire.com/news/whittle-two-americas-are-you-on-team-red-or-team-blue-video

13 minutes very well spent if you still have problems making the case for red pill America among your blue friends and relatives. It chips away at the extreme of both sides - purple mush in the middle may dilute the rewards and punishments of both ends of the spectrum. Combine these extremes with great care.

Diana Croissant

Remember Theater of the Absurd? The Democrats are living it.

Their ability to reason has atrophied--that is, if they had ever developed an ability to reason logically.

I saw that photo op earlier and felt nothing but shame for the people who ever voted for such idiots. But a person has to understand that their BFFs all come out of Hollywood fantasy land.

I'm now waiting for Professor Schumer to get before a MSM camera and give us lowly children a lecture about all of this. When he talks he's like the self-righteous professor that the students stealthily stick a "Kick Me" sign on his back. (I usually feel too sorry for Nancy, who just mumbles incoherently through her loose dentures.)


Did Nancy have to hit her Life Alert button?

Was the funeral in Houston open casket so St. George's children could finally see him after years of absence?

Babak Makkinejad


It is stupid, I agree.

The academic cap & gown that is worn at graduation started its life as an act of sincere imitation and homage by the Italian scholars of Islamic universities - which, at one time, were sources of learning and scholarship.

That cap & gown made its way back to the East, as new Muslim universities, channeling the Italian scholars, paid sincere initiation and homage to the Western universities.

It is regrettable that Zoroastrians could not copyright items such as "the Wise Lord", "the Lord of Light", "the Lord of Lies", "the Lord of Darkness", "Paradise", "Hell", "Purgatory", "Last Judgement", "Resurrection", "Revelation" etc.

They could have made a lot of money by licensing them to all the religions that came after them.

It is interesting that US officials seem to have a propensity of announcing yet another sanction against Iran while standing on Persian rugs.

I think they should stand on something closer to European cultural heritage: beaten down dirt, covered with straw, and then covered with felt.



I was under the impression that they are imitations of monastic gowns.


Who knew SYNCHRONIZED PANDERING could be so hilarious?!?!?

That was one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time, especially when poor old Nancy had to be helped up by 2 people! Oh boy, I suspect it's going to make a truly comical RNC political ad. Plus, it looks like they're all wearing FAKE Kente cloth, maybe a printed polyester substitute instead of woven cotton and silk. Tsk tsk tsk...

PS: Maybe the Speaker should spend less money on facelifts (one more and her eyebrows will be on top of her head) and get her creaky knees fixed instead. Meow!!!



"Why didn't Maxine Waters warn them?"

Probably because Maxine herself has no better understanding or idea of any of the cultural history behind these garments/colors than her white colleagues. What incentive would she have to really educate herself in such matters, anyway? In my experience with the American urban black population and their private attitudes toward African immigrants, the former often exhibit quite a bit of disdain and derision towards the latter. I saw it a lot in living DC where you have significant numbers of both groups. I'm not saying it's universal or even the majority opinion, but it's much more widely held that you'd think. It's just not made very public. And the politicians largely see African cultural heritage as a useful political tool more than anything of real historical importance.


I believe Babak conflates the House of knowledge in Baghdad during the Golden Age of Islam - around the 800-1400's with the later European University educational system which created the model of wider knowledge dissemination. It is the European model that remains a uniquely western construct and is now imported around the world for higher education.

Though "reading a subject at Cambridge" may come closer to the Middle Eastern House of Knowledge models. Certainly the legendary Library in Alexanderia was another similar house of knowledge collection, but not a university system.

There was an additional knowledge collection model run by a woman in Morocco during that same time period, but it did not lead to the far wider distribution of knowledge and academic discipline later found in the European university models.

Naples Italy was the site also of a very early university and indeed at the time in the 1100's, it was a cross roads city between Europe and the declining Middle East. Andaluz Spain, under islamic domination, also had its knowledge collection moments.

However, for most parts of the early world, religious centers served most people for any disciplined educational and literacy engagement. Yes, it is true. The Irish did later save Western Civilization at one time when that world had gone dark by copying Christian texts.

The break though was the western development of the printing press and movement away from Latin that finally opened the concept of education for all that we see as the primary model today.

One debt we owe the Islamic world is their preservation of the works of the early Greeks (pagans) who were lost to the Christian world, and whose re-discovery via the Silk Road trafficing led to the flowering of the European Renaissance circa 15- 16th Century. Thank you. The Socratic method of teaching remains enduring, along with Platonic principles.

Hats off to Greece who really started it all. And to the world of Islam for preserving their texts. But really, hats off to the Silk Road which was our first experiment with cross-cultural globalization.



I don't recall AIPAC ever oppsoing Schumer of Pelosi in their their many years in office.


Jack -

I always liked the colors in that Kente cloth. Years ago when I still wore a tie before retiring to the good life I tried to buy a Kente cloth tie. The vendor refused to sell it to me. He claimed I was going to do something nasty with it.

Babak -

With all due respect to Zarathustra, perhaps he should have paid some licensing fees himself. Resurrection, Hell, and Paradise predate him by a millennia. And probably much longer.

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