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08 June 2020


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Terence Gore

Trolling for trolls?

"From all these convergent data, we therefore posit that the general method of action for SARS-CoV-2 is indeed as a
co-receptor dependent phagocytic process: the cell envelops the virus due to its opposite charged binding to coreceptors on the cell membrane such as CLEC4M/DC-SIGNR and possibly to the membrane itself. But furthermore,
simultaneously, it is capable of binding to ACE2 receptors in its receptor binding domain: in fact SARS-CoV-2 is
possessed of dual action capability.
Once the virus is phagocytosed it will take over cell machinery, replicate and kill the host cells and rapidly increase
systemic infection. The virus is thereby killing off erythrocytes which would account for the hypoxia observed in
advanced patients, which leads to the shortage of oxygen uptake which may eventually prove fatal. Furthermore,
clinically identified involvement of this class of olfaction and bitter/sweet receptors as potential co-receptor(s), or as
alternative receptor sites to ACE2, has possible implications for binding, the replication, metabolism and pathology of
the SARS-CoV-2 virus."


I have less than 50 percent comprehension on above study but I found the above passage in the conclusion interesting.


Suggests it was an enhanced virus. It had link to the study

The Right Psyche

Take that Mama Cass!


Where is my droll happy face emoji?

Thank you for what you do ...in service to our country keeping the conversation going, and even more importantly keeping the conversation flowing.


The Right Psyche

Are you referring to the Mama Cass look alike who spat on me at SF International long ago? Yeah! Take that Mama Cass!


God bless!
Thank you for your service to humanity


Even trolls like to rock and roll.


Terance, interesting theory - covid virus kills red blood cells which are our primary oxygen carriers.

The evolving curiosity of treating the metric of "low oxygen" in covid positive patients was in fact leading to over-treatment and unfortunately very high deaths after forcing oxygen via patient- intubated "ventilators" into covid low oxygen patients. At the time, this was a reasonable clinical response - low oxygen levels, force in more oxygen.

However, if there are materially fewer red blood cells, due somehow to covid, that can accept the forced extra quantities of oxygen, then ventilators would in fact be over-kill treatment. Who knew at the time, but less aggressive oxygen supplementation are now in use. But meanwhile the media fell in love with the numbers of "ventilators" as a mark of Trump failure to provide them and the competency of our public response.

Treating surrogate end-points, like "normal" oxygen level metrics in this case, remains a very shaky proposition, when in fact we should be dealing with the demands disease condition itself. We are doing this a lot in medicine today - treating surrogate end-points and metrics with little science based correlation to health improvements.

We know our BP, our cholesterol levels, our Vit D levels, C-reactive protein levels, etc, etc. And we compare their religiously against some "norm" that never asked independently to prove its validity. Nor whether tweaking those surrogate metrics actually results in material health improvements.

There was a movement a few years back asking for "evidence based medicine" which pretty much died out, due to the mutual embarrassment that very little that we call "health care' today turned out to be evidence based.

We even use amount of money spent on "health care" as a surrogate for providing "health care. Or numbers of procedures as a positive health care metric. America is not ready for free "universal health care" because we cannot define what qualifies as "health care".

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