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10 May 2020


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scott s.

Used to have to go to Dahlgren quite often for work. At the time I lived in Annapolis and it was an easy drive. It used to be that crossing South River from Annapolis you entered "southern Maryland" (meaning old Maryland) but over time DC has gotten closer and closer. Not hardly any tobacco fields or drying sheds. When they moved NavAir from Pentagon City to Pax River, that helped bring DC to southern Maryland.

There was an interesting period where southern Maryland had gambling and became quite the thing. Maybe around the time of Spiro Agnew? From colonial times, the Md/Va border is not the center of the Potomac rather the southern shore. So you could build a pier on the Northern Neck and be in Maryland. There was a place in Waldorf called the "WigWam" which I knew as a bakery, but supposedly BITD was a "house of ill-repute".

When I lived there they continually were trying to make the 301 a DC outer bypass route. People in southern Maryland wanted no part of it. I used to have to drive the 301 down and then 17 through the Middle Neck into Yorktown and Newport News or Norfolk. The area around Tappahannock is really nice. For ACW buffs, Port Royal was where McClellan initially wanted to use as his base for his 1862 campaign. Fort AP Hill is also a nice area, though I guess not really on a peninsula.


Great videos, thanks!

Watermen have a relationship with nature that the rest of us do not. And they also have a special relationship with faith. Was it someone here who said: It is not a coincidence that all or most of Christ's disciples were fishermen.

I'm not particularly religious myself, but I have to wonder if when Christ was a carpenter whether or not he did a lot of boatbuilding.



Thanks for the story. There were once quite a few crabbers/oysterman working out of Boyce's Marina in Coles Point, long gone with Mr. Boyce's passing many decades ago. A former submariner and Seabee who was a good friend of my father told my father about the Norther Neck back in the late 60s. Dad finally procured a run down cottage and spent 4-5 summers putting 4 teenage boys to work on upgrades. Nothing like digging out a septic tank to replace a drain field and installing indoor plumbing, much appreciated by all, especially Mom. Good times fishing and crabbing on the Potomac. If you ever need to keep your kids occupied in the evening just tell them the best crabmeat comes out of the legs and flippers and put them to work while they enjoy an hour or two of B&W tv on the one channel that comes in snow free over the air.

Next time you're down stop in at Washington's Birthplace National Monument, which is also in Westmoreland County.


Fred -

Decades ago I took the kids to Fossil Beach not far from Washington's Birthplace. Looks like they are now having some cliff erosion there. Just saw this today on the WX channel:


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