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19 May 2020


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Did Barry ever wing anything on his own without his sidekicks Rce or Jarrett immediately by his side, ready to run cover for him later when necessary?

Rice's presence was probably so ubiquitous, it was not worthy of mention in later present party recollections. I would assume Barry could not speak in public without a teleprompter and not speak in private without his "wingman".

Why do we assume Valerie Jarrett is still living in the same house as the former POTUS? So when the phone rings and someone wants to know something about what Barry did while he was in office, ValJar the NightStalker can be ready with the answer.

My guess is Rice was attached at the hip whenever there was a chance Barry would open his mouth. Make the failure to mention Rice more an oversight rather than something ominous.

More troubling was Yates getting cut off by Lindsey Graham every time she tried to explain that Flynn had not been "unmasked" during her Senate testimony, per the video clip. What that just dismissive on Graham's part or inadvertent. Wild speculation, had McCain "leaked" the Flynn phone call to Wapo?


I guess Obama didn't think he could rely on Sally Yates to lie on his behalf but knew he could count on "Old Faithful" Susan Rice to do the job. If the MSM were fair they'd be mocking (at the very least) her overuse of the figure of speech "by the book". I hope someone throws that book at her and the rest of the cabal.

BTW, I seem to recall reading a long time ago that Rice made a mess wherever she served. I could be mistaken though.

Has anyone else noticed that James Comey's been very quiet lately?


Well if we can't get a "perfumed prince" in the docket, this deplorable will settle for a "perfumed princess."


I think Trump should announce operation "What's Good for the Goose" - an operation to ensure there is no foreign interference in US elections. He can even list the people whose conversations he plans on listening too, since all the left agrees Obama's administration was scandal free and there was nothing illegal in all of this. Then he should have the IRS apply the Lois Lerner standard to tax exempt groups on the left. "Good for the Gander" sounds like a nice project name for that. I can't see why anyone would object.


Crying fowl, Fred. I suggest we bring back ......."if it walks like a duck, squawks like a duck and looks like a duck.. it is a duck." Hat tip to that ol' country lawyer Sam Ervin.


RedState expands this evolving memo-gate unraveing. LJ pulled the right thread here to get things started.

Now it is claimed by RedState Rice did not even write the memo, but was directed by Obama's WH counsel to drape Barry in "plausible deniability" as power passed irrevocably from Obama-44 to Trump 45. https://www.redstate.com/streiff/2020/05/20/susan-rice-may-not-have-been-the-author-of-the-just-released-inauguration-day-memo/

This could explain why Rice wrote about events where she was not even present. But neither was WH counsel - so how did they construct the imaginary conversations. ......by the book?

Keith Harbaugh

I think K.T. McFarland explains the Obama/Trump dynamic wonderfully well in this six-minute video:


yes Larry Spot on. It certainly was by the book. no two ways about it.

what consequences there are for doing it by " the book" are yet to be determined.

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