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25 May 2020


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it is also adaptive. mileage varies on the costs/rewards=? of sociability. purpose modifies that ratio.


Does it matter?


Sir, you might like to try some Dietrich Bonhoffer.



If you are writing to me as opposed to Alan, I was familiar with him as an undergraduate at VMI. pl

Diana Croissant

"where have all the young men gone--long time passing. Where have all the young men gone, long time ago?"

Gone for soldiers every one"

When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?"

(an example of the "ubi sunt" theme found in literature of all time periods of literature.

Thank you for this piece, Mr. Farrell.

I have never stopped praying for all the young men of my generation--The Vietnam generation. But I also have an uncle who came back from Korea, and older uncles and a father from World War II. And now we have younger members of our family who are veterans of Middle Eastern engagements.
Thank you for your life.

All these men and now women who go to war desrve our love and our support. I do wish that somehow we humans could "learn" how to find peace so as not to require that they go.


Always moving - thanks so much for bringing back this reality back to remind us all.

And maybe not just combat veterans - my wife recently reconnected with a high school friend who flew F-8 Crusaders off carriers in the late 60's early 70's, I think never in combat. He was clearly one of the Navy's best F-8 pilots and has told me some of his many extremely challenging experiences (in some cases ending with "I can't tell you the rest of this"), leading to a 100% PTSD disability on discharge. Some of his stories overlapped with my USMC RVN tour in '69 and I think he would have been safer in my boots..

So maybe some of our non-combat peers ended in this same life space..



Poor, poor zoomie Were you in the actual fight and living in a muddy hole for a year?

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