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31 May 2020


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Booby Hatch

Follow the money!



Are you trolling us here? Genetics? People in this country have agency. The left has been teaching helplessness victimhood for a couple generations. Minneapolis has been run by same political party for decades; the police department has been reformed multiple times and has is currently run by a man born and raised in the city and who is both a 20+ year veteran of the force and black.

Thanks for linking to the group run by DeRay McKesson. I was wondering where the "former Senior Director of Human Capital with Minneapolis Public Schools" had gotten off too. Don't investigate the statistics that result from all his efforts, it might "violate the narrative" as the wrong people like to say.

Jim S


That site contradicts itself. Near the top it states that 24% of those killed in 2019 were black, and the graph below it states that black people were 3x more likely to be killed by white people. To avoid pedantry and cut to the chase, that site seems to mislead deliberately by not fully explaining its graphs.

When I looked at this issue 4-5 years ago, the statistics I found showed police killing more white people than black people on an average year. Last year, Dallas cops killed a white man by restraining him in a similar fashion as Mr Floyd (longarcher from yesterday will have seen this). For anyone that didn't know that (I didn't until two days ago), it's worth asking why you didn't know.

I feel the below site is more neutral. It also links to relevant news stories for each death.


I think it's high time we see the bodycam footage from this incident. Was it destroyed with 3rd Precinct, or did the MN AG/DOJ/BI do their jobs and make backups?



I think it’s their honor culture, and poverty. Poverty makes conflict more likely, and when pressed, they can’t back down without losing face.

The police are actually slower and less likely to shoot Black suspects, than members of other races.

- Eliot


Col. Lang,

“Soros may decide to leave the US”

I don’t understand Soros, what drives him?

- Eliot

Jim S

I'm wrong about the graph methodology, and I retract.


Every funder, organizer, and organizing group for these socialist “protesters” are criminally liable for conspiracy under RICO



My present working theory about S is that he blames western civilization for his employment as a child collaborator with the Nazi occupation of Budapest. His father was a collaborator. He used little George as a courier to carry deportation notices to Jews on behalf of the Germans. He appears to blame the very fabric of civilization itself for the ghastly wound inflicted on his psyche.


Col. Lang:

In my opinion, Sorors is not completely wrong in his estimation that Shoah was a result of the late developments in Western Civilization after the Enlightenment project succeeded in declaring God to be Dead.

Once the sanctions offered by Religion is removed from actions of Man, all things would become possible.

My friends have told me that I see things as Black and White and am not good at nuance. Nevertheless, I will plunge ahead.

I noticed the obsession with Jews among Western European thinkers and intellectuals around the turn of the last century. I always found it odd; why could they not leave the Jews alone - who only wished to practice their ancient religion?

Yes, Eastern European Jews constituted the largest number of the murdered, but the ideas and the political initiative to realize those ideas came from the Western Diocletian states.

Heinrich Heine wrote:

"A drama will be enacted in Germany, compared to which the French Revolution will seem like a harmless idyll. Christianity constrained the martial ardor of the Germans for a while, but it did not destroy it; once the restraining talisman is shattered, savagery will rise again....the mad fury of the berserk, of which Nordic poets sings and speak...the old stony gods will rise from the rubble and rub the thousand-year-old dust from their eyes. Thor with the giant hammer come forth and smash the Gothic domes..."

I would also argue that without Reformation, Shoah would not have taken place.

If Soros wanted to help, he ought to have tried to strengthen organized religions of this world - but then that would be a heresy against Godless Modernity.

Barbara Ann


Heine was a prophetic fellow. Isaiah Berlin quotes him in his treatment of Ficht in Freedom and its Betrayal when describing the result of the unhinging of morality from objective criteria which began with Kant's categorical imperative:

"Kantians will appear, who in the world of mere phenomena hold nothing sacred and ruthlessly with sword and axe will hack through the foundations of our European life, and pull up the past by its last remaining roots."
He summed up the Pandora's box opened by Rousseau pretty well too:
"Maximilien Robespierre was nothing but the hand of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the bloodstained hand that drew from the womb of time the body whose soul Rousseau had created.."
Berlin also quotes part of Heine's dire warning that you cited; of Germanic barbarism held in check only by Christianity. Of course the fact that this is all from a lecture given a mere 7 years after the war by a Jew should be borne in mind.


Barbara Ann

Thank you.



Thanks for bringing the Conservative Tree House article by Sundance to my attention. I do read this blog from time to time. It's very interesting about the whole background issue of counterfeiting. And I do not know a thing about Minnesota. My problem with Sundance's theory is that I simply don't believe that George Floyd was OK with the arrest until the moment that he got to the police vehicle. Which is key to the theory. He was freaking out from the moment the police approached his Mercedes. We have that on video.

To me, he seemed wasted. Drugs? Alcohol?

Could he have been so desperate for cash given the loss of his salary due to the virus shutdown that he tried to pass a counterfeit bill that he had held on to only as a curiosity?

Does Canadian organized crime play a part in Minnesota counterfeiting operations?

I am also very curious as to what exactly killed him. He said he hurt all over, didn't he? The autopsy might tell us that no matter what position he was in, or how he was being restrained, he was dying. Could he have suffered some sort of aneurysm?

I guess I had better wait and hear the evidence...

Eric Newhill

Re; suicidal blacks and white cops;

Maybe you didn't notice that of the four cops involved in Floyd's death, one is white, one is Asian, one is Hispanic and one is black.

Perhaps your unbiased media didn't share that aspect of the story.

Tell me again how this is about racist cops killing the target of their bigotry.


Isaiah Berlin quotes him in his treatment of Ficht in Freedom and its Betrayal

That must be Fichte.

Barbara Ann


Quite correct, thanks for the correction.

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