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08 May 2020


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Which am I? I have a FB page where I cross-post all this material.


Could it be there is trouble inside the House of the Assads?

Fisk, in the Independent


Is Russia unhappy?



"or even make a high probabilty of attribution"

So neither of you have direct any inkling of what was on the DNC servers but you are making statements that have no confidence interval associated with them otherwise people would know you are blowing smoke to cover the DNC's ass, just like their hired contractor did.

"The only way to achieve certainty in attribution is to have HUMINT confirmation"

Would the sworn deposition under oath by the President of Crowdstrike be "HUMINT confirmation" or do you want to discount that too?

HUMINT confirmation of no Russian interference as sworn to under oath by Crowdstrike President Shaw Henry:


I can believe Russia might have hacked the DNC and then passed it to Wikileaks. It's certainly very plausible. And there is a strong motive: this was a tit-for-tat response to Hillary's meddling in Russian elections while she was Secretary of State. Also Putin wanted to hurt Hillary's ability to effectively govern.

If it was the Russians, their goal would not have been to help elect Trump, who was too unpredictable. Frankly, I think Russians believe US elections are rigged and that Trump was never going to win anyways. But they know they can hurt Hillary, that they could damage her image enough to hurt her ability to govern. If the Russians had a goal, that was it.

But there's no hard evidence of this. Just like there is no evidence that the coronavirus leaked out of a lab.

The US is bluffing, but their bluffing because they know there is a strong possibility these are the likeliest explanations. How does a threatening virus from a remote bat cave suddenly infect humans? Who else could have hacked/leaked the contents of DNC mail server? And what do past instances indicate? SARS? Cozybear? The answers indicate who the culprit was and we can surmise their motives, but proving it can be difficult, if not outright impossible.

It only makes sense to accuse Russia and China because they're bad actors who have shown similar behavior along these lines in the past. Why give them a pass on something they probably have done when you have an excuse to bludgeon your rivals on the head?

In this case of Russian election interference, the US only has good reason to suggest the culprits acted in a manner similar to how Russia has been shown to behave in the past. They have an idea of who the probable culprits were, but there is no hard evidence. If there was, this would have been revealed to the public. Even if the goal was to protect their methods of counter-intelligence, they would have asserted this for a fact and claimed they had hard evidence, rather than insinuate the Russians did it. An assessment made in high confidence is not the same as making a factual claim.

This is a politicized intelligence assessment meant to hurt Trump and make him appear as a Russian puppet. To forcibly remove him from office and install Hillary as president. The fact these people went along with this is very dangerous and it scared people off.

Mike Rogers and the NSA didn't seem to put anyway weight behind the accusation of Russian interference either. If anything, Mike Rodgers went to Trump warning him this was a political plot to prevent or remove him from the presidency. We know they had a meeting when he was president-elect and it only makes sense that Rodgers would warn the president and advise him as to what he knew, which probably wasn't a whole lot. It seems Brennan and Clapper didn't trust him much. Clapper even told Obama to fire him as this was going on. Rogers wasn't deeply involved in this plot. The DNI assessment from 2016 shows that the NSA didn't fully back their claim of Russian interference. Remember what the report wrote:


"All three agencies agree with this judgment. CIA and FBI have high confidence in this judgment; NSA has moderate confidence."

Moderate confidence? Rogers and the NSA didn't play ball with their cockamamie political plot to oust Trump.

It looks to me Brennan quarter-backed the whole thing. Clapper and Comie went along. Of the three, Clapper is the one most willing to play turncoat on these people. He doesn't want to be left holding their bag. If Trump wants to expose this scheme, he has to get Clapper to turn on them.

And bear in mind, Wikileaks exposed that the CIA had created separate and near identical capabilities to the NSA as was revealed in vault 7.


Remember, Brennan was caught spying on the Senate when they were reviewing CIA activity.


Brennan is not a man who ran his agency with honor and integrity. He has admitted to having been communist earlier in his life and who knows what he was up to during his in Saudi Arabia. People say he's a secret convert to Islam. I think he's plain old deranged and dangerous.

Brennan cooked this scheme up. No question about it. He must have got approval from Obama and Hillary, who would have assumed office thereafter, to carry this madness out.

Obama would have been concerned about his legacy and the last thing he wanted was his enemy, Trump, to ruin that. And this was tit-for-tat for claiming he was born in Kenya. The whole point of saying Obama was Kenyan born was to nullify his presidency and expose him as a fraud. The same would have been true of Trump with the Russian treason claim. Both claims are complete frauds.

I can't imagine Obama came up with this bat shit crazy idea. He went along and approved it, but it's clear he wasn't fully on board. That's why in the lead up to the election he kept suggesting elections aren't rigged and downplayed Russian interference. I think he really believed Trump wasn't going to win, so he wasn't fully on board until Trump actually won. That's when he kicked into high gear looking to sabotage Trump and protect his legacy.

Hillary thought she would become president (it was her turn) and she was going to use the Russian-treason narrative to go after everyone who stood in her way, most of all Trump.

Whoever the hacker/leaker was, their actions weren't that malicious. They didn't alter the emails. If anything, they made US elections more transparent. So it's not the worst thing in the world they could have done. And the Russians playing trolls on social media was mickey mouse stuff. The idea we would go to war with Russia over this is a fantasy that can only play in the heads of people like Dick Cheney. Obama was right to downplay Russian interference and he doesn't get enough credit for keeping the public's faith in the election process in check. Until Trump became president, he was operating with sound judgement.

I believe the response to the Russian interference, the censorship we're now seeing on social media, and the McCarthite attacks against Trump voters is much worse than anything the Russians supposedly did.

This "election interference" hardly had an effect on the vote. Everyone knew Hillary screwed Bernie before the DNC emails were released. Moreover, the more damaging emails were the redacted ones the FBI was releasing from that bathroom server. Those emails showed Clinton Foundation was being used to buy off political support to whoever invested. The Clinton Cash filmed highlighted that. If anything, those emails were far more damaging and they were legitimately released by the FBI.

I also think Comey made a political play by re-announcing the investigation into Hillary's bathroom server, probably in order to save his job when Hillary became president, but also because he had the backing of people like Obama who wanted to keep Hillary on a leash. By showing he could reopen the investigation any time he wanted and by insinuating to voters she was possibly crooked, they held a sword of Damocles over her.

There is honor among thieves, but they sure as hell don't trust each other.



You are unimpressed with the Binney/Johnson argument that the technical details of the DNC leaks do not match up with an internet based "hack?"



I'm troubled by the inroads that the CCP's PLA have made here in our North American continent. If they already have well placed 'in place' troops and supplies, which I believe they now do. They're capable of doing a quick strike invasion on our U.S. soil catching us with our pants down.

The CCP's PLA has moved into our backyard so-to-speak, and within the shipping ports and free-trade zones encircling our U.S. on the North American Continent. There have been reports on the internet for years from Colorado, California, Washington state, and other states how residents in various locals have seen what they believe are CCP PLA personnel in U.N. garb moving at various times throughout the U.S. with U.N. combat equipment. I have seen personnel waiting my table at a local restaurant that got the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, and that my gut told me that they were PLA by how they carried themselves and their conversations between themselves. I know for a fact they took a second look at me when they waited my table.

IMO DoD needs to do a serious introspection into how to negate and combat already in place PLA operating on U.S. soil. To do that DoD could use the assistance of Taipai personnel for intelligence gathering regarding PLA strongholds operating within North America.

Philip Truz

Why nobody is speaking about the strong French assistance to PRC in the establishment of the P4 lab of Wuhan (Wuhan Institute of Virology)? The project started in 2004 with Chirac and was inaugurated in 2017 in presence of a French Prime Minister, and of Alain Mérieux (the head of one of the main vaccine producer in the world, Institut Mérieux). This P4 lab was supposed to collaborate with the only French P4 lab in Lyon, France (city from which the Mérieux family is originated), the Centre International de Recherche en Infectiologie. 50 French microbiologists and virologists were supposed to work permanently in this lab, but,ultimately, the French-Chinese cooperation withered, and the French became blind to what was going on in this lab. Wuhan Province is an industrial stronghold for French firms like Renault, Peugeot, L'Oréal, Eurocopter, Pernod-Ricard, etc.



This one I find interesting:

and the fact that Trump is removing the Patriots, and "With oil this low the petrodollar simply isn’t that important anymore and neither is the survival of what we currently know as Saudi Arabia. "


While Red Square is vacant today, Парад Победы in Belarus takes place snubbing their noses at the virus.



75 years ago Germany surrenders and the 90 day countdown began as agreed at Yalta and affirmed at Potsdam.
Here is a little something that I found on another site and thought, given the degree of music appreciation found on this site, might be enjoyed by the correspondents:

Terence Gore

"The patients took either ACE inhibitors, ARBs, or other drugs that lowered their blood pressure. The results showed that patients over age 65 taking ARBs were at a lower risk of developing severe lung damage than age-matched patients not taking the medications, but there weren’t enough data to do a similar analysis for ACE inhibitors. The work reveals there was no hazard for ARBs, and there may be benefits, but as always, more data are needed, Kass says."


Is the Oracle at Delphi still open for business or is that stage 2?

The Twisted Genius


I read the full transcript of Shawn Henry's testimony. Thanks for providing the link. I wouldn't have bothered reading the full thing without your question. Henry's testimony is fully consistent with CrowdStrike public statements on the DNC hack. Henry stated several times that his evidence and experience indicates the Russian government hacked the DNC. I believe CrowdStrike public statements said the same thing.

Henry's testimony also gave a clear account of the limits of forensic analysis of a hacked system. He saw data prepared for transfer, but couldn't determine if that data was actually transferred because CrowdStrike didn't have a network monitor in place. But as the evidence presented in the GRU-12 indictment shows, data was transferred to an Illinois-based, GRU controlled server from the DNC network. CrowdStrike had no access to that server, nor to the GRU's AMS panel and "middle server" that is detailed in the indictment.

Henry also made clear that around 10 disk images were given to the FBI along with other data collected by his team from the DNC network. He also made it clear that a false flag operation was highly improbable.

I am not privy to any of the FBI, NSA or CrowdStrike info on the DNC hack. But I was deeply involved in monitoring and penetrating Russian and Chinese cyber activities for over nine years. i also saw what capabilities NSA and CIA were developing to penetrate adversary cyber activities. I see no reason for Russia to abandon those activities after my retirement.


Something that's not getting the attention it deserves: the unemployment figure announced yesterday was about 5% too low. According to Yahoo finance the Bureau of Labor Statistics says their survey interviewers misclassified some temporarily unemployed people as employed but absent from work. Since the BLS never corrects their survey numbers, they will not officially correct this error.

Another bad figure I saw was that people working part-time who want to work full-time is now close to 11 million. That's a lot of cut hours due to coronavirus.

We definitely have a big hole to dig ourselves out of.


Thanks CK for that wonderful Russian "Songs of Victory" joint musical presentation - how lovely to hear acoustic music with audible lyrics, even if I don't understand Russian - I felt the Old Russian soul came through loud and clear, but sung by a new generation. Is it still the soul we once shared through the greats of Russian art, music, architecture literature and drama?

Thank you also Russia, on this day, for your WWII sacrifices, particularly in St Petersburg that allowed the final defeat of Hitler's German forces. We owe you one for heroically enduring on the Eastern Front. That sacrifice deserves our gratitude, often now lost and forgotten after subsequent events. But it is recognized and appreciated.

Thank you for that, on this day. And for the lovely Russian musical video.


Is this type of behavior by police necessary? Note that none of them are wearing a mask but they’re arresting a mom in Sydney for protesting lockdown. Including separating her from her child.



Little Richard passed. He was 87.




"You are unimpressed with the Binney/Johnson argument that the technical details of the DNC leaks do not match up with an internet based "hack?""

I know it's not addressed to me. But if I may, chime in and say that I'm totally unimpressed with Binney/Johnson argument.

Binney has been a manager for too long. He might still have good technical expertise at a general level, but it seems now he has no team member who can give him a hands-on experience in cyber security.



You mean those solid statements like there here?

Page 63,

"Mr. Conaway: Okay. And so the body of stuff that was prepped to be stolen, you can't unequivocally say was or was not exfilatrated out of the DNC, from what you know of?

Mr. Henry: I can't say based on that. But I think I said earlier that there was some --- and I want to make sure I'm correct here --- that there were some hash values, which are algorithms essentially, that were provided by the FBI that were consistent with files that were on the DNC. I think that is accurate.

Mr. Conway: So how did the FBI get those if they didn't get them from you?

Mr. Henry: I don't know.
Page 67
Mr. Swalwell: Who did you present your findings to?
Mr. Henry: I believe it was Perkins Coie, to the law firm, because they were the client, essentially, right? We were contracted through the law firm. "

That law firm sure gets in the news, doesn't it. Surprising the DNC didn't want Crowdstrike involved with the Podesta email issue nor anything after this one. I'm sure that's all just coincidence.



It appears that Israeli Intel is embedding itself into Ford Motor Corporation. Ford has hired former Israel’s military intelligence cheese Retd. Col. Gil Gur Arie, 44, will become chief of Ford’s global data insight and analytics to oversee its big-data analytics as the automaker moves to connect all its cars to the internet.

Israel's Intelligence unit 8200 'alumni' like Gur maintain close ties and relationships with the Israeli spy agency, often “blurring the lines” between their new activities in the private sector and the ongoing work of 8200. Unit 8200 has a track record of creating “back doors” into software used by private sector companies which included Google, Microsoft, and Facebook and enhances Israel as a global “cyber power”. Former 8200 CC Yair Cohen told Forbes in 2016, that “there isn’t a major operation, from the Mossad or any intelligence security agency, that 8200 is not involved in.”

Gate’s Microsoft is tightly linked to Unit 8200. U.S. billionaire Paul Singer close ties with Unit 8200 has been funneling top companies and high tech jobs Israel's way.

All communications between a Ford buyer and their Ford vehicle, that data will be going through an Israeli Intelligence filter you can bet your paycheck on that one.

The U.S. Government if/when they purchase Ford vehicles for their motor pools had better have NSA filter out Israeli back doors or shut down the Israeli software in the vehicles. Because if they don't, the Israeli Intelligence apparatus will have an even bigger microscope to monitor U.S. government and Intelligence activities.



My pleasure. The video was posted on Smoothie x-12's web site
Andrei has sometimes posted here but not so much recently; I believe he is neck deep in a third book.
This link is not to music and it comes from Smoothie's site also.
Somethings can even move one with the soul of an engineer.



"as the automaker moves to connect all its cars to the internet" + "Microsoft"

Feel free to look up the history on customer service complaints on "Ford Sync", developed by Microsoft. BTW Ford didn't even negotiate exclusive rights to the platform. So congrats on doing Microsoft's R&D.

Isreali intel is the least of a customer's problems if Ford actual plans to "connect all cars to the internet".
"The connections provide a portal into the vehicle for drivers to receive software updates and marketing information, " Software security processes and repsonsiblility - customer or Ford? Is that a customer owned or "licensed" operating systems in your vehicle. See Apple's lawsuits over right to repair. There are plenty of suits on proprietary information on vehicle control modules and the inability to control it.

Ford's at $5 and change, this brilliant idea of Farley's isn't going to get them to $20 any time soon. The best and brightest marketing people (Farley) never learned the lesons on Sync's problems nor will they let go of the idea that not all, perhaps very few, cusomters want an ipad on four wheels and a 7 year loan to be able to buy it.


My apologies, this is the proper link.

The Twisted Genius


“Mr. Henry: I can't say based on that. But I think I said earlier that there was some --- and I want to make sure I'm correct here --- that there were some hash values, which are algorithms essentially, that were provided by the FBI that were consistent with files that were on the DNC. I think that is accurate.”

“Mr. Conaway: So how did the FBI get those if they didn't get them from you?”

The FBI got those hash values from the GRU leased server in Indiana when the NSA, CIA or FBI captured the data as it was transferred “on or about” 22 May. This wasn’t publicly known until the GRU-12 indictment was released. I doubt anyone on the committee knew of this either at the time of this interview. That the hash values from the Indiana server matched the hash values from the DNC network is proof that the data was exfiltrated from the DNC network. CrowdStrike’s missing of the actual transfer matters not a lick. Hash values are like fingerprints as Henry explained to Conaway during this line of questioning..

At any rate, Henry did not change his tune from what CrowdStrike was saying publicly as indicated in his final statement. “There’s nothing that changed our opinion. We stand on our analysis, we stand on our assessment — that the Russian Government hacked the DNC.”

Podesta’s Gmail account was hacked in March 2016, well before Perkins Coie contacted CrowdStrike on 30 April to look at the DNC network. It would be up to Google to address this hack whether it was a personal or business Gmail account since it would reside on Google servers. FYI, it was another cyber security company, SecureWorks, that tracked the command & control servers for the spearfishing attacks on Podesta and many others.

Terence Gore

Mercola Mikovits interview on the origins of covid and proper treatment.



Hour and a half long

goes down the rabbit hole quite a bit

She believes most vaccines are contaminated while being cultured in animal tissues with other viruses

She believes Covid has been contaminated with other viruses making it more deadly but backs away from saying it was deliberate. It is the corona virus in combination of other factors that make it deadly

Once you have some virus she thinks masks increase the amount of virus you are exposing yourself to.

She thinks ingest-able inteferon alpha would prove effective in treating the virus. also hydroyxchloroquine


off patent med I am not sure if it is currently being produced



"This wasn’t publicly known until the GRU-12 indictment was released. I doubt anyone on the committee knew of this either at the time of this interview. "

So the FBI withheld even more information, but we can trust that particular information, becuase.....well, unlike that DOJ lawyer that fabricted evidence or the FBI agent who doctored at least one 302, what's his name again?, the FBI didn't fabricate evidence in the GRU case that was dropped before the Flynn case was dropped? Why was that dropped again? Oh, the defendants wanted to see the actual evidence? I wonder why. My "beyond a reasonable doubt" alarm is going off right now, but no worries, I'm never going to be a jury that would review things like this. Good luck to Henry in the lawsuits, he'll need it.

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