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08 May 2020


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Did anyone who pushed the corona lockdown and global media hysteria ever worry about not getting their own paycheck? From your local city councils up to the CDC or WHO "experts" and the 24/7 media talking heads?


So what are the odds Trump will appoint Flynn to head the FBI, maybe he can clean house there?

On a brighter note it is 75 and sunny on Florida's gulf coast with beaches open, other than Lido, 'cause the Karens and their sycophants want to destroy what is left of the local tourist based businesses on the Island keep you safe, which you won't be if you are on a private beach, Siesta Key beach, or other now open county beaches. I do have a beach opening recommendation. Since obesity is linked to increased risk from Covid19 death, we should adjust our beach openings accordingly. At the beach access points we need a scale and a BMI chart, so we can keep the land whales off the beaches identify those citizens who are most at risk and have them exercise elsewhere, while those who are beach body ready can be allowed to bath in the purifying rays of the sun. Remember, pay for your parking first, 'cause the city is going broke with its Karen/OK boomer leadership effectively destroying the revenue base while doing nothing for the public good, other than those who might have the deep pockets to snatch up some soon to be available prime real estsate at a deep discount.


So many things revolve around how AG Barr plays the rest of the General Flynn saga. Do we, or do we not, get the rule of law restored. Or do we continue down the path akin to the Chinese Cultural Revolution?

Actually, the entire financial world suffers from the same problem. The rules and accounting are just something to be gamed. The number of companies that are completely insolvent, yet have sky high stock prices, is astounding! And that was before the CV1984 panic gave the market its first heart palpitation.

Laura Wilson

Here is a really interesting "models" release to compare 5 models of the cover-19 trajectory both nationally and then state-by-state. The basic assumptions are stated for each model. 538 is a great site for statisticians (especially fr sports!) and the way these models are displayed should make it fairly obviously which ones will be most accurate over time.



I’m just looking to hear about some creative ideas people may have come up with other than concentrating on the virus and politics. I ordered a paint by number set of a big blue fish and it turned out to be a scam. So much for that idea. So, any ideas?



Are you happier now that the two nuts have been arrested in Georgia? Would you like to write for SST?


Yuge. From the recently released and long withled Schiff hearing transcripts - CROWDSTRIKE admission they had no direct evidence leaked DNC files came from a Russian hack. https://www.redstate.com/elizabeth-vaughn/2020/05/08/huge-crowdstrike-ceo-has-no-direct-evidence-russia-stoleexfiltrated-dnc-emails/



There are a multitude of free course online for those with no real "outdoors" to go out to. I've started and scrapped a few book ideas and am back to learning some French. Having escaped Michigan by a month I am quite happy to be back in Florida where it is not complete lunacy.

Deap, none of those individuals have missed a dime and while some might be actually fearful most are just temporarily inconvenienced. As to Crowdstrike, and the rest, it's apparent this whole thing was a fraud. "The Book" is Alinsky: make the other side live up to their rules. The Constitution was never an impediment to the left.



It is VE Day. When I was in Yemen as DATT in the early'80s there was intense competition among the US, USSR and the PRC for influence with the North Yemenis. It was silly but that was how it was. The US embassy tried to persuade the YAR government that the Soviets were evil through and through. The head of the Sov military mission was a grizzled old tanker colonel who had been at Torgau on the Elbe as a Lt when US and Soviet forces met. This man loved the memory of US soldiers and the memory of that occasion. At an air show in Sana with all the dip corps president he stood to salute me when I arrived. I returned his salute. The US dips later threatened to have me removed if I ever acknowledged him in public again. I told them they should what they pleased but that I would continue to render military courtesies to him. Their State Department version of wrath was comical and they quickly backed away. He was an excellent source on their activities and he like my grilled steaks and Red Sea shrimp.


Kudos to Larry Johnson, of course, for long staying fully ahead of the Crowdstrike-Russian Hoax.

The good news today is the Crowdstrike story is coming back to life again after having been so successfully buried over and over again by both Democrats and the media. Which Democrats and Media did again during the Ukraine-gate phone call - buried Trump's Crowdstrike requests six feet deep.

And slimed anyone who felt this was a relevant request as a right wing case conspiracy nut case. Now it appears Crowdstrike as "settled science" is as valid and global warming is settled science. Maybe we can finallly learn what happened in Benghazi at this rate - the other fake news story that would not die.

As they said during Watergate, it was not the crime; it was the cover-up.

The Twisted Genius


That CrowdStrike news is huge only because it demonstrates what I've been saying for well over two years. CrowdStrike could not come up with the evidence revealed in the indictment of the GRU-12. It doesn't exist on the DNC/DCCC servers. That evidence came from NSA or sister agencies (US or FVEY) who penetrated the GRU's infrastructure. The best CrowdStrike could do is say it looks like the same methodology as Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear who they assumed were Russian. And that's all they did say. That was the limited state of the art for attribution for a long time. Once we started aggressively following hackers back and searching for them and their infrastructure, attribution became a real possibility. Hence the ICA on Russian interference and the GRU-12 indictment.



The old armor colonel was definitely not a spook. I know my own kind. There were GRU officers in their embassy but I entertained them separately. The tanker was really a MG but the Yemenis had no officer in their army then above the rank of colonel and so they insisted that he call himself that. More stupidity on their part. When I first invited him to my quarters he told me that he would have to bring his "minder" (KGB) . This was a young kid probably a Lt. or captain. Not a problem I told him. We would cook out and then watch a movie. They loved it. The KGB fellow finally got orders to Afghanistan. I gave him my advice. "Trust nobody."

Grumete Elora Danan

Tomorrow is Victory Day!
Bend before the heroes and the memory of the fallen!

As to them we have to thank all these decades of peace about to be ruined by the same of always....

Searching over there found this blurred ( as original from 1976 Soviet TV show...), in performeance by Lev Levchenko accompanied by Red Army and Komsomol Chorus in the Great Kremlin Hall during Militia Day, graphic testimony and the history of one of the greatest song which celebrate Victory Day, one of Elora´s favourite, "Den Pobedy":

"Den Pobedy" (Victory Day) was composed in 1975 for a contest that would award the best song to celebrate the 30th anniversary of victory in World War II. This song did not win; the juries considered that it was too "westernized" (glup) and "expressly recommended" that it not be interpreted (re-glup). The song was practically six months in a drawer until here the friend Lev Levchenko, who interprets the theme in this video, dared (literally) to interpret it in public. And once at it, to the bullfighter style: in the Great Hall of the Kremlin ( where the congresses of the CPSU were held ), during the celebration of the Day of the Militias. The censors almost had a stroke, but Levchenko was saved from the gulag: the Great Hall fell apart with the applause and requests for encore, and became one of Brezhnev's own favorite songs. The song's theme, combining the melancholy of old age with the euphoria of victory, in addition to the bombastic style, struck a chord with the Russian people, and is played on Red Square every May 8 (Victory Day) until today, usually between fireworks....Bonus track at the end with the astonished authors receiving a diploma and clamorous ovation of the Soviet people, many veterans of the Great Patriotic War...


Grumete Elora Danan
The KGB fellow finally got orders to Afghanistan. I gave him my advice. "Trust nobody."

Posted by: turcopolier | 08 May 2020 at 05:23 PM

Do you mean apart from his fellow comrades?



I am happy to see you abandon the ridiculous Spanish child disguise.



I meant the locals. I meant nothing bad for him.


Thanks for the Russian "Day of Victory" song. It had a familiar ring, taking me back to The Lime Lighters from my own college days - "Those where the days my friend"..... only to learn today that 1960's folk cafe favorite had its origins in 1924 Russia.

Here it is: dedicated to today's Millennials and Gen X - to embed its melancholy refrains into your souls too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2O5EeBjxhiY


"Excellent source on the dips activities". LOL Such a pampered lot the dips are. They really are 'dips' aren't they.


Currently I am in Vermont and it is snowing. This state is definitely a white people wildlife preserve, but pleasant enough for all that. Hiked Mt. Mansfield and made it to the Chin.

Christian J Chuba

Random topic (otherwise I'll just repeat my usual rant about our deep state puppeteers playing our corrupt MSM like sock puppets), I can't get over the hotness of Kayleigh McEnany. I was wondering what it was that captivated me so much and then I realized, while she's a Euro I see some some strong Asian features in her face and that's big plus for me.

As I was dumping out my short term memory in order to buffer her image in my brain, I thought her nose, eye sockets, more so her browline, and general shape of face had an Asian appearance to me. That was just my impression. If you don't see it that's fine, I'll go back and study it some more.


Mine Were of Trouble, written by an English soldier fighting for the Nationalists, was an excellent book. Mystery Woods Preas has been doing excellent work, publishing the original translation of Storm of Steel.


TTG, did you have access to the NSA or other agency files? Did you gain access to the DNC servers to conduct your own review? Nobody else did. You sound like you refuse to believe Crowdstrike's public statements were falsehoods, just like Clapper's, Rice's, Farkas' and others.

Bill H

@Christian J Chuba
One of those rare faces that is utterly transformed by her smile. She seems quite attractive until she smiles, at which point, wow. I know commenting on a lady's looks is not pc these days, so my apologies.


The accounts of Southfront recently got deleted from Facebook and Youtube. No reason given by Youtube, but Facebook claimed that they are somehow a manifestation of "coordinated inauthentic behavior" and therefore got terminated.


This matches my own experience with Facebook, you need to be a leftist or at least a conformist to be considered "authentic" by them.



I agreed with TTG regarding "That was the limited state of the art for attribution for a long time. Once we started aggressively following hackers back and searching for them and their infrastructure, attribution became a real possibility. Hence the ICA on Russian interference and the GRU-12 indictment."

In cybersecurity, there is no data forensic analysis that could pinpoint to the source, or even make a high probabilty of attribution. I recall back when the "Forensicator" analysis came out during the DNC leak/hack controversy, and we discussed that here. In about 20 minutes, I could identified several holes in that analysis, and posted my opinion here. Unfortunately, later that Forensicator's analysis was accepted and used by Bill Binney and the VIP group.

The only way to achieve certainty in attribution is to have HUMINT confirmation whether your cyber/data analysis is correct.

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