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28 May 2020


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DC is up and running. Beautiful day, plenty of people (tho nothing near what a non-coved May Day in DC would look like) biking, walking, toting children; probably more without mask than with.

Damage was contained to perhaps 6 blocks; crews already at work chemically treating graffiti, boarding up store fronts, even some glass was already being replaced. Police lowered a home-made banner from a flagpole on the corner of Pennsylvania & 14th St NW.

Litter had been thoroughly cleared from what was the rage area, but the homeless tent cities on K Street were just as littered as always.

About 200 people gathered as near to White House as they could get, waved posters, shouted. Majority Black but plenty of whites.
A wall of some sort was covered with graffiti, the most dominant word being F$%k.

The rest of the city, and especially tonier residential neighborhood like Capitol Hill, and commercial as well as residential neighborhoods in Georgetown, MacArthur Blvd, Chevy Chase, Bethesda; Rosslyn & Arlington in NoVa -- no sign that those people were involved in the uproar other than by media.

Nobody asked, but I think the Floyd-Chauvin thing was theater; I think he's not dead, but we'll never know that.
Somebody is working out a stress test experiment on the American people -- as soon as Floyd dies down, we will see "the worst hurricanes since Katrina."



"I think he's not dead," Why? He rose from the dead?


Keith Harbrough

Now why would a "three letter" US Agency want to own a cantina in Minneapolis? They had both been bouncers at
a tamale joint. Don't be stupid. You are right on the edge.


Turcopolier: Which is more likely: an overly-emotional 17-year old girl holds a cell phone rock steady for 10 minutes -- no wiggles, no background noise, close enough to record "I can't breathe" yet concealed from sight of 4 bad-acting policemen; or Floyd is having a Hallmark moment -- "He is not dead he's just away."

We were TOLD he died, we didn't actually see him die. Further, now there's argument about what caused his death.

Mark Logan said pressure on carotid could cause death. How long would that take -- 2 min, 4 min? Would his brain be able to form words after 6 min. pressure on carotid? What changes would take place in Floyd's posture, appearance, etc. if his carotid blood flow was being restricted, and when would we see it? https://www.wikihow.com/Do-a-Sleeper-Choke-Hold :

"Release your choke hold after 10 seconds unless you’re in immediate danger. Unless you’re actively being attacked, release your choke hold after 10 seconds. 15 seconds is the maximum amount of time that you can apply pressure to the neck without risking permanent damage."

The same lawyer who represents Ahmad Arbery's survivors now represents Floyd's family. Coincidence.

Floyd & Chauvin worked together for 17 years.
This was theater and had the intended "audience response."
He never died. Or maybe he died and went to Epstein heaven.



Get real, nine minutes with a knee on the carotid artery is coincidental to Floyd dying of natural and drug induced causes. Chauvin is a murderer but he may get off due to the legal license given to police. I can get behind that reform and stop no-knock entry. Who cares if they flush the drugs, better yet, send Ed Norton into the city's bowels to catch the package.

You saw a different video than I.



Read again.

Colonel Lang:
"I am skilled in unarmed combat. If you kneel on someone's neck for that long you are likely to kill him"

Mark Logan:
" It doesn't have to be asphyxiation. Could have been pressure on the carotid artery did him in. Google up the old banned sleeper-hold technique."

The knee did it. George Floyd good/bad health does not make any difference in this case. Chauvin killed him.



The length of time it takes to render someone unconscious and/or dead by obstructing the carotid artery depends on the degree of obstruction of that blood vessel.

Barbara Ann


Your point about the crystal clear footage of the act of deliberate murder is a good one.

The Epstein heaven theory is pretty out there, but then again I just saw who the family had do Floyd's autopsy; yup, one Dr Michael Baden.




When I wrote this post, I did not know that Floyd was stuffed to the eyes with Speedballs (fentanyl and meth). That is what probably killed him by reducing his body's ability to cope with them and Chauvin kneeling on him. I also did not know that kneeling on prisoners was an approved technique in the Minneapolis police. This will be an interesting set of trials.

Mark Logan

If those rules are cited by the defense it will be crushed by hordes of officers testifying that that isn't a licence to camp out on someone's neck. Only until the perp is cuffed. Included in those hordes will be the three other cops at the scene who tried to get him to get off.

Keith Harbaugh

Some accounts of "police brutality" in the media omit key precipitating facts.
A glaring example is the much-publicized story of Buffalo police pushing a 75-year old man protesting for George Floyd to the ground, injuring him.
What is left out of all the MSM stories I have seen about this incident is
a description of exactly what he was doing before police shoved him.
Sundance describes those actions here:
See also this video:
As Sundance describes it:

"In this slow motion video, you will see Gugino using a phone as a capture scanner.
You might have heard the term “skimming”; it’s essentially the same.
Watch him use his right hand to first scan the mic of officer one (top left of chest).
Then Gugino moves his hand to the communications belt of the second officer."

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