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31 May 2020


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Karen Morrison lived through the Ferguson Riots and it scared the beejeez out of her and her family.

Here are her words of advice to those who are living near a riot location.

1.) Pack your bug out bag.

2.) Know where you are going to go.

3.) Decide what event during the riots will trigger your departure.

4.) Use Twitter.

5.) Please, please understand that “Normalcy Bias” can get you killed.

6.) Help prepare your kids for what’s going on.

7.) Take a video of you walking through your house and record EVERYTHING in it.

8.) Realize that you’re going to mourn. It’s normal, and it’s okay.

9.) Unfortunately, this is probably going to continue for a long time.

10.) Take time to get your car ready now.

Thanks to Daisy Luther AKA The Organic Prepper for posting Mrs. Morrison's recommendations.


Terence Gore


last week you were a major criminal if you didn't social distance.

This week protest at oakland tech




This meshes with my "diagnosis" of carotid artery closure. Floyd's circulation was already impaired.


"Was this a suicide by cop set-up when he resisted arrest? "

Not from Fentanyl. I have given fentanyl to pts almost daily for 35 years as part of my practice. If this were a true fentanyl overdose Mr Floyd wouldn't not have been walking around as shown in the early part of the video. It has a pretty quick onset and offset. Peak effects, especially the respiratory depression, occur early.

You generally only see a very slow heart rate with doses large enough to induce general anesthesia. Even at those high doses you dont generally see low blood pressure unless the pt is severely volume depleted. (Think blood loss.) Anyone with a dose of fentanyl high enough to cause those problems would not be awake.

That said, one could still walk around with a moderate baseline decrease in their oxygen sats so that asphyxia could occur a bit sooner, maybe a minute or two. Maybe. The meth would leave one more susceptible to arrhythmias. While asphyxia refers to lack of oxygen, he would also likely have some increase in CO2 and the combination of increased CO2, low O2 and meth would make a great environment for a fatal arrhythmia.

blue peacock


My swag is this fizzles out soon - 2-3 weeks. There's no support for these "revolutionaries" among the "masses". I can't recall a quote by Mao to that effect.

These folks are just wannabe revolutionaries. None are willing to die for their cause whatever that may be. They're just spoiled, entitled kids acting out their nihilistic fantasies, IMO. They can easily be identified and arrested.


blue peacok

That is too bad. They should be allowed to die for their cause.


Some reading material for commenters who want to want to sow doubts on the cause of George Floyd death. Past drug use, ill health,.. don't matter much. A healthy person would not survive a knee on the neck for too long.



"Generally speaking, injuries begin at the one-minute mark, steadily worsening thereafter:

Between 30-180 seconds of oxygen deprivation, you may lose consciousness.
At the one-minute mark, brain cells begin dying.
At three minutes, neurons suffer more extensive damage, and lasting brain damage becomes more likely.
At five minutes, death becomes imminent.
At 10 minutes, even if the brain remains alive, a coma and lasting brain damage are almost inevitable.
At 15 minutes, survival becomes nearly impossible."

Comment from a retired police captain.



"Jon Shane, a retired Newark police captain, told BuzzFeed News his department had never used this type of knee-to-neck restraint during his time there between 1989 and 2005.

“I can’t see any justification for this,” Shane, who is now a professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, told BuzzFeed News. “When you’re going after somebody’s neck, it has to be in response to a deadly force situation. I can’t see anything in the video that warrants deadly force.""



I have a question. What if George Floyd did not know that he was ingesting fentanyl? And what if he did not have much tolerance for opiods because he didn't use them? What would be the effect of using cocaine or chrystal meth that has been laced with fentanyl? Or, if not deliberately laced, then accidentally contaminated? I have read that nowadays even stimulants can be contaminated, and the user is completely unaware.

On September 28, 2019, there was a report in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune by Emma Nelson: "Six people in St. Paul were hospitalized after suspected drug overdoses early Saturday, according to St. Paul police.

"Three separate incidents unfolded over less than three hours, according to police Sgt. Mike Ernster. There were no reported fatalities, he said.

"Shortly before 4 a.m. three adults were found unconscious on a front porch...' And two other persons were seen unconscious in a car, the windows were broken... " All five were transported to Regions Hospital". Later a sixth "found in the street" on Blair Avenue was taken to HCMC in Minneapolis...

"According to police, some of the people told members of the department's Community Outreach and Stabilization Unit that they used what they believed was cocaine. They may have used narcotics that were mixed with a hazardous substance, such as fentanyl, according to the department.

"Fentanyl is a synthetic opiod that is used to treat patients with chronic pain. It can be up to 100 times more potent than morphine. Because it is so potent, fentanyl in its illicit form is sometimes mixed with heroin, cocaine and meth, according to the National Institute of Drug Abuse."

What I surmise in these cases, is that the victims were found in time, taken to a hospital and given naloxone, or a similar antidote.

What I have read is that mixing of fentanyl with cocaine or speed makes it a superior product, and can be cheaply done. What the user is getting is something like what used to be called a 'speed ball.' There has been a serious increase in deaths from this kind of drug overdose all across the US in the last three years.

Using cocaine or crystal meth is now like playing Russian roulette.

Could George Floyd's behavior, from the point that he was taken from the Mercedes, show any signs that he was going into the kind of overdose that would be caused by fentanyl additive or contamination? He would not have been taking fentanyl directly then, as in a medical procedure. He wouldn't have even known.

Eric Newhill

I agree with you that the active rioting can't go on more than 2-3 weeks. However, the movement and it's thinking won't dissipate. It will remain right there under the surface and will re-emerge at first excuse.

I also agree with you that people in the movement aren't willing to die for their cause. They aren't going to seize and hold ground either, obviously. They aren't like ISIS or Castro's rebels. That said, they don't have to be because they're playing a longer game. Their game is a steady erosion of American values and civic systems and to have their demands incrementally fullfilled.

After watching a lot of the action from last night and from the previous nights I have come to the conclusion that maybe we are placing too much emphasis on the Antifa elements. Most of the real violence and a large proportion of the looting across the country is being done by African Americans; many of whom appear to be opportunistic thugs. Ghetto culture is a real factor in this. The thugs appear to be inspired to get busy by Black Lives Matter. Washington DC, The Pacific NW cities and NYC appear to be exceptions where Antifa is the predominant force on the street. Is BLM connected to Antifa? Probably there's an alliance at the higher levels. It's an alignment of the kinetic forces of chaos and anti-western civilization. Meanwhile, there are teams of political operatives, like AOC and several other democrats in congress and there is a psyops corps working in the college/university system. Finally there is the social media cadre that controls the flow of information. This is a passive aggressive revolution that impacts most all areas of our lives and only occasionally goes small scale full aggressive in the streets.

The kinetic operations in the streets have thankfully been pretty minor and amateurish in terms of damage and death. I think that is by design. If large car bombs started going off and some other types of attacks that I can easily imagine feasibly deploying, then the wannabes would get scared and drop out of the ranks and the general public would demand that the groups be killed or arrested and sent to GITMO.

Eric Newhill

A follow-up to my first response to you. I work in the corporate world. I'm in a leadership roll, meaning I have staff that report to me. A couple members of the team are young, in their 20s. I had a convo with my boss yesterday morning (Monday). We were commiserating over the state of country. First impeachment, then coronavirus and now riots. He was saying that it was hard for him to focus on work and I told him I was feeling the same. We were wondering how to broach the topic with staff. It would be inhuman to just carry on as if nothing is happening and yet there are all kinds of sensitivities and other issues that we need to be mindful of if we do bring up the topic.

So I did bring it up with one of the younger female staff that is located in an impacted city. I was very surprised to hear her tell me proudly that most of her best friends went out to lead the protest in her part of the city. I was caught off guard by her absolute bold confidence in the injustice of America and the need for the protests and the downplaying of the violence as just a few bad apples.

There are many young people, IMO, who are totally brainwashed having been through the K-12 and college systems + social media ops. These people completely agree with the BLM message and Antifa's ostensible raison d'etre. Nothing is going to fizzle out. The riots just push the boundaries of what is considered normal farther and farther each time they happen.



If you were caught off guard then you should go down and see what the attitude is in your HR departments as they are the Talent Acquisition gatekeepers.

Babak Makkinejad


The young woman in question, say 25, at least has her heart in the right place: against Injustice and for Fair Play.

She was likely born in 1995, when the generation of her parents and her grand-parents were busy shipping jobs and the attendant wealth to such places as Korea, Japan, China, Mexico, and India.

She has a lot of reasons to be angry with those generations who have left her and her generation with diminished opportunities and with public squalor and private splendor, largely the former, in fact.



Thank you for your response. “against Injustice and for Fair Play” Just like you and I. Her parents were members of the House of Representatives, senior executives at a manufacturing company? Consulting perhaps, telling the aformentioned outsourcing is our strength? That would hardly give her a life of squalor. But, assuming for arguments sake, that you mean her family was middle class or below economically, she would have had available not 1 or 2 or 3 but twelve years of publicly funded education, publicly provided transportation too if she lived more than 1 mile from the school building. I know, That’s outrageous! The American people fund, with their own tax dollars, free education for 12 consecutive years! The Horror, The Horror!

During those early years at home, from 1995, she would have been regained by her parents with stories of what? America defeating communism, Germany unified, Nuclear Annihilation avoided and Western Civilization peacefully triumphant? Of Bill Clinton, impeachment, the “people’s Princess” Lady Dianna.
At age six, on a Tuesday in September she would have returned from school, probably early, and seen ongoing broadcasts of events in NYC starting at 8:45 am. She would have seen that 3,000 Americans killed and 25,000 injured in NYC, at the Pentagon and on Flight 93. She would have known that firefighters and yes, the Poilice! were heroic in their conduct and respected and prasied.

During those years of budding maturity who was representing Michigan in Congress? Dingell, husband of Debbie, now in the same office; Dale Kildee, father of Dan (now in the same office), Sander Levin, father of Andy (now in the same office) and brother of Senator Carl Levin. Yes, she would have had consistent political representation - remind me which political party they are members of, it kind of escapes me, ah - we’ll get back to that.

What were the teachers doing, besides asking for raises, equipment, new buildings, new electronics, money, more money and more staff? Well, maybe they were teaching - critical thinking, civics, white privilege! Because they weren’t as enlightened wayyyyyyy back in 2008. I bet they even kept gays in the closet and believed rainbow’s were God’s promise not a political symbol. And a church was not something to get closed down by a politician’s order, only tyrants did that then, a governor of an American state, especially Michigan, would never do that.

They had an election way back in 2008 guess which two people were running for that primary? Perhaps Our Mythical Woman would have seen it all; had she, or mommy and daddy, been paying attention to reality, though being 13 she was probably not watching reality, but reality TV, staring -cough, cough - Donald J. Trump. “you’re fired”. Popular words not used with those politicians though that guy in the oval office now sure likes to use them.

Were she of average performance academically in just a couple more years, mid-way through the racial healing years of Hope & Change she would have been courted by not 1 or 2 or 3 but dozens of colleges and universities and would have been invited to join not one but every single branch of the armed forces of the Republic - which would have given her training, health care, free housing, tens of thousands of dollars in GI Bill benefits, a Commander in Chief who America just loved, loved, just don’t at the actual approval ratings at the time thank you very much.

I’m sure her parents, when she was 18 - year 5 of Hope and Change can you believe Barack still hasn’t gotten us out of Afghanistan or Iraq and what’s this about color revolutions - would have given her good advice. In just Four More Years of that Hope and Change you can believe in our woman of myth would have gotten that degree in STEM! SCIENCE! -Insert highly lucrative hugely in demand career training here- diploma showing the world here capabilities to hit the ground running, excel, solve problems, well, some damn thing that would enable her to FIGHT INJUSTICE; the fighting of which would involve plenty of FAIR PLAY too, I’m sure.

No “Resistance” to the peaceful transfer of power after an election, not for a well educated woman of quality, why she were edumacated in the best schools in ‘Merica, home of the free - some restrictions apply thank you comrade President Xi, Governor Cuomo, Walz, Whitmer, Newsome - generic lefty what’s his/her/xer’s name here. For Atheism’s sake don’t get a haircut, it might kill you! Thanks Gretchen.

Our American Girl, not a doll like Pinocchio or that other kind girls play with, would believe in her heart Spying on Americans NEVER - Snowden! Bradley Opps he’s a girl now Manning ? Just prove we must protect Americans from government spying! Russia DID IT! Thanks FBI DOJ you are heroes oh my Trayvon, Michael, Eric, Justine Diamond who’s she nothing to see here - George Floyd! Burn it down! Hey, look, free tv’s at Target, burn it down, BLM, Defund the Police!

DId I miss anything, other than what cause and politicians were Harvey Weinstein supporting politically with millions of dollars as cover for his perversion, who was Jeffery Epstein blackmailing or enabling before he did not commit suicide and which countries is the OMB trying to get the US the hell out of and which one is he putting first and just who on earth has any interest in opposing all of that and would gladly see the US self destruct rather than lose wealth, power or access too it, other than elected democrats who illegally spied on their political opponents, the guilty co-conspirators in the FBI - DOJ - CIA - State Department - Military Intelligence, China, most of the elite leadership and professoriate at US universities, lawyers, immigrant and refugee related businesses, drug cartels, lobbyists, consultants, anarchists and assorted anti-American ideologues.

Yes, our poor 25 year old girl is definitely a victim. Life is hard, it is harder when you are stupid.

The poor bastard from Minneapolis was killed by Fentynol, obesity, heart disease and police misconduct in a city run by the same party as all those Michigan Congressman and State Governors I named. If little Miss Do Gooder is too stupid to follow Barack’s advice from a couple of days ago and recognize that she has to vote those corrupt and oppressive democrats out of office to affect change then she is going to deserve a lifetime of Democratic-Socialist Injustice good and hard.

All that burning and looting is just tuition in the course of political corruption and oppression found in the Democraticly led cities, see Detroit ’68 - present, Baltimore as called out by the OMB and NYC thank you Mayor de Blasio. I hope she doesn’t have to repeat the course.

Eric Newhill

She's 28. Both her parents are white collar professionals. Based on what I know about the parents, she grew up in a household making $200K + a year. She makes $90K + a performance bonus, so around $100K/yr. Her husband is reasonably well employed also.

Oh the suffering she must be experiencing!

Eric Newhill

"The poor bastard from Minneapolis was killed by Fentynol, obesity, heart disease and police misconduct in a city run by the same party as all those Michigan Congressman and State Governors I named"

He also had contracted the covid virus according to the autopsy reports I've read. I know covid was so long ago that it's hard to recall much about it, but I think it caused respiratory distress. I think the defense team is going to have a field day with this case. Unless of course the defendants are railroaded for political reasons. Would that be injustice too. Feeling confused. I need righteous champions of the oppressed people, like Babak, to tell me how to think about this.

Babak Makkinejad


You did not address yourself to the responsibility of the previous generations.

If I understand you correctly, you are channeling John Adams:

“A boy of 15 who is not a democrat is good for nothing, and he is no better who is a democrat at 20.”

In my opinion, both Democrats ad Republican shipped jobs outside of the United States to feed the Dragon.

In fact, for 20 years or more, US government agencies were directed in helping Chinese government agencies becoming more organized. Under both Republican and Democratic administrations.

Both parties have pursued the defeat and destruction of the enemies of Israel in the Middle East in the last 20 years at great costs to the United States.

And now you and Eric Newhill have found religion and the culprit - "The Democrats" or the "Liberals" or the "Globalists".

And you are picking on a pretty little thing to boot.



No, you don't understand me at all

"In my opinion, both Democrats ad Republican shipped jobs outside of the United States" yes, I agree they both did. Neither party resembles the ones the signer of the Alien and Sedition Acts nor even their party's of the 1950s. "you are picking on a pretty little thing to boot" You are picking nits.

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