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29 May 2020


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Ahh, this might explain the Black Lives Matter PSYOPS: wall to wall dishonest coverage of isolated insignificant local crimes that has riled up the black community into riots. It is frightening how easily people can be manipulated.

Regarding Obamagate, nothing will come of it. Obama is untouchable due to ironically his race.

Karon Hudson

Here’s what we do because it is the only way to allow the good, decent black people to regain control. The biggest problem is that now we have all races benefitting from the excitement and looting. Wow, let’s get us some free stuff at any expense
Load up all of The Police Departments, Fire Departments, EMT’s and all First Responders and get them the hell out of town. Then let’s see what these morons do without any assistance from anyone because at such e point someone is going to need help of some kind.

Want to see how fast people run when the National Guard and Private Contractors show up? We can hope BLACKWATER shows up!
Love to see how fast your felony flyers really work...




"PSYOPS." There has been plenty of co-ordination going on. You left out Antifa, where have they been until yesterday, who is funding them? It sure looks like a lot of coordination has been going on. How helpful is it that masks are mandatory in states and cities where the riots are happening? Prisons in a number of places emptied too; and lock downs continued to maximize discontent across all parts of the population. I'm sure there is a long and well connected string of electronic communications among different leaders of the 'spontaneous' riots. It will be interesting to see FB, Twitter and the rest claim they can't release any information about rioters due to privacy concerns. As to the world's best known community organizer, Obama may be untouchable; the people below him certainly aren't. Lots of them should be getting indicted right about now. Convenient that the event in Minneapolis has sparked a Maidan Square style event with planetary news coverage. Convenient.

Babak makkinejad

Karon Hudson

That was the argument of Doctors of Religious Sciences of Islam, endorsing Tyranny out of fear of Anarchy.

Diana Croissant

I know few details in regard to the workings of D.C.

But it's clear to me that two people who were considered Saul Alinsky's best students, i.e., best "radicals," have been intimately involved in this entire episode.

The riots after the '68 Democratic Convention in Chicago are continuing still.

We who were idealistic students, those who love the Declaration of Indepence and the Constitution and the ideals they express grow older and sadder every day.

Mathias Alexander

"conspiracy theory" the words which nullify all arguments and evidence.


OK so Seth Rich leaked the Dem Party emails, and was then murdered by a Democratic Party operative? Do any of those critters look competent and/or brave enough to commit an unsolvable murder? Most of them seem unable to arrange a drinking game at a brewery.

SO who is the secret party who took out Seth Rich? We have an idea of on whose behalf and the motive, we don't know who arranged it nor who the hired gun was. I mean, lying under oath before congress is one thing, but actual murder of a citizen? These are dangerous and ruthless people who consider anyone in the way to be a bug, to be squashed. Rich's family is sensible to be quiet.

Marc b.

Excellent report anon, though I must not be tuned in to the cues that set off the racist non sequiturs.

I don’t know enough about Butowsky to support his award of a Purple Heart however. This whole affair smells of late stage empire rat f*cking.

David Habakkuk


An excellent piece. However, I do think that just a a ‘Purple Heart’ would be a bit mean.

For years now, Butowsky and a small band of associates – in particular Ty Clevenger – have ‘faced off’ against the accumulated forces of a deeply corrupt law enforcement/intelligence bureaucracy, and an MSM that would make Stalin green with envy. Surely they deserve something more?

(You don’t, incidentally, need the threat of being sent to a ‘gulag’ to get most journalists, on both sides of the Atlantic, to parrot the ‘general line’ set by the ‘organs.’ However, control of the judiciary remains imperfect, and not all judges can be relied upon to behave like Emmet Sullivan, on both sides of the Atlantic.)

An extraordinary aspect of the situation, to my mind, is the way that even among those who are determined to see the fraud exposed, with of course conspicuous exceptions, like the invaluable ‘updates’ from Larry Johnson here on SST and the work of Joe Lauria and his colleagues at ‘Consortium News’, more attention has not been focused on the cases involving Butowsky.

Given that a steadily increasing body of evidence strongly suggests that the need to cover up the fact that the materials from the DNC published by ‘WikiLeaks’ had been leaked by Seth Rich was central alike to the disinformation disseminated by ‘CrowdStrike’and the former GCHQ person Matt Tait, and the dossier attributed to Steele, this seems unfortunate.

If one wants to keep ‘up to speed’, it is also I think very well worth signing up for ‘alerts’ at Clevenger’s ‘Lawflog’ site, and also following him on ‘twitter.’

Much to my surprise, what seems to be one of the most important documents in the court cases, the letter on ‘Outstanding Discovery’ sent on 27 March by Eden P. Quainton, who is acting for Butowsky in the case brought against him by Seth Rich’s brother Aaron, to the judge in the case, was only mentioned in a ‘tweet’ by Clevenger on 28 April.

He linked to the upload on ‘Lawflog’, but to my surprise did not post on it, so it is not so remarkable that nobody seems to have written about it.

(See http://lawflog.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/2020.04.28-Eden-letter-to-court.pdf .)

Unlike the cases Butowky has brought against David Folkenflik et al, Michael Gottlieb et al, and Douglas Wigdor et al, materials from the case brought by Aaron Rich do not appear to have surfaced on the invaluable ‘Courtlistener’ site. But this case is quite as interesting as the others, not least because the onus of proof lies on the plaintiff, which in this case means Seth’s brother.

So in setting out the list of items he is looking for in the crucial ‘discovery’ process, Quainton writes:

‘In reviewing this list, Defendants believe it would be helpful to keep in mind the core issues on which Aaron Rich (“Aaron” or “Plaintiff”) bears the burden of proof. First, Aaron must establish that it would be false to state or suggest that Aaron (I) participated in leaking emails to Wikileaks, (2) received funds in exchange for leaking or participating in leaking emails to Wikileaks, (3) interfered with “investigations,” ( 4) “knew the hit was coming” and/or warned Seth that he was in danger and (5) engaged in an altercation with Donna Brazile before Seth Rich’s murder.’

There is a lot else in the document that gives pointers to what Butowsky and his lawyers think happened, and what they are targeting with their discovery requests.

Another key point which has emerged is that the evidence has by now clearly established that, in dealing with a significant number of key people in the intelligence/law enforcement/foreign affairs apparatus, on both sides of the Atlantic, the only rational way of approaching the ‘evidence’ they produce is to treat them as one would a gang of juvenile deliquents.

It is simply ludicrous, as the Horowitz Report did, on the one hand to suggest that Stephen Somma was a key figure in the FBI’s driving a ‘cart and horse’ through proper FISA proceedings, and on the other, that claims made by him and his colleagues about what Christopher Steele’s supposed ‘Primary Sub-source’ told them can be regarded as reliable.

An obvious possibility is that, as delinquents often do when things go wrong, key people were already already making contingency plans to ensure that one of their number could be used as ‘patsy’, or ‘fall guy.’

But most commentators, not simply in the MSM, continue to ignore the problem. So, in a piece just published headlined ‘Declassified transcripts add to evidence that FBI had no legal basis to interview Michael Flynn’, John Solomon writes as follows:

‘The entire ordeal led one FBI senior executive, William Priestap, to write in his handwritten notes that he feared the bureau was “playing games” with the Flynn interview and may have been trying to catch Flynn in a lie “so we can prosecute him and get him fired.”’

(See https://justthenews.com/accountability/russia-and-ukraine-scandals/declassified-transcripts-add-evidence-fbi-had-no-legal .)

This looks like a direct rerun of what Solomon did in his August 2018 piece headlined ‘The handwritten notes exposing what Fusion GPS told DOJ about Trump.’ In that case, the ‘handwritten notes’ were those of Bruce Ohr.

(See https://thehill.com/hilltv/rising/401185-the-handwritten-notes-exposing-what-fusion-gps-told-doj-about-trump .)

Has it not occurred to Solomon that ‘handwritten notes’ should be treated with the greatest of suspicion? In the case of Ohr, certainly, and very likely in that of Priestap, it is surely appropriate to consider two possibilities: that the notes could have been written later, and postdated, and that their dating is authentic, but they were disingenuous attempts to secure ‘plausible deniability’ should that be needed.

In situations like this, the only way one has a reasonable chance at getting at the truth involves, among other things, closely studying the discrepancies between what the same people say at different times, and different people say at the same time.

In this connection, I find it almost beyond belief that there is no visible sign that anyone, on either side of the Atlantic, has made any effort to follow up the uploading by Chuck Ross on ‘Scribd’ on 29 April of the transcript of the cross-examination on 17-18 March of Steele by Hugh Tomlinson QC, on behalf of the Alfa Group owners.

(See https://www.scribd.com/document/458992503/Steele-deposition .)

From this, it is clear that the account given of his involvement in the dossier in his original witness statement, supplied to Alfa on 17 February, was very significantly changed in a fresh witness statement provided on 9 March, and then changed again in fresh statements on 15 and 16 March.

This, obviously, illustrates my point about the need to treat these people like juvenile deliquents. However, it would a likely source of enlightenment would be to look at the changes in Steele’s accounts, in conjunction with the claims made by people about whose involvement he is talking in their interviews with the House Intelligence Committee.

Another set of handwritten notes are here material: those which we learn from the transcript Steele submitted into evidence about his meeting with Michael Gaeta in London on 5 July. It is also material that one of his ‘stenographers’, Luke Harding, earlier suggested that Steele flew to see Gaeta in Rome in June.

My ‘SWAG’, for what little it is worth, is that on this point both accounts are part lies, part true: that there was an initial meeting in Rome in June, which both men now want to conceal from view, followed by one on 5 July in London.

As Steele now appears to be suggesting that he heard about the supposed cyber link between the Trump campaign and Alfa from Michael Sussmann at Perkins Coie on 29 July 2016, and intimating – although denying – that he also met Marc Elias on that occasion, there is an obvious need to put his different versions together with theirs.

According to Gaeta, the materials Steele gave him on 5 July were received at the New York FBI office (which happens to be where Somma was working) on 28 July. The meeting at the Mayflower Hotel between Steele and Bruce and Nellie Ohr was on 30 July.

This looks to me as though it could well have been a coordinated operation, in which material which people in the DOJ and FBI, together with their collaborators in Fusion and the DNC ‘apparat’, were involved in producing, was recycled through Rome and London so as to disguise its origin. An advantage of this strategy is that when things went wrong, Steele could be made the ‘patsy.’

Of course, I could be quite wrong. But, given the importance of the issues at stake, the complete lack of any apparent interest whatsoever in getting hold of Steele’s contradictory statements seems to me, frankly, mind-boggling. Is journalism a dead art?

Barbara Ann


"Do any of those critters look competent and/or brave enough to commit an unsolvable murder?"

I doubt Seth was murdered by a Dem party operative, the Clinton machine doubtless subcontracts its wetwork to professionals.

When the truth finally does out, it will be gratifying to see the wiki on his murder finally free of the part about "right-wing conspiracy theories".


Barbara Ann and divadab - maybe it's the same team who also took out Lt Quareles - https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2008/apr/19/key-witness-in-passport-fraud-case-fatally-shot/

Larry knows all about that investigation.


My bad, correct spelling is Lt. Quarles Harris Jr.

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