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05 May 2020


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"Such talk "
Triggered Bernie Bro James Hodgkisnon, who attempted to assasinate a couple dozen members of the House of Representatives, all Republicans.


Maher's hope was that the virus would be severe enough to cause a deep recession so Trump would not be reelected. He must hate his own country. I'd like to see a corona virus map compared to the 2016 county by county voting map, I think it would show that the "deplorables" aren't so dumb.

Charles Schulte

Just goes to show how idiotic the talking heads (A$$ES) have become. I hope they feel the same way as the DEEP STATE gets perp walked.


It’s difficult to tell with Maher whether it’s genuine or cynical....I used to watch his show on occasion and he was basically reasonable about trump until he was elected, at which point it’s almost like there was a psychotic break. I don’t think he lives in a world where it’s socially safe to show any support for trump.

Eric Newhill

These people just won't believe that anyone will actually do anything to stop them. They think that the world can be controlled with false memes and shaming. So they keep pushing.


Maher errs choosing the wrong party who refused to leave the White House, after getting thrown out.

Too bad we did not force out the retained Obama forces who zealously spent their post-election days since 2016 trying to force Trump out, who was its rightful resident..


Maher and Holder - just two more America haters - and Holder is a racist to boot.
The Democrat-media party has been anti-America for a long time and when Trump wouldn't play along, they became so enraged that they had to bust out of the closet.

Kevin McDevitt

There is no doubt that while Bill Maher is quite intelligent, he likes to stir chaos and misinformation, almost as much as our President does. I avoid watching any of these 'educated idiots' on either side. They do our Country a disservice by attempting to indoctrinate instead of educate.


Along these lines, I’m sincerely curious - how do mass protests by heavily armed citizens over the schedule for re-opening local businesses strike you?



Quite well. It is a demonstration to the governments that we are neither their possessions, nor their servants. And it worked quite well as usual.



It scared the hell out of Gretchen Whitmer and the lefty politicians I still know in Michigan. I think they were in denial about what is boiling down below the surface. The local pols are figuring that out too.


I think it’s misplaced, over-dramatic provocation, with a not-inconsiderable risk of something going tragically wrong. And the wrong tool for the job at hand. I read that the Mercers were the $ behind it, but that’s Fredom of Speech for hedge fund billionaires in our times. Btw, Happy Cinco de Mayo... time for one’s favorite Reposado!



The Carrier Roosevelt will be heading back out to sea in a couple weeks to do training and re-certify aircrews. The Carrier will be commanded by it's former CO Capt. Carlos Sardiello.

From what I can see, Crozier did it to himself with his outside of the chain of command emails, has pretty much toasted himself as far as any future advancements. The CJCS as well as the CNO were pissed they were blinsided the way Crozier did it.

I'm quite sure that the CCP and it's PLA won't be happy to see the Roosevelt back in action so quickly given the ship's circumstances.


You are a timid ally of big government who would have been happy to live under rule from Westminster.


Cartoonist Branco - gets the big picture is so few brush strokes:


Col Lang, No, I am not.
I simply do not find the circumstances (a health emergency) or grievance (criteria & schedule for re-opening businesses) merit the tactic of brandishing arms in state capitols.


I've been waiting for a long time for one of these morons to explain what they mean when they say, "Trump will just refuse to leave." By the way, I cannot fathom why anybody pays this guy (Maher). On the 4th of January, 2021, before the assembled joint Houses of Congress, the Vice President is required to open the envelopes containing each State's electoral votes and read aloud the votes. Trump will either have a majority or won't. If he doesn't, what's he going to do? I'm pretty sure U.S. Marshals will not follow the order of someone who did not receive a majority of electoral votes on January 4th, whether they like him or not. They will follow the orders of the person who did receive a majority of the votes (270+).



What would merit a demonstration under arms for you?


Every time I’ve heard Bill Mahr reference trump not leaving office he was referring to him losing the electoral college. He has never, that I have heard, suggested ousting the winner of the electoral college vote whether or not they lost the popular vote.
In this instance, and many like it, mahr is way off base - first, trump is as chicken shit as they come and will more than happily go to the rant fest talk show he undoubtedly had in mind when the electoral college handed him the first election. Second, the rule of law still matters enough that it’s hard to believe the law, which invalidates his powers on the proscribed date, would not be enforced.
Overall, the far more challenging discussion would be about the distortions of the democratic part of our rebublic, while generally brilliant in its founding in the structure of the constitution, denies the franchise and interest of an enormous percentage of the citizenry both in the conduct of elections and the corruption of government.

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