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02 May 2020


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So selling as much as we can and buying as little as we can get away with is a bad idea? What business model do you propose?


Guess who is pushing for meat being grown in a lab? The same individual who is behind the global digital ID, big buddy with and biggest sponsor of the current head of WHO, chief CCP cheerleader, promoter of and biggest funder of nanotechnology chipped pandemic vaccinations, global population reduction, and eugenics. You guessed right, Mr. Bill Gates.

Appears that Gates is averse to livestock flatulence. Guess he doesn't think his own farts don't stink.



I'm afraid it's too late to decouple from China economically, it could take decades. There are millions and millions of Americans living in poverty, Wal-Mart selling cheap Chinese goods is what make it more bearable. And the fiftht columists are the large coporations, not the agro-businesses, IHMO. China could choose to buy agriculture products from other countries.

There will not be war with China. It's like commiting suicide for the US to consider such option.

The areas where we can still win: science and technology, especially space. If an advesary is too tough, we can kill them with kindness (a cliche, but true). There is no need to gain an enemy as strong as China. Keep China as friend, or at least have a cordial relationship, so that we can have big influence in their culture and their economy. Use the same playbook that they have been using on us. What we (US) have been doing is driving China and Russia together to be a formidable superpower that we can never win against, economically or militarilly.



Yeah, Right

J The Australian government has released a phone app that does exactly what you describe. It is (I believe, heard it on the TV) that it is a licensed version of an app that was first developed in South Korea.

Last time I looked it had been downloaded onto more than 2,000,000 phones. I haven't done so, but then again I also refuse to have an account on Facebook. Still, there are at least 2 million Aussies who don't object, otherwise they wouldn't have downloaded it.



IMO, before we get to the Walton family, we need to get to the biggest traitors - all the private equity firms like Mitt Romney’s Bain, KKR, Cerberus, Citadel and the investment bankers from Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley who structured these financial engineering deals and all the Wall St insiders who ran economic policy in government from Bob Rubin to Larry Summers. These were the people who leveraged our companies, dismantled our factories, fired the working class and reaped the financial gains along with our political class from both parties. Yes, the Clinton and Bush families and pretty much the rest of them from both parties.

I have never seen another example in world history where the world’s dominant power voluntarily dismantled its productive capacity and shipped it to an enemy state. To the financial benefit of a small class at the apex of power. They and their paid minions in the media, academia and think tanks are all part of the fifth column that has made the United States dependent on the totalitarian Chinese communists.

As far as farming is concerned the notion of the family farm on the prairie is gone. These same forces that have destroyed our industrial base have consolidated the inputs to farms and the buyers of farm products into a few massive conglomerates who now dominate with absolute market concentration. Of course not only do they garner massive subsidies they too don’t care about the survival of our family farms. None have the national interest at heart. Their only concern is to make a quick buck for management and private equity folks on Wall St. I only have contempt for them!

Not only do we need decoupling from CCP but we also need a major realignment here at home where Main St is once again emphasized relative to Wall St. Where national interest merits a similar consideration to short term financial gain for the most powerful.

Yeah, Right

When it comes to "decoupling" from China, I think that 3M has it right: "3M’s manufacturing model emphasizes local for local, which means the majority of our products made in China are sold in China, for example. We continue to manufacture personal protective equipment in multiple areas around the world, including in the United States."

So while 3M is "big" in China they aren't "all-in" in China, and if there is a big market in the USA for 3M products (which, obviously, there is) then 3M keeps its manufacturing base *for* that market *in* that market.

Seems pretty sensible to me.

Maybe all the business schools should be highlighting 3M in their text books, rather than GE or Apple.



Check this chart of the Ratio of Total Net worth of the Top 1% by the Federal Reserve. This does not happen unless by regulatory capture. A competitive market economy does not see this kinda trend or percentages.


Now see the chart for the bottom 50% of Americans. Look at the actual percentage of Total Net Worth they own. Scraping the bottom of the barrel.


More regulatory measures gets the above two charts as the revolving door of capture ensures the symbiotic relationship between big business and big government. This is what oligarchy looks like. Well connected TBTF gets the bailouts while Main St gets opioids to numb the pain. And 80% of our pharmaceuticals are made in an enemy state.

Yet the majority of our fellow citizens keep falling for the bread and circuses and the faux contest that Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum put out.



you will know the answer when male fertility rates begin to drastically fall over the next 5 years.


Walrus have a listen to this https://www.microbe.tv/twiv/twiv-609/ from 11:50 to about 23:00. It is a discussion and interview with Susan Weiss who has been working on corona viruses for 40 years.

All re. the contact tracing apps. I think the UK app would probably be downloaded fairly widely, particularly if it is sold as being helpful in protecting the HCWs in the NHS who seem to have achieved hero status in the eyes of the British public. Sadly I do not think it will be all that helpful. The Chinese and S Korean apps do allow for tracing of where an individual has been in the past which makes them far more valuable. The reason lies in SARS-2's infectious period. Post infection the highest level of viral shedding comes a day or two before symptom onset to a few days after symptoms appear and the median time for symptom onset is about 5 days post infection (based on current evidence). Put these together and an infected person can infect you and you can be shedding, and infecting others, at the same time as they realise they may be have been infected. Using the China app they were able to discover that one infected individual had been on a bus 3 days earlier and work out who had been on that bus with them and exactly where each of them was sitting and then contact and isolate all the other passengers, and their close contacts, and kill that transmission chain. This may be too intrusive to sell in the west but the same was done in S Korea. In the S Korean case, after SARS-1, they passed emergency powers legislation giving the government the ability to do the same, in the event of a recurrence, it also allows them to look at where they used their credit card so they could find others who also used a card at the same time and place. The S Korean population seemed OK with this if the powers were only invoked in an emergency. This is why S Korea and China are the only countries so far to have had a wave and then reverted to social distancing and still contain spread.



Technology to ensure our health, not to assist the police state. I'm sure it will only ever be used by companies as required by law, until the law changes, and by the government - for our own safety, not its continuation in power.

"We're all in this together" is the national corporate slogan here. All they left out was "comrades!" I won't bother to ask how you ensure everyone carries their electronics with them at all times or how you get it into the hands of the "undocumented" millions illegally in the US.

The Twisted Genius


One of the graphs Eric and I were throwing at each other does just what you ask. It compares covid-19 deaths to other causes. The covid-19 figures only cover two months or so. A similar graph done at the end of the year will tell a more complete story.


Heart disease and cancer will remain the big, constant killers. You can see the differentiation between flu and flu and pneumonia deaths. What this doesn't show is how many flue deaths and covid-19 deaths had coincidental heart and lung diseases or just being excessively old. Seems to be cytocline storms, blood clots and direct heart tissue damage are directly caused by the covid-19 virus. I haven't heard of the flu causing any of these.

Another point on the number of flu deaths is that the numbers bandied about in an attempt to diminish the covid-19 numbers are not actual counted numbers. They are algorithmic estimates.

"The 25,000 to 69,000 numbers that Trump cited do not represent counted flu deaths per year; they are estimates that the CDC produces by multiplying the number of flu death counts reported by various coefficients produced through complicated algorithms. . . .
In the last six flu seasons, the CDC’s reported number of actual confirmed flu deaths — that is, counting flu deaths the way we are currently counting deaths from the coronavirus — has ranged from 3,448 to 15,620, . . . far lower than the numbers commonly repeated by public officials and even public health experts. . . . In the fine print, the CDC’s flu numbers also include pneumonia deaths."


Eric Newhill

What is an "emergency"? - anything the powers that be define as such. You know there's always a virus out there. If only one person is at risk, then we need to turn on the ap because "We're all in this together, comrades".

Are you really advocating for Americans to be tracked? Are you really that afraid - and naive?

I'll be g*d d***ed if I'm going to carry such an ap. I don't even own a "smart" phone (I use a primitive flip phone). What would you recommend be done to people like me? Be placed on house arrest? Be declared enemies of the security of the people?

The Twisted Genius


If China is an enemy bent on our destruction, I see no logical reason to sell them anything they need to strengthen the CCP. Isn't that just aiding their efforts to destroy us? Isn't that akin to war profiteering? If OTOH China is just another competitor rather than a mortal enemy, then sell what you can for a profit while seeking economic advantage over this competitor and stop all the "we are at war" talk.

The Twisted Genius


I agree with you. The rich are sticking it to the poor and they are doing so with the help of the government. It's worse than a swamp. It's a cesspool. Neither the Democratic or Republican parties are going to change that willingly. Maybe our government should have "a preference for the poor." The rich have proven themselves more than capable of taking care of themselves. How to change the status quo without going through a revolution is the hard part.



The choice is not binary. Perhaps in lieu of shooting them we engage in the economic war that they've been waging against us for decades.

In reference to your graph from the New Atlantis you left out all of Eric's commentary on how it is misleading, such as using averages across the top to set a point of reference then use a differnt scale for all other data. The folks at that journal reminded of the old ad from childhood days. How many licks to get to the center of a tootsie pop? Three. Which is just how many degrees of seperation from that journal to Never Trumper Paul Ryan.
"“The Ethics and Public Policy Center is a wonderful resource for creative and savvy policy proposals that are faithful to America’s founding principles. I regularly draw on the broad-ranging expertise of EPPC scholars.” Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House"
Paul Ryan was forced out of office because he couldn't win reelection due to his policy positions left office to spend more time with his family. What a great role model.

Mark Logan

The Guardian cites unnamed sources within the intell community callng the 15 page dossier reputedly from Five Eyes fake.


About the only clear information is that Five Eyes doesn't want to get dragged into this. Hard to blame them.

Yeah, Right

Looks like the Oz intel community doesn't take kindly to being verballed:

I am now firmly of the opinion that this report was written by a junior assistant nobody in the office of one Pompeo, Mike.

His "source" was Mr Google, and the document he drafted was created entirely so that Fat Mike could leak it to the Moonies and The Dirty Digger.

On that last point, a question: if a document is created for the purpose of "leaking" it to selected journalists then is it actually correct to call it a "leaked document"?

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