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17 May 2020


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Of course much is motivated, in the US, by the desire to crush the economy and thus win the election but there is a similar phenomenon in Britain. People who obsessed about Brexit, and sought to reverse it, have become similarly obsessed by this nasty flu, perhaps there is a deep need being expressed.

“When men choose not to believe in God, they do not thereafter believe in nothing, they then become capable of believing in anything.”


In Australia's case you should be fine as you have a good level of testing and very few new cases. In the UK and US we have lots of circulating virus and fewer tests per head so any increase in contacts will increase the rate of spread, also in both cases the numbers of currently infected is still continuing to increase. While the distribution of cases in changing the total numbers are still on the rise.


More than 90% of the population is still immunologically naive. As a mutation is usually a disadvantage for the pathogen in this situation (Hint: a wildtype is a wildtype for a reasone :-)), why would one expect a new more virulent strain?
Posted by: Ulenspiegel | 17 May 2020 at 02:32 PM

Not sure, but why not. The pathogen wants to spread and find more nurishment to survive, while doing nothing really roductive. Like Eric's musician friends?

Can we compare it to a meme that gets stronger the more well established it becomes. Let's say vs a new meme?


In my area of South W Florida restaurants go to 50% capacity today. Restaurant owners have two big complaints:

employees that won't come back to work as they are now making
more money by being unemployed

food delivery companies are price gouging them - a really low
blow for owners right now

It almost feels normal here now.



"employees that won't come back to work as they are now making more money by being unemployed"
Really, do you have some actual data to back that up as the Florida UI website is still half a million applications behind, many have been denied coverage, and if a business reopens and employees refuse to return to work it is a voluntary quit, which negates eligability for unemployement payments.

"food delivery companies are price gouging them" Which ones are doing that?


Origins of this "social distancing" craze and mandate traced back to a teen-ager's hypothetical science project in 2006 and a boost from the movie "Contagion". https://www.aier.org/article/the-2006-origins-of-the-lockdown-idea/

This is the "science" supporting this total breakdown of our economy and our country - which exposed a far more dangerous disease - a wholesale willingness to obey "experts", and reject the critical maxim: Trust, but verify.

Tell me Dr Fauci, have you ever tested this teenager's science project speculation about "social distancing" as an effective disease control measure, before you inflicted in on 300 million people in the US?

If there is any hope for America, looks like we will need to get another high school student to win a science far project debunking social distancing. Was not that one of Alexandra Ocasio Cortez's stellar accomplishments - a high school science fair winner.

But what do I know. I only got a third place ribbon for my forestry class leaf collection at my high school science fair. Though my biology class project finding "A leopard frog's spots are its fingerprints" did get recognition by our local university. I guess I am now well on my way to setting national policy.

Terence Gore


Surprising to me is that Bill Gates feels by improving the health of the developing 3rd world will decrease population growth in the countries as their will be less need for the parents to have extra children.

Video goes into plan for world mass vaccinations and biometric digital id that will go with it.

anti gates tone but good explanation of what is developing


deaths/population X 100 = % deaths in population.



That is a different statistic. On that basis you would have .02% death rate from COVID-19 in Alexandria Virginia as of yestiddy.

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