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30 May 2020


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I am also interested in who is financing this. If the rioters are getting fed, housed and transported by local people the costs to run this operation may not be high.

But I think what is more important may be the impressive speed and very effective organizing skills the rioters have shown in getting multiple cities in chaos so quickly. When you can get rioting going in places as small and isolated as Fargo, you know what you are doing.

Where did that expertise come from? How did they recruit people to commit crimes such as arson which carries stiff prison sentences? Are they all extremists or are there some normal people who are so disgusted they are turning to violence?

I also worry that this is just the start of a period of social unrest. If the young people are finally reaching a point that they are going to start fighting back against the high degree of inequality and difficulties they face, who knows what may happen next.


The White House says Trump is not going to address the nation today. He is dodging his responsibility to provide moral leadership. He is setting a bad example to the protestors and looters. Most of them can be reached and many of them long to hear from a president who cares about them and understands the difficulties of their lives.

The rioters are a harder nut to crack. Some of them can't be reached, they have their own ideas and agendas that aren't easily changed.

Is there another Republican who could reach the hearts and minds of these people and the rest of the American people today? If there is, I wish they'd speak up.


A survey yesterday of arrest records in Minneapolis revealed that nearly 90% of those arrested were locals. This caused some back peddling among pols and leftists who'd tried to pin it on white supremacists and even Russians (promoted by the NYT of course!!!). As well, leftists now claim it refutes the idea that Antifa was inciting the riots. But IMO it doesn't necessarily disprove out-of-town organizers being on the scene: it's possible they may be well-practiced in avoiding arrest, and are functioning more as commanders.



I'm 39. I see it clear as day. My question (rhetorical for the most part) was to suggest that Antifa is without a doubt a useful political tool for the Democrat party all the way up to the top of the chain. It's not just the fringes of the Left. Keith Ellison, Minnesota AG, is a sympathizer, and his son, a city council member in Minneapolis, just openly tweeted his support and allegiance to Antifa.

As for me, I am applying for an age-waiver officer commission in the United States Army. I am still very, very physically fit refuse to sit helplessly by while the country that my grandfathers suffered to preserve and build is rent asunder. I have a 3-yr-old son and I will do everything in my ability to prevent his having to grow up in a world of the Left's vision. I may well lose old and dear friends over this decision, but I don't care. As much as I love them, I can make new friends. I can't find a better country in which to live, and nor do I wish to do so.

Keith Harbaugh

Boots wrote:

"I would bet Soros funds mostly abroad, not domestically."

Depends on what counts as "most".

For Soros's very extensive meddling in local elections in Virginia, see, e.g.:




It is definitely worth noting that the Soros-backed candidates uniformly backed decriminalization of marijuana usage (because such prosecutions "disproportionately affect minority communities") and the fashionable liberal cause of "criminal justice reform".

As a side note, I would note the overwhelming-Jewish percentage of those promoting the usage of illegal and harm-causing drugs.

E.g. Adam Eidinger and Adam Ebbin.


Col. Lang, Two reports here of the composition of the rioters/protesters. Both support your view that this is organised mayhem - domestic terrorism. First report was an unscripted interview on Australian ABC of a an Australian reporter (fairfax press) in Washington. She said there was a group she saw mixed in with the protesters whose objective was to inflame and instigate and encourage riot and looting. They were often at odds with non violent protesters.

Second report, third hand via police here that an american colleague had advice that “protesters/rioters fell into three groups; genuine SJW peaceniks, organised riot instigators and opportunists who just wanted to steal stuff.

This IS organised and it has to be stopped and the perps and their masters detected and dealt with.

.........Before the White population has had enough and fixes the problem themselves.



"Before the White population has had enough and fixes the problem themselves"

You mean they are going to stop voting for democratic politicians? It is democratic elected officials who declared shutdowns, drove millions into unemployement, forbade christian churches to hold religious services, ordered police to fine and/or arrest small business owners who attempted to run their shops. It is they who allowed the rioters to take control of cities and burn businesses - mostly small business - to the ground. Democratic politicians did that.

Mark K Logan


The majority of the protesters are white. About half female, nearly all young.

The Seattle police report the groups during the day are protesters but come nightfall opportunistic vandals and looters begin to predominate. The media caught significant footage. The opportunists seem clearly divided. The looters are young adults wearing face covering and variously dressed. Kids looking to get stuff. The vandals are of two types, graffiti sprayers who look like the looters and several black-clad and gas-masked young men in black with hammers and such randomly breaking things. The police are very interested in nabbing a few of the latter type.

If they keep coming out it won't be long before more information is available on those boys.


They have been planning and organizing for at least the last 4 years. There are government programs that have been subverted to support ANTIFA. Listen to how they try to frame the narrative. This has all been planned and coordinated on a national level.

Mark K Logan


As a follow up to my previous post, it appears the protesters grabbed one of these black-clad guys and handed him over to the police themselves.


Yeah, Right

Mark K Logan, pretty sure that the "protester" who was first to tackle the vandal is an undercover cop.

Note the yellow tags on his bag? I would bet good money that was the Undercover Cop Tag Of The Day, which is why the other three "protesters" knew to pile in the instant the tackle was applied.

Notice also how the cop asks a quick question once the handover is affected, gets an affirmative answer from the guy with the yellow tag, and then both are instantly satisfied.

Slick work - don't get me wrong, very slick work indeed - but it was the slick work of law enforcement, it was not a "citizen's arrest".


Yeah, Right,

A police officer arrest a rioter, how dare they! Or, a citizen of the US stopped a vandal and the cops didn't let the looter go and arrest the "protester". How dare they!

Meanwhile in the peaceful, well run, democratic stronghold of Chicago:
Twenty One dead
Eighty Two wounded
Four run over by cars
One drowned
Three stabbed

138 police officers injured
Democratic Mayor Lightfood is doing a heck of a job.

Name Withheld

Looking over my last comment (May 30 11:06 pm) and after two more days of riots, and having watched more footage, I want to retract my attitude of familiarity—as if I would know about their money situation.
Still: their ethos is *mostly* D-I-Y, self-funding, probably fraud and stuff...FAFSA (student aid)...selling pot+ (at least in the past)...working at nonprofits...
Tend to be vegan. Sometimes not though.
Alf, Elf, Black Bloc/Antifa... very similar viewpoints to the point that they may share members/actors in common.
They produce a whole gamut of literature...
Culty, kinda racist (blood-thirstingly anti-bourgeoise), paranoid, and virtue-signaling.

Self-selected vanguard of “the heart armed”
and other phrases translated from French.
Guillotine-enthusiasts. I guess something-wrong-in-the-head guys and the gals who love them.

Mark K Logan

Yeah, Right,

Don't think so myself. For me it's not difficult to imagine a great many of the people in the crowd being there for the stated reason for protest, believing in it whether or not I or anyone else might believe it to be stupid, nor to imagine ordinary young men acting in that way towards that man in black.

Yeah, Right

What's your point, Fred?

At no stage did I suggest that it is an outrageous suggestion that someone committing a crime should be taken into custody.

I said what I said i.e. it looks to me that the man who tackled that vandal was an undercover cop, not a protestor.

So why don't you ascribe your own arguments to yourself, and I'll do the same, and that way we will both be much better off.

Yeah, Right

Mark K Logan, it's possible that these were legitimate protesters who had simply had enough of vandalism. Of course it is.

But it was you who argued that "The police are very interested in nabbing a few of the latter type", and I take it that nobody here believes that the police *don't* have undercover cops in amongst these protests.

So it seems to me that the most likely explanation for that video is that it represents one occasion when the undercover cops spotted one who was foolish enough to isolate himself from any help, and so they nabbed him.


Yeah right,

Ok, upon reflectin, I interpret your first comment as a signal to those rioting that they can identify potential police by color narkings or tags on their gear and clothig. Actual police infiltrating a group so they can arrest a single rioter in a city full of them rather than arresting the whole group earlier in the day makes zero sense to me. It is also apparent that the mayoral leadership is both incompetent and abetting the rioters. Your English has improved significantly in just a few weeks too.

Mark K Logan

Yeah, Right.

That comment of mine was relating a 1st hand account from a Seattle PD officer, the incident in the video was from DC. Different dept.

"THE police" is how the media always refer to them, but it's even more misleading as "THE Ho Chi Minh trail" was. There were thousands of trails, and there are thousands of individual police depts, each largely under the total control of their local politicians.

I regret somewhat my tone though. I find all this painful to witness and am a bit cranky.

I didn't think that guy was a UC cop for several reasons: He was near the front lines, likely to catch a rubber bullet if things went bad and only seeing what the police in the front lines could see anyway. His yelling of "KICK HIS ASS!" to the police, and it would be odd for a UC guy to risk his cover and his ass to take down one clown barely 20 feet from the uniformed cops. IMO that would only be likely if that clown had been trying to use his hammer on a person, not a sidewalk. Seemed far more likely to have been a response from a true-believer protester.

Yeah, Right

"Ok, upon reflectin, I interpret your first comment as a signal to those rioting that they can identify potential police by color narkings or tags on their gear and clothig."

Well, that would be a foolish interpretation.

There are going to be undercover cops in amongst that crowd.
There are going to be uniformed cops facing off against that crowd.

The latter are going to have to have some way of identifying the former, for obvious reasons.

And it is axiomatic that
A) it isn't going to be obvious and
B) it is going to change from day to day.

"Your English has improved significantly in just a few weeks too."

No, it hasn't. But thanks for confirming that your judgement on that matter is just as flawed as it is on other matters.

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