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30 May 2020


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I saw the outline of a cellphone is several of those pockets. Few under 40 seem to be able to part with theirs without going into withdrawal. Anyone with access to the cell network can ID every one of them to within a few yards in real time. A few hundred if they have their GPS function turned off...

It wouldn't be too hard to build a passive scanner net to do the same thing. Which begs the question: why aren't they? Or is this the "set the hook" stage?

The real pros will only have untraceable walkie-talkies though. Even then a grid of directional antennas would be able to help you match surveillance camera footage to recorded transmissions...

Yeah, Right

If you don't know the identity of those who are training, supplying and supporting these anarchist cadres then that speaks volumes.

After all, if it really is an "outside" organization then the US Intelligence Community would be aware of its existence, and would have spared no effort in thoroughly infiltrating it. Inside out and top to bottom.

So if the US IC claims not to know the identity of that "outside" organization then that simply isn't credible, and the only credible explanation is that there isn't an "outside" organization standing behind all this at all.

Terence Gore


rioter take weapon fron police car. Well trained individual moving quickly takes weapon away.

John Credulous


From the authorities:

From OSF:

  • Purvi Shah is co-founder of Law4BlackLives, a network of over 2,000 lawyers, law students and legal workers of color dedicated to building the Black Lives Matter movement.

This is a fake:


  • Led largely by young black women and men, black immigrants, and queer people of color, the Movement for Black Lives has forged a new national conversation about the intractable legacy of racism, state violence, and state neglect of black communities in the United States... (et cetera)

Here's why:

  • These social transformations are reflected in the political outlook of the Black Lives Matter movement, which is devoid of any genuine element of social protest or democratic struggle. The agenda of these organizations, as underscored by the support of groups like the Ford Foundation, has nothing to do with the real social and economic grievances of millions of workers and young people of any race or ethnicity. They speak for highly privileged sections of the middle class who are fighting over the distribution of wealth within the top 10 percent of the population.
Name Withheld

I’d want to see the evidence for funding other than self-funding. Maybe there is a protest-travel nonprofit org which funds travel for peaceful activists. It’s a mix of people but the are into forming clubs. Real social. Used to be called “Black Bloc,” a subset of the otherwise peaceful, idealistic anarchist culture. An unhealthy subset. Unreasonable. Not a lot of fun. Paranoid.

Maybe they are not the same as “Black Bloc” but—“Black Bloc” is just a tactic as Antifa is a tactic.
I never hear of black bloc anymore—it’s all “Antifa” now. So I figure they just rebranded so’s to have a name which said “we are against fascism, just like our noble brethren who fight the neonazis in Germany (German Antifa) and that horrid afd” instead of “we are psychos.”
I met a lot of people in Oakland who could have been in Antifa. Other anarchists sometimes blend over when in demonstrations... depending on the cause...
I went to the west coast anarchist convention once in coos bay Oregon.

Article looks interesting.

John Credulous


  • "Learning carries within itself certain dangers because out of necessity one has to learn from one's enemies. - Leon Trotsky"

A brief history of provocations:

  • "Dmitry Grigoriyevich Bogrov ... was the assassin of the Russian Minister Of The Interior Pyotr Stolypin. ... Bogrov, while simultaneously acting as an anarchist revolutionary, had been an agent of the Okhrana secret police since 1906, informing on the activities of Socialist Revolutionaries, Social Democrats and anarchists."

More Fake News:

  • "Authored by Times reporter Farah Stockman, the article consists not only of breathless accounts of gratuitous acts of violence by these elements and extended quotes from individuals claiming to represent their politics, but also multiple links to anarchist and black bloc websites and twitter feeds, helpfully provided for any reader who might want to get involved." ... There has been a long experience with the violence of the so-called “black bloc,” anarchist and ANTIFA protesters, not only in the United States, but in Europe and around the world. The politics of these movements are thoroughly reactionary, based upon a visceral hostility to any struggle to mobilize the working class and youth in an independent political struggle... The challenge confronting those seeking to carry out genuine political actions in opposition to the government and the capitalist system it defends is to identify these provocateurs before they can do their dirty work and throw them out.

    The Times, however, seems determined to see them get in. The article includes the following: “The question now is whether anarchists' efforts against Mr. Trump—whether merely colorful and spirited, or lawless and potentially lethal—will earn their fringe movement a bigger presence in the battle of ideas in years to come.”


Piotr Skuratowicz

Trump doesn't have the balls to follow the shekels.


After the London riots they carefully went through cctv footage, social media arrested large numbers and gave out heavy sentences.

Soros operates beyond the law in the West.

"And I will set the Egyptians against the Egyptians: and they shall fight every one against his brother, and every one against his neighbour; city against city, and kingdom against kingdom."

Eric Newhill

Well, if anything, recent events should illustrate why a civilian might need a scary looking rifle with high capacity magazines.

So they can scoop up General Flynn's convos, but they have no idea who is behind the riots? Yeah sure.



I watched a lot of the action last night. New York, Washington, etc. With Logan's list of characteristics in mind it was not difficult to spot the antifa people. Back packs in the middle of the night. Heavy phone use among the same people. The same people often using bicycles to get around. A few of them had umbrellas. On occasion one would open his umbrella and hold it up. IMO that is a leader identifying himself as a rally point for those close enough to see. Occasionally several pack wearers would group together to watch the action. There were a few in black but most were not last night.



Those of you who actually believe that antifa cadres are government provocateurs are simply nuts. If that is what you think, please go away. I will eliminate your scribblings as fast I identify them and then go back and eliminate your previous screeds. I will not allow this space to be turned into a fantasy fest and fun for the feeble minded.



The local governments under attack say that a lot of the people they are arresting in the streets are from "out of state." I find it difficult to believe that some significant amount of money is not being provided to these anarchists to enable them to travel and live in the area under siege.

Barbara Ann

It was very kind of Mr Musk to reschedule the SpaceX launch so that Dragon's rendezvous with the ISS happens this afternoon.

Good morning and happy birthday Colonel.



This is not about George Floyd's demise, it's a carefully constructed op to destabilize U.S. society. Just is the MO of the George Soros Open Society that was used in Europe against Russian influence with the so-called orange revolutions. Soros is a Globalist (and self-admitted WWII Nazi collaborator) who hates Trump and his administration with a vengeance, and hates our U.S. for our freedoms even though in his late 80's he is enjoying those very freedoms that his Open Society Organization is trying to destabilize.

The Hungarian government would love to have Soros in their custody so they could try him for his crimes. Trump 'could' hand Soros over to the Hungarian Government through the U.S.'s Nazi-Collaborator Law that is in place, and there is not a thing that Hillary and Soros's buddies could do about it.

Eric Newhill

I can see Hollywood personalities as being a source of funding.

I see the failure to identify leadership networks and funding sources using best methods and sources as incompetence as opposed to governmental conspiracy. The groups need to be labeled as terrorists and then DHS should get busy.



Yes. Antifa should be declared a domestic terrorist group. That would open a lot of doors. just saw some film from Chicago in which the Antifa cadres fight the police face to face in the street. The technique is for women with hands up to stand in front of the masked male fighters whenever it looks like the police are going to whip their asses.

Danny Nicolas

Trump hinted that it was China providing the outside influence — when the media started to jump to their fall back screech of blaming russia
Trump said the media couldnt blame the real source because the media were beholden to them — China?


After Trump tweeted "MAGA night in the White House tonight" I thought that might mean a round-up of Antifa operatives nationwide. Not so, obviously. The NYC cops were pretty brutal last night from the videos I saw. I believe President Trump will let this go on a while longer thinking it's gaining him votes every day it lasts, this might be a mistake, I can see his base getting nervous that he hasn't done what they want him to do and is just waffling about.

The optimist in me says to end the virus lock down now and hope the economy comes back. The pessimist in me says that won't happen and the result will be massive unemployment with lots of folks booted out of their homes. Invest in RV manufacturers.

Where I live one bar has never closed, 4 bars have recently started running as speakeasys, and 4 more bars plan to open tomorrow as normal bars with lights on and music. I think the cops here will turn a blind eye. Currently, none are allowed to be open.


Antifa is a distraction. Their involvment in the festivities shouldn’t be a surprise to the authorities since it is the authorities who have given them cover.

Two nights ago during the riots, our local news aired Atlanta mayor's press conference. She spoke along with representatives from the "community": a rapper, a DJ, and an old black man. The mayor ranted and screeched about her black children and the dangers they faced and how she can't protect the protesters when they misbehave. The rapper spoke a dialect that was hard to understand, but he seemed to claim that Atlanta is a sanctuary to the black community. The DJ, heavy set and rather tall, wore a black shirt with the message "Kill your masters". The DJ emotionally stuttered about the epidemic of Blacks being murdered by the system, the police. Then, it was the turn of the old black man to come to the podium. He briefly spoke of his experience of the civil rights movement.

There was little talk of coming together. There was no talk of the law and the rule of law. It was raw political militancy: us and them, mobilize, our house, our black children, our black businesses. It was stunning.

Back in 2008, I supported Obama. I even gave money to his campaign. Why? Even a cold realist has delusional hopes. His election would prove to the black community that this country is a land of opportunity and is willing to change and address its problems. I hoped his presidency would undermine the race hustlers and victimhood pushers. My God was I wrong.

These riots tell me that the enemies of America know our achilles heel. They can manufacture riots and civil unrest with ease, and there is nothing we can do about.

John Credulous


To be clear: "Biden Must Win"

That is what this is all about.

Destabilize society, deligitimize the current government.
If the "authorities" appear or are in fact incompetent, then they have lost legitimacy, the mandate to lead.

Where are we right now: ambiguous Covid19 response, lock down, unemployment, hints of a darker economic future, warm weather and up coming election.

Covid19 blame game is played out, and not to Biden's advantage. Meme: Cuomo and Nursing homes.

Lock down, again, power mad Democrats, "Who. Know. Best." They pander to Karens and Snowflakes.

Unemployment, serious long term issue. Discretionary spending may decline due to concern for lack of future economic prospects. This does not help Trump.

Warm weather and election, IMO these riots "jumped the gun". They happened too soon. More effective in September. In May ? How can this escalate ? Assassinations ? Again, already, this is played out, and now the spin begins. And not to Biden's advantage.

Biden Must Win. Why ? Two words: "Seth" "Rich".

Out of desperation, these manipulators are trying to use the technology of Maidan internally. BIG mistake. They are sawing off the branch upon which they are sitting. Think "Tom Perez".

The Russians thoroughly summarize the political and digital technology involved:


  • The first step along the way to duping people is to convince them that the protest is peaceful and that the police are unfairly cruel. These two theses are repeated like a mantra by the leaders of the Hong Kong and Moscow protests. In parallel, backing up their words with sentimental staged photos. The weakest and most defenceless part of the population is suitable for these purposes: pregnant women, small children, disabled people who allegedly resist the “forces of the government” by themselves.

  • In Moscow the city authorities successfully stabilised the situation at the initial stage. But in Hong Kong, as was already noted, the leadership gradually made concessions, up to the implementation of the main demands. But today, this is not enough for the protesters. New demands about reforming the government and the electoral system, as well as the resignation of the authorities, are made.



Recommend getting a copy of the Steve Bannon documentary "Occupy Unmasked" to explore origins, funding and malicious intent of these "spontaneous" organized and disciplined astro-turf protest movements.

There is a common thread - to be forewarned is to be forearmed for the present one and the next ones. Bannon puts out a good video product, even though he always looks like an unmade bed.


Day 5 of coverage on https://unicornriot.ninja/live-channel/ begins with local black (55-year old) business owner's resentment at out-of-town insurrectionists, consistent with my earlier take, followed by (@9:00ish) local young black women who are giddy with the wildness of what's happening in their neighborhood.

Apparently I was wrong about locals or out of town insurrectos starting the property destruction. Undoubtedly they participated, but it appears that a local undercover police provocateur started the property destruction phase: https://twitter.com/dyllyp/status/1266107862918377472

That's pretty common in the US, and in color revolutions abroad.

I've never heard of Soros/OSI donating to parties in these sorts of actions in a way that is discoverable. Many anonymous donors are discoverable. Things are usually cash-poor at this stage anyway. No infrastructure for recieving funding. I would bet Soros mostly funds abroad, not domestically.

Consider these actions to be an overlapping of multiple tendencies:
* Local grief/anger/hope/nihilism
* Block party/rave of out-of-town nihilists
* Circus/frustration for bystanders and for police
* Opportunity for nonprofit sector and Dem persons to "build their brand" as part of their social climbing
* Marketing/sales opportunity for military/police equipment vendors

Here's a great thread on this "outside participants" phenomenon at Moon of Alabama: https://www.moonofalabama.org/2020/05/young-white-men-abuse-george-floyd-protests-for-violence-and-looting.html#more

MoA's coverage of Syria/Iraq/Af/Pak is politically similar to this blog, domestically they run to the left of this blog.

Mark Logan

I believe the primary reason is a growing feeling of desperation within urban young adults. The COVID lock-down has hit them very hard. There were demonstrations in Salt Lake City which has a tiny ethnic minority...but SLC, like most Western cities plagued with skyrocketing rents, has a fast-growing homeless problem. It's trouble looking for a place to happen, and the Floyd incident was but a spark. The general response is too far out of proportion with that incident to have been primary.

Is Antifa led this? They are there, no question. Time will tell if they have or are merely clowns trying to run to the front of a stampede. They can't be leaders for long without them becoming clearly identifiable.


Here in Germany, parts of the Social Democrat Party (SPD) and other parties of the left-wing spectrum (Greens, Left party) sympathise and collaborate with Antifa. "Anti-right-wing" projects and NGOs can obtain government funding even if they do not explicitly distance themselves from left-wing extremism. Enabling this was a change in government policy that the SPD pushed for some years ago. I suspect it is a major source of the funds that support Antifa activities here in Germany.

Here is an article from 2018 out of "Vorwärts", which is the SPD party newspaper:

"In the fight against the right wing, the SPD also needs the Antifa"

translated excerpt:

"Nobody wants an alliance with violent thugs, but especially because young people who are antifascist and antiracist activists in our country are often being criminalised, it is our damn mission to stay by their side. It is our mission to seek discussion and critical solidarity with them. (...) We are dependent on broad alliances in order to oppose right wing extremism and racism in a thorough manner."

Also note that the author of this article, Angela Marquardt, comes from a family whose members almost all worked for the East German STASI until 1989 and she had joined the successor party of the SED in the 1990s before she eventually ended up with the Social Democrats.


>What does this suggest to everyone?

That this is an attempt to stir up anti-white resentment among nonwhites, brainwashed white women in the suburbs, and the weak men (and/or poor cats) who have to live with them.

Over 65 and still can't see it? This is why you are handing off a smoldering wreck of an economic zone, when what you were handed decades ago was a strong, confident nation.

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