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30 May 2020


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Who would be responsible for investigating this "terrorism?"
The FBI?
Famous But Incompetent.



Oh yes, you are the guy who lives in some little hamlet in northern Vermont. Had a lot to do with the FBI up there? LYAO eh? The FBI is not inefficient. The FBI was corrupted at the top into a criminal conspiracy against Trump. Have you ever lived anywhere other than your little town?



Black Lives matter are also going to Minnesota to participate in the insurrection. Who pays for them?


Trump has tweeted, "tonight is MAGA at the White House". What the hell does that mean?



Thank you for posting the video. "Who is paying" is a very good question.

Joy Reid, hardly a Trump supporter, is shocked: "That Gov. Tim Walls, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter and now MN attorney general Keith Ellison" are all together saying outside influences are behind the violence and looting and general agitation. The police are also "contact tracing" those arrested. I think the thread is worth a read:



Diana Croissant

I soros (oops! meant "suppose") it might be the same group that organized the massive fundraising from out of the country to pay for Barry Soretoro's first run for the Presidency. No one seemed to care that such fundraising was illegal.

It really must be absolutely galling for our ex POTUS that the Weather Men got the forecast all wrong for election day when DJT was first put into office.

It's amazing how much money you can get for nihilistic mayhem making a group of young never-do-wells can get so they can travel and make mayhem.


Funding starts as self-funding or informally croudsourced from friends and relatives, develops into more formal croudsourcing, particularly of higher-profile (twitter etc) commentators and informal reporters, and sometimes of infrastructure (food, legal, etc.).

Finally, there sometimes becomes enough structure (not yet), that some big anonymous donors throw in. In New Orleans after Katrina, Michael Moore was a big anonymous donor. In Occupy Chicago, Lupe Fiasco was. Occupy Wall Street in NYC had probably $250,000 donated at its peak, because people throw money at stuff like that. None of it was earmarked by donors (beyond in-kind, ie warehouse space). It destroyed OWS because their decision structures weren't equipped to deal with that absurdly large sum of money.

Often the life cycle of protests after a televised police killing of a black person is that local youth come out and begin to self-organize. Some blow off steam, some debate. They develop self-organization and very astute but very local demands. Out of town insurrectionists (antifa, non-ideological nihilists, and right-wing insurrectionists) show up for the circus and are resented by some local factions. Finally, national nonprofits like Black Lives Matter and undefinable organizations like some of the Democratic Party's wings take "leadership," disempower the youth, who head home, and substitute their demands for those of the youth.

If these uprisings are remembered to have polititcal content, it is usually the messaging of the national orgs that gets remembered (eg. body cams after Ferguson).

Richard Engler

Shortly after the last presidential election I received an email asking me to join the resistance. To join, I was to put in my address and I would receive directions to connect with a local group. I remembered being impressed with the professional quality of the website and wondering who had paid for it and the staff needed to put together a nation wide organization. Someone had to have been working for some time to have a nationwide organization set and ready to go. Several weeks later I watched a group get together in a local park. The meeting was well organized and seemed to have a top down command structure already in place. Impressive.
Someone got caught on camera.


Soros's Open Society has the means, motive, and opportunity to train, equip, and finance such operations.

Mark Logan

The video Richard posted shows the guy in black with a good gas mask and oddly, considering it wasn't raining, an umbrella. That same ambient camera-foiling tactic is also in at least one video of Logan's collection if Antifa interviews, probably more. Haven't seen this tactic used by anyone else associated with these protests.

They may be self-equipped, trained and funded. Trying to sneak around in Antifa "uniform" is dumb.


Democrat controlled cities, counties & states must be totally paranoid & ill informed if they think by cracking down on ANTIFA all the whites are going to rush out & join the damn KKK.

Someone told me yesterday Mike Tyson tweeted, "If everytime a black killed a white whites rioted there wouldn't be any blacks left."
Supposedly he then deleted it.

Lara Logan's analysis is accurate imo, unfortunately she'll gain
little traction with the Dems who control most major cities.Apparently they'd rather see the entire county trashed than listen to this lady.

Terence Gore





Richard Engler

A video showing ANTFA using the umbrellas. They seem to be trying to control the narrative by putting their violence on nationalist or some “white” group. If you watch videos you’ll see them with their hammers in and black dress in the riots across the country.

Terence Gore


guy with hammer umbrella gas mask dressed in black breaking autozone shop windows, walks away when confronted


The wheel turns but institutional memories are short. Beginning in the 50's, building momentum through the 60's, blossoming in the 70's, and dwindling in the 80's, domestic violence was integral to American life. Malcolm X said the "violence is as American as apple pie. With the exception of some Cuban Nationalist groups and the Klan, it was almost exclusively left wing: FALN, Weathermen, Black Panthers, SLA, Black Liberation Army, bank robberies, Armored Truck robberies, bank bombings, campus bombings, landmark bombings, police assassinations.
The solution then, as now if there is the stomach and the will, is persistence: surveillance, undercover, informants, wires, bugs, searches, and arrests. For too many reasons to go into, but one of which is the Left's wholesale conquest of the Universities, when left wing violence has not been entirely removed from consideration, it is presented as either fully justified and excusable.
It appears that that is the attitude that predominates in Government over the past decade or so, acceleration in the era of Trump Hate.


Sir, in response to the question of who funds antifa, most people on my favorite anonymous message boards believe that George Soros is the key financier.

You may be aware that the riots seem to have been facilitated by pre-positioned equipment:


AG Barr has indicated that he is on the case:


Some recent topic threads have had titles like "If US Treasury Declared Antifa an International Terrorist Group, Then All It's Financiers (Soros) Would Be Targeted By All US Systems. Why hasn't that happened?"

Some anonymous commenters also accuse Soros of funding Black Lives Matter:


To the best of my knowledge, antifa are not considered domestic terrorists according to any official law, but some lawmakers have sought nonbinding resolutions that antifa are terrorists:


Unfortunately, many patriots who relied on Twitter to accuse antifa of crimes have had their Twitter accounts suspended. Example was the Tweet headlined "Source with whom I have great trust says MN AG Ellison is coordinating w/Antifa. This IS VERY disturbing after hearing his comments in today's Presser. Antifa has been bussed in & are paid! Truth":



Many of the key stories are being reported at


But I don't want to post dozens of links to that site because I might get automatically flagged as an undesirable contributor.

Incidentally, thank you for posting such high-quality articles. Recently your work has been linked at:


Master Slacker

Fred, these events are in reality a response to the burgeoning effects of the pandemic blossoming forth as a reason to remove all semblance of true individual privacy/identity.


We are seeing a set up for HRC to become the Democrat Presidential candidate and “save ‘ the country from Trump in my opinion. Biden can’t beat Trump because he appears weak and an indecisive bumbler. The country is going to call out for strong leadership and Trump wins in that dimension against sleepy Joe.

I wouldn’t put it past Joe to even voluntarily relinquish candidacy in favor of HRC. The Clintons must have enough dirt on Joe to sink a ship.

What happens then is what bureaucrats call “file stacking” - the Democrats will just list issues:You know, the wall, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Covid, lockdowns, recession, Minneapolis and just shrug their shoulders asking their audience if they want more of that?“ Very effective technique with sheep.


Knock me over with a feather, I'm having to self correct. Slowly
but surely some Democrat mayors are admitting "outside anarchists"
are behind much of the violence.

Ishmael Zechariah

What is the operational value of being easily identified to the cadres dressed in black? Could law enforcement extract some such during the riots, and follow it up with a legal interrogation? I guess those extracted could not get away stating just name rank and #.
Ishmael Zechariah


IZ They do not always do so. something of a uniform.


You have to watch this



Master Slacker,

The institutional left has been all in favor for such things for a long time. It surveilance technology, capitalists just sell it, various governments often mandate it. Interesting take on autonomous vehicles. There are almost enough electronic controls in vehicles now to shut them off remotely to keep "non-essential" people from violating those stay at home orders. I think that realization will give a number of people pause on buying them.



Gov. Walz and Mayor Frey seem to be blaming "white supremacists and cartels" along with "foreign actors". They appear to be going out of their way to deflect the blame from Antifa. This has been the standard play from city officials in Portland anytime there has been a dust-up there. Now being adopted elsewhere. What does this suggest to everyone?

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