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21 May 2020


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Babak makkinejad

Thank you Eric Newhill for responding.

Since the criterion is "blindness to reality", it follows that there is a Reality and there exist people who can percive it, evidently one such as yourself.

Which begs the question how you could be seeing the Reality and not, others, such as the Orthodox Jew who requires me to obtain sealed disposable plates in order to host him and his family for dinner.

Who is the Blind here and what is Reality?

Your references to Col. Lang etc., in my opinion, is an allusion to a concrete achievement of the Western Diocletian Civilization, viz. Freedom in its various manifestation, that it enables that 'spark' to exist.

That is indeed a unique achievement of that civilization that none other has yet been to reproduce, in my opinion.

However, there is no Justice nor any Justification to use the continued existence of the spark as a wedge against people with whose practices, however barbaric in your opinion they may appear, unless you be willi ng to go, conquer them, and rule over them; and over the centuries, beat some 'spark' into them. That is, you are advocating perpetual war against the other 7 billion people that inhabit this planet.

That is why it is an Injustice, not putting things in their proper place.

Babak makkinejad

Barbara Ann

So you are uncomfortable with answering with a simple yes or no.

All right.

US is fighting in 10 Muslim countries, her posture on the question of Palestine speaks for itself, and she has sunk $ 50 billion dollars in Syria to unseat a legitimate government.

An you are tellimg me you do not have enough information.


Eric Newhill,

As most infectious disease experts agreed about mask wearing:

“It’s going to cut down 95 percent of the breathing that sends the virus up to 6 feet away in a room"

Basically, you don't need to wear mask when you are in open space such as parks, or inside your car. But when other people is around nearby, wearing a mask is protecting others from you (if you have already infected and showing no symptom).

The main mode of COVID-19 transmission is through coughing, sneezing, and even the air that an infected person exhales.

Eric Newhill

You really don't understand, Imam. Perhaps in a few more lifetimes.


Babak, don't you mean Obama's government and activist friends sunk $50 billion dollars in an effort to unseat Assad? Trump has not carried out this overt or covert action.

We do change administrations and foreign policy depending on recent elections. There is no monarchy in the US that survives these shifting policy moves. Since Malaysia and Indonesia (etc) retain relatively good relations with the US, there is no "war on Islam" per se. Growing disinterest in intractable regional issues among who refuse to help themselves might be the better description.

Too bad in the past certain Islamist terrorists tried to make their problems, our problems in the US. It distorted the dialogue.



"De Blasio is giving NYC collectivism good and hard. It's killing jobs and futures faster than AOC. Has "For the sake of others" replaced "We're all in this together"? I would hate to be behind on party slogans."

I know. That's a bad way to get your message across: "We're all in this together". We are divided in this country. Not possible to be "together". However, we should appeal to the common decency in all citizens of this country.

It's an implicit agreement/deal between sane people, really. You'll scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours. You are protecting me and my elderly relatives by wearing mask, and I'll do the same for you. Simple. Not even remotely has anything to do with ideology, i.e. left vs right. Not at all.

Would you entertain having a beer with Eric, knowing that he never wears a mask in public? would our Colonel do that? no way.



Not so! I would sit out in the garden with anyone a suitable distance apart.

Eric Newhill

I should have said what you don't seem to understand is Freedom.

If I read you clearly, you want to impose The Law on every aspect of people's lives. That is the same as the Neo-Bolshies.

There are lots of diseases out there - and that have have been out there a long time - that kill people, especially older people. You're acting like this one virus changes everything.


Many are beginning to open their eyes and see what's at play, the national (and international) brainwashing taking place by the globalists who fear our U.S. Constitution and our Bill of Rights, globalists who fear an awakened U.S. psyche and spirit of freedom, who fear nationalism and populism, and globalists who are using tried and true brainwashing methods dating back to Goebbels and before.

Tell a lie often enough and then the public starts to believe it. The mantra of how the hospitals will be overwhelmed if we don't flatten the curve. Stay in your home, stay out of the sun, stay off the beach, stay off the play grounds, stay safe, social distance, at least 6 feet between individuals, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, etc.. The agendas all are basically the same, the conditioning of the human mind for the many globalist intersecting agendas at play that include the U.N. Agenda 21 aka 2030, Rockefeller Foundation's advice to those in government, Bill and Melinda Gates and their foundation mantra where the planet has to be depopulated and tracked through implanted vaccinations, vaccines that also trigger on hormone levels when certain levels are reached triggers cancers, artificially inducing death-knells to take place within the human body.

One must comply, one must not dissent. Isn't it interesting how tyranny will use all means to suppress truth, as truth has been shown through the ages to be tyranny's greatest enemy.

The movie 1984 where big brother repeated words and phrases over and over and over again on the loudspeakers to condition mass obedience. The 'words' of the Psyop that is at play today include:

The New Normal;

Just stay home, stay home;

Essential purchases only, no garden seeds, no books, no movies, etc.;

Six feet rule mandate, (even though when this crap started the WHO only 'suggested' three feet apart). Guess they forgot that a cough or a sneeze travels farther than their six feet agenda;

You must live in a personal prison, AKA Social Distancing. Forbid that human to human relations take place;

Essential workers, essential products, 'essential', 'essential'. Notice how 'essential' was different in each state.;

These are just some examples of the Psyop of mass conditioning at play.


Tony L

"You are protecting me and my elderly relatives by wearing mask, and I'll do the same for you. Simple. Not even remotely has anything to do with ideology, i.e." Just like all the years when you endangered your relatives by allowing them to be exposed to respratory viruses because of people not wearing masks? You should be ashamed of yourself for endangering their lives that way. In fact, now that I think about it, we need to fire Fauci and the CDC chair for endangering lives that way. Why oh why didn't they suggest we impose a face mask requirement years ago, before Trump was in office; think of the thousands of lives lost in the Obama era due to their failure....

In the name of common decency I have an appeal to you, a modest proposal for an agreement/deal between sane people: YOU STAY HOME. Stay safe; You wait there, the government declared "essential" businesses and their hereos are at your beck and call for the things you value more than your liberty.

Eric, come on down, I'll buy the first round.

Babak makkinejad

Eric Newhill

And you clearly do not understand the idea of the Law, in its various incarnations.

Without the Law, the United States will cease to exist.

Without the Law, human beings will be like wolves unto other human beings.

Without the Law, no distinction can be made between License and Liberty.

I find your approach to the udea and ideals of Freedom highly threatening: "We are Free, you are not, therefore we will bomb you: un-Free people deserve to be bombed."

It reminds me of the discourse of many other Western Diocletian people: "We are Strong, you weak, therefore we walk all over you. And do not complain since you chose to be weak.".


Fred, regarding the sick children at Yale Med Center --
On Sept 29 2019 the Boys & Girls Club of Greenwich, CT held its 8th annual MuddyUp 5k
145 photos here:
Look at the photos to see how MuddyUp is the antithesis of Covid Lockdown, social distancing, sanitizing (the fire department hosed down MuddyUp contestants after their run).

I was there. Two days later, I had a cold -- runny nose, congestion, sore throat, muscle aches. It lasted about 2 weeks. Only the first 2 or 3 days were debilitating, then, just getting better bit by bit.

I wonder if anyone else who was at MuddyUp got sick shortly afterward.
I also wonder if anyone who was at MuddyUp has had Covid. I have not.

Seems to me those kids, and the adults, would make an interesting control group for the "threat" to children of Covid.

Eric Newhill

I think the Constitution of the US is good law. I think prosecuting objectively quantifiable tresspasses against the rights and property of others is also good law (e.g. murder, rape, theft). Beyond that, it's all just an oppressive hustle from the top down. When you start talking about shutting down the economy, hate speech law, quotas, stoning people for dancing to western music and assorted moral crimes, taxing the living daylights out of businesses for contributing to global warming, then I'm against you. If someone wants to be a homosexual, then be a homosexual. I get to say I think it's weird, but they get to do it. What should either of us care what the other thinks about it let alone their being laws governing the situation.

When did I ever say that people should be bombed for being "unfree"? You want Sharia? Have at it. Enjoy. Keep it away from me, but knock yourself out in your own land. I seem to recall The Prophet converting non-believers by unpleasant means. Wasn't he the perfect man? What would he have done if he had bombs instead of just swords? And you're lecturing me?

All I ever said about Iran getting bombed is that they should shut up already about wiping out Israel because they will get destroyed one day by a paranoid Israel and its friend the US. I neither said I agreed nor disagreed with that result. I just said that it is reality. I would also tell you to not chew rocks because you'll break your teeth, not because I want your teeth to break. The US govt doesn't call me to consult over foreign policy. I did vote for Trump in part because he said he would get us out of wars in the Muslim World. So I have done my part.


Eric and Fred,

This virus is a new corona virus. Nobody has immunity to it. So it is much more contagious than the normal flu viruses. We know this new corona virus is lethal to older people. And young peole can be infected and have no symptom (and some only have symptom after a few days, but already spreading it before seeing symptom).

So before we have some prophylactics that definitely can prevent it, and before we have vaccine, the only way to slow and stop the pandemic is physical distancing.

In order to have businesses opened, and get the economy going again, people need to wear masks. This is a form of physical distancing while people being close to each other to do their jobs.


Yes. I know you would "sit out in the garden with anyone a suitable distance apart". That was just a rhetorical question for Fred :) My Mom is 92, and I bring groceries to her in the back yard. But I always wear a mask during our chat, even while keeping a distance.



Communism forbid that the old be at risk of a "new" virus, just as they are at risk to all the other ones that have come from communist China and killed them in their thousands annually.

"the only way to slow and stop the pandemic is physical distancing" Feel free to intern yourself and your 92 year old mother in your socially distant sanctuary, then you will be safe. That, however, is not what you are suggesting nor what most of our politicians are demanding of others. They demand conformity to their civilization killing policies that have killed thousands in nursing homes, an ever growing number by suicide and drug abuse, of undetected cancer, heart disease and untreated strokes. But by all means blame the youth, the future of mankind, because they aren't dying but may unintentionally infect your dear old mum, unless all the young obey the edicts of the elected excutives who have so willingly followed the lead of "scientists" who have repeatedly been shown to be wrong.

How much of Western civilization must we allow our politicians to kill off with their policies so your mother can have another year or more of life and die from something other than this particular virus? How many more years of life for ninety year olds are essential while the futures of the young are irrevocably altered to ensure the elderly of a death by some other cause than from the virus the communsist government of China helped spread around the world? And let us not forget the increased power of government and of unelected government officials; we must certainly not forget that. They are going to keep us safe, just like China's communist government keeps the Chinese people safe.

Babak makkinejad

Eric Newhill:

So it all boils down to: "This is good because I said so."

Attacking the Prophet of Islam is not going to get you out of your own knots.

The Prophet was not a dead-dog liberal, offering the other cheek.

Eric Newhill

It's because I said so. I'm pretty much just repeating the principles upon which the USA was founded. I happen to agree with them and they are under attack from all sides these days.

I did not attack your prophet. I merely pointed out that you speak of The Law and Justice and bombing other societies is against those things, but your prophet did those very same things.

I offered a live and let live approach. You made it clear that you do not accept such a notion because, as becoming abundantly clear, you are a hardcore believer in the unique righteousness and superiority of your way. You are just like all the rest of the manically control seeking souls that want to impose on our freedoms.



You know the answer to your questions concerning the US going to war with Islam on behalf of Israel; the failure to separate the interests of one state from those of another. A three letter acronym beginning with the letter "Z" describes it well.

I agree BA, it seems a more provocative question. But I wish I were as sure as you seem to be that a thorough discussion of US versus Israeli national interests would get us any further. Not least with Trump in mind.

What is the acronym you are alluding to?


Eric Newhill

I see pattern here. People who fear will try to hide it by imposing their own vision of fear eliminating control - and it's not rational. Fear the virus? We must all wear masks! Even though, if masks are effective, the person wearing one should be safe from those who do not. Fear secular freedom? Then everyone must be subjected to the fearful ones' vision of religious Law and Justice, even if we have to put you to the sword to accept it. Fear "hurtful" things being said about you? Then everyone's first amendment rights must be denied in favor of hate speech laws and people with certain thoughts are deemed deplorable and irredeemable. And so on and so forth.

Then there are the profiteers and political power seekers that manipulate all of the fearful people to achieve their self-enrichment schemes by promising fear reducing laws.

Control freaks should be aware that some of us are beginning to become fed up with people imposing their neuroses and money making schemes on us. We would prefer to be left alone to pursue our happiness as we see fit and allow you to do the same. Keep pushing. You will soon enough have something very real to fear. Your devious and pathetically ironic cries of "Injustice", already the subject of jokes, will fall on deaf ears.



You are seeing communists and liberals everywhere in your imagination! It's hard to discuss a simple issue, and that is how to slow and stop the pandemic. Wearing mask is a proven strategy in East Asian countries. They are fully opened now. Tests, contact tracing, wearing mask. Some authoritarian countries also force infected people into quarrantined hotel (that's not going to happen here in a free country like ours).

All large US defense aerospace companies have made it a company policy to require employees to wear mask on campus. It is a sensible and the safe way for 2 or more people sitting in the same room discussing works.

By the way, wearing mask will not make you a liberal or communist.



This is a political position that you are taking. You want to keep the country shut down to create discontent with Trump so that your side will take control of the country. To argue on the basis that this is just a medical emergency is disingenuous. You know very well that it is also and more importantly a political and economic situation.

Eric Newhill

IMO, TonyL is probably not in NYC and doesn't have a poor old Momma Mia he takes food to every day.

If he's in NYC at all, he is in China Town, but more likely he is in China. His insufficiently developed English as a second language supports that. Try harder CCP!



You are responding with a strawman argument, then doubling down on the requirement that I give up my liberty. Quarantine of people has happened here, a young man quarantined by Michigan beat the hell out of an elderly resident just days ago.


The authoritarian nations you conveniently don't name - China and Vietnam, are communist; Japan, an asian nation and a democratic one, never locked down and has ended its state of emergency.

Companies are making company policy- how is that relevant to my public conduct?
You stay home, I'll go about my life. My rights don't end where your fear begins. These new found demands for masks are just another variation in the cultural revolution demanded from the left and are very reminiscent of Mao's actions in China and are about control and conformity, not health.



Not my side. I'm neither Democrat or Republican. I only vote for candidate who has policy that I agree with. FWIW, I voted for Reagan, and Bush Sr, and Obama. I cannot see myself voting for Trump or Biden.

I know it is both a political and economic situation. I'm just trying separate the politics from it, and only want to voice my opinion that this emergency (medical and economic) can be solved if we are willing to look past the political aspect.


Most of my professional life has been in the Defense and Aerospace industry. I might have built systems that Fred and Tyler have heard of or actually used in their tour. And I live in California. So please pardon my grammar, it has a liberal bias.


I hear you. "Companies are making company policy- how is that relevant to my public conduct? You stay home, I'll go about my life".

No, I am not staying home, I have been working as a consultant in the same business since I retired. And I did not stop going to work in company campus when I was needed. Just an example of sensible policy from some of largest corporations (rarely seen, but when it is worthy we should praise it).


Yes, Fred, masks do work. The Japanese didn't have to shut down their economy with a lock down because they wear masks. It slows the spread of the virus. Steve Sailor in the following article in Taki Magazine claims the Orientals wear masks out of a patriotic duty. I always thought it was consideration of others, a virtue of living in a cohesive society. In America some think it's patriotic to not wear a mask,and wearing one a sign of communist indoctrination.


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