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21 May 2020


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Will those who don't have to pay NYC's bills? Will those who do pay for the "disparate impact" of having New Yorkers cause immense economic damages due to the political decisions of New York politicians or for those who fled to their locales?

Eric Newhill

I think the separation of church and state is necessary and good and I don't like Sharia. That's not what I'm talking about. Personally, I could care less about Protestants, Catholics, Muslims or other faiths, though those can be paths that lead people to a more spiritual life when not used as just another excuse to kill each other. I'm referring to the truth that we are first and foremost spiritual beings having an experience of a physical reality for a while. That and the knowledge that there is spiritual good and spiritual evil that are reflected through all layers of reality, including this physical one. Evil lies, confuses, enslaves, pathologically controls, smashes down hope and pumps up the ego with a false sense of power. With those techniques it denies the light, peace of mind, the love that is our natural heritage as immortal souls from that which cannot be named, fully understood or described in a book. This worship of "science" is based on the incorrect and sinister idea that we are just meat robots the will die and rot and that will be the end.


Nothing but whiners here... Where are the calls for massive civil disobedience ala MLK, Gandhi and Thoreau. Complain, complain, complain. To the Barricades, comrades! Enough whining!

I'll stay home and watch, thank you.


Eric Newhill

"Meat robots." I like that. Looks like the sage Fauci, heir of Averroes and Avicenna is afraid to get caught with his fly unzipped. https://www.businessinsider.com/anthony-fauci-irreparable-damage-stay-at-home-too-long-2020-5

Babak Makkinejad

Eric Newhill:

Being "spiritual" is not synonymous with being righteous or otherwise ethical.

Animals, per your comments, are spiritual beings as well. Yet they engage in public sex.

"Evil Lies"? How quaint to encounter a Zoroastrian belief on this forum; endowing evil with essential existence.

What is this vaunted separation of Church and State that has not prevented the Old Testament Folksy Protestant Churches to go to war against Islam for Israel?

What gives?

Babak Makinejad


I agree with your historical assessment.

In your view, why is the United States at war with Islam?

Yeah, Right

I agree, the USA may as well end the lockdown.

The USA and South Korea reported their 1st covid case on the same day.

The South Koreans acted swiftly and decisively, and as a result South Korea has the virus under control to the point where it is now able to relax the lockdown rules.

The USA acted neither swiftly nor decisively, and as a result the disease is now well-entrenched. All that lockdown is doing is causing the disease to continue on a slow-burn.

Which, basically, means a never-ending lockdown, which is pointless.

Trump is correct: the USA may as well end the lockdown and let the existing slow-burn erupt. That means 60-80% of the population - whatever is needed to get to herd-immunity - will be infected and the elderly will die sooner rather than later.

May as well. The alternative gets to that same point anyway, only longer.


Eric Newhill,

"If NYC opened tomorrow I wouldn't hesitate to resume business trips, go the bars, restaurants, etc. Nor would I wear a damn useless mask.
If I was 20 years older and sickly, I'd refrain from making the trips."

That's the wrong attitude, and unfortunately is very typical in this country (US). Has it occurred to you that wearing a mask is to protect others, not yourself? Collectivism is the only way to fight against a pandemic. We value our freedom to do as we please, but individualism has its drawback in time like this.

Look at the success of Asian countries (Taiwan, S Korea, Vietnam, Singapore...). Wearing mask is mandatory now to prevent another wave.

We can open the nation businesses tomorrow if everybody is wearing masks, and practice hygienne religiously.

So for the sake of all others, I hope you will wear a mask when you go out to public places.

I would say let's make it a moving traffic violation. You will be fined a few hundred bucks if caugth not wearing a mask!

Eric Newhill

I know where Fauci's wavering on his original message comes from. The insurance companies, who have the best data and best analysts - and who are regulated by the cool rationality of profitability, have been sending delegates to Washington to inform the doofii of what is really going to happen in terms of health consequences. The socialists might imagine that insurance would be happy because claims (and therefore "medical loss") are way down in 2020, but, like I said, insurance has to get this right because $billions are riding on doing so. I'd say also because we care, but I know no one would believe that. There will be a wave of serious [non-covid] illnesses and expensive claims when the system open up again because of the lack of preventive and diagnostic medical encounters during the lockdown. Also, due to the damaged economy, much fewer people will be insured; whether through employer groups or the ACA (pay the premium or the rent and car payment?). Sate Medicaid systems will be stressed to the max. And I suppose the threat that the covid death counts are obviously artificially inflated and insurance knows it floats around the room unspoken.


Tony L,

De Blasio is giving NYC collectivism good and hard. It's killing jobs and futures faster than AOC. Has "For the sake of others" replaced "We're all in this together"? I would hate to be behind on party slogans.


For anyone interested in the videos removed from You Tube for violating something or other regarding the currently "correct" appreciation of whatever is currently fashionable:
which now has over 40K censored videos.

Barbara Ann


"Those without God are dyscivilizational cockroaches who bring suffering and death to everyone around them." Could this be remedied by a Crusade and forced conversions?


The spiritual illness of which you speak is important insomuch as it impinges on the lives of others. If the spiritually ill do not harm to others then I have no beef with them.

Your observation on the evils of the "worship of science" suggests Counter-Enlightenment thinking. This is an area I am trying to read up on, as I think it critical to properly understanding the existential angst which grips our civilization. Enlightenment-era political philosophies like Utilitarianism are alive and well and have many liberal adherents, whether they know it or not.

I, like you, am a firm believer that rationalism alone (or indeed at all) is not the route to happiness, but even if I wasn't, I would not seek to force this view on others. As Richard Sale observed, we live in an age of intolerance.


You know the answer to your questions concerning the US going to war with Islam on behalf of Israel; the failure to separate the interests of one state from those of another. A three letter acronym beginning with the letter "Z" describes it well.


You have described yourself as an "original intent constitutionalist". Have you written anywhere on your wider political philosophy? If so I would like to read it.

Eric Newhill

Mere virtue signalling and desperation.

Wearing a mask to protect against covid is like erecting a chain link fence to keep mosquitoes out of your yard.

I see people wearing bandanas for masks. I see people fiddling with their masks with their naked hands that have touched all manner of surfaces in public places. I see people pulling down their masks to sneeze. The mask is brought into the home along with the naked hands. The mask is then reused in public many times over.

I don't think you understand how PPE is supposed to be used. In a hospital the PPE is dropped into a special disposal unit before the staff leave the room.

Eric Newhill

I don't understand your point.

Evil is as spiritual as good. Animals have spirits too. What isn't spiritual in a universe that is made of mind and soul?

What does public sex have to do with anything?

This is why I have no use for dogma or sharia. It blinds and confuses in its artifice of definitions and judgments.

Eric Newhill

Sorry. I got focused on your hang up with animals and missed your point.

I agree that spiritual /= righteous. Satan is spiritual too, after all. My point is that with spiritual realization comes the ability for more to recognize righteousness versus lack of it. Otherwise it's just meat robots to be programmed by social scientists and everything is relevant and meaningless.

Both of our father's people were Zoroastrians before they became dedicated to new angles thinking. Is newer always better?



The PRC/CCP is targeting those businesses and facilities that are working on virus cures. They've been observed using traditional and non-tradition collection methods, targeting U.S. business related intellectual proprietary information, as well as all venues of U.S. public data associated with virus cures research.



Trump on Friday appointed Mont Slaoui to head vaccine developments. Slaoui is connected to several companies he has worked with or sits on the Board of Directors that are funded in part by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. One of these companies, Moderna, is conducting research on RNA vaccines in partnership with DARPA. DARPA has developed a hydrogel biosensor that will combine with your body to provide data on a person down to the cellular level. In short an implantable information gathering permanent tracking device within the human body. A human cattle tag. Now 'who' will be 'receiving' the biosensor's information is the 64 dollar question, and for 'what purpose'.

Could the Apostle John have been given time-travel to observe the 'mark of the beast' in our modern times?

blue peacock
"Doctors at John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek say they have seen more deaths by suicide during this quarantine period than deaths from the COVID-19 virus. The head of the trauma in the department believes mental health is suffering so much, it is time to end the shelter-in-place order.

"Personally I think it's time," said Dr. Mike deBoisblanc. "I think, originally, this (the shelter-in-place order) was put in place to flatten the curve and to make sure hospitals have the resources to take care of COVID patients.We have the current resources to do that and our other community health is suffering."

The numbers are unprecedented, he said.

"We've never seen numbers like this, in such a short period of time," he said. "I mean we've seen a year's worth of suicide attempts in the last four weeks."


This is a hospital in California. The story that was peddled was that the wave was going to hit in 2 weeks. But the timeline of the 2 weeks kept getting shifted like the Friedman Unit in the disastrous Iraq occupation.

The infection began much earlier than stated. There's a lot of traffic between China and the West Coast. And even with Trump's travel ban many people who had visited China were coming in. Yet the fatality rate in California is a minuscule 0.005% of the population. With the vast majority in nursing homes.

What this episode shows IMO are a few things. 1. Americans are easily scared. 2. Many elected officials will use any excuse to get all authoritarian. 3. Government officials and institutions established to handle crises are incompetent beyond belief. (This should be obvious after Katrina & Puerto Rico) 4. Americans may be heavily armed but they have no ability to challenge authoritarian government 5. Americans will toe the line of authoritarian government diktats. 6. Any and all issues will only be examined through a partisan lens. 7. Any crisis is an excuse to transfer future generations wealth to the politically well connected Top 0.01%.

Babak makkinejad

Barbara Ann

I have an opinion.

I would like to know of others'.

What is your's?

Eric Newhill

Barbara Ann,
Right. "Science" is a system of rational thinking for solving problems and application of it has improved the material world; which is a really good thing.

Where things have gone off the rails is that certain "scientists" with a certain message are stood up as high priests - and their message is that we are programmable meat robots and that the material world is all there is and ever will be. I think that the love of power and money is behind this selection process. Of course there are people that use the scientific method to observe the world and they come up with totally different outlooks, but they are shut down as heretics by the high priests.

When I was in my early 20s I went through a warrior monk phase. All I did was train and I met a Navy SEAL out of Norfolk that introduced me to a traditional Chinese martial arts instructor. Part of that extracurricular activity involved a kind of meditation. As I am wont to do, I over did it; maybe. Maybe six months into it, I began to experience what I learned are called "out of body experiences". Scared the crap out of me the fist time it happened because I thought I had literally died from a heart attack(or something) and was stuck in limbo - no St Peter. Anyhow, as they kept happening and I always "came back", I figured I'd learn what it is and how to use it., if possible. My instructor said that such experiences were well known in Chinese spiritual circles, but that he had never had them personally. I am satisfied that I was able to gain accurate verifiable detailed information beyond the proximity of my physical body (and temporal location - much future vision was involved) that I could not have obtained by any normal means. I learned that there are others able to do the same thing. I used science. I went about testing from the perspective that what I was experiencing was false (null hypothesis).

I volunteered for about 5 years at a local hospice and saw several things that defied the material paradigm.

More recently I had a conversation with a deceased family member that was as real as talking to any friend in "real life". This conversation also yielded detailed specific personal information that could not have been obtained via normal processes. Then it happened one more time with the same results. I am beyond faith now. But I am not crazy. I work in an extremely logical field. I am respected, well paid, get promoted, etc. the scientific method has led me to understand that the material world is not the end all be all. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Well, we have certainly strayed well beyond covid and Fauci. So I'll drop it now.

Babak makkinejad

Eric Newhill:

Good, good, so we agree that Ethics and Spirituality are different.

But, not everyone is capable of exercising or undergoing spiritual training and bearing that level of awareness.

That is when the Law comes into play, or as you call it dogma and Sharia.

Your opposition to both is curious, are you also against the 613 rules of Orthodox Judaism? Or is your animus reserved only for Islam and Catholicism?

Are you also opposed to dogmas and cannon laws of the Greek and Armenian Orthodox Churches; which had sustained the Helenes and the Armenians throughout all those brutal centuries that they endured?

To your last question, there is nothing in Christianity and in Islam that is against Zoroastrian Teachings, as I have come to understand two those religions as an outsider.

Thus, Christianity and Islam have further developed and amplified the message of Zoroaster, in my opinion.



So sorry that words like "disparate impact" are difficult to understand, especially for someone who claims to live in New York's capital. I have great respect for residents of NYC; none for their current mayor and a rapidly deciling one for the state's governor. It would seem you are studiously avoiding understanding that the main media sources in the US are based in NYC and have repeatedly reported on the impact of the China virus in the city, especially the death rate, while avoiding mentioning the impact of public policy decisions of their reporting. That has had a great impact economically across the entire country.

Perhaps those "firefighter/EMT's and nurses" that you get to talk to at work could fill you in on NYC's problems, if that is where they are working. The one's I've spoke to - or electroniclly messaged - are in Detroit, which I've mentioned here before. They are no longer talking about the death rates, or treatments, or recoveries. I suspect they have been ordered not to by their employer, especially since the hospitals are no longer publicly putting out that information either. The Michigan State AG's threats to Ford after Trump's visit last week kind of make that obvious. I am happy for my friends in nursing though, they are making a bundle in OT pay, and I will gladly give them the "Thank you for your service" response, I'm sure it will help end that foolishness. Special thanks for the vietnam meme, that didn't gain much traction last time out, but good try.

j. casey

As a resident of NYC, I agree entirely with the post. It's as though Cuomo, with Gates and that Google douche-bag, have decided to kill every small business in the city that pays rent. Even a small space here rents for $15,000 and up per month. How many months can most small businesses carry that cost without income? It's really remarkable to see people out at 7:00 p.m. every evening out cheering in the air for the supposed front-line folks as the life-blood of the city drains into the sewers.

Barbara Ann


Not to duck your question, but as I am not sure of the subject on which you are asking for my opinion (the war on Islam?) I think it best we save this for another, more appropriate thread.


That you feel the need to state that you are not crazy for having had first-hand experience of spiritual phenomena is a sad indictment of the age in which we live.

I am currently reading Isaiah Berlin's Freedom and its Betrayal - a critique of 6 political philosophers/philosophies around the time of the French Revolution. He deals with Helvétius (the father of Utilitarianism) in a mere 16 pages. "Programmable meat robots" is a pretty accurate description of Berlin's take on this philosophy's attitude to the human cattle its enlightened scientific technocrats are to herd. This is not the vision of he Framers.

Eric Newhill

I have no animus toward anyone devoted to any of those religions or sects within religions *as long as they are not using their path as an excuse to inflict oppression, pain, suffering and death on others who have taken a different path*. And yes, that includes Islam. I am actually somewhat sympathetic towards the Druze and Sufis.

Nor do I oppose dogmas as long as they aren't causing people to be blinded to reality their entire lives.

Allow me to use a military analogy. Col Lang recently wrote about a lack of vision and his father's words about cutting off anything that sticks out in the regular Army. Real issues. On the other hand, the military cannot be herding a million cats. So conformity becomes a priority. Traditions are critical for cohesion and continuity. Yet, there are men like Col Lang and TTG in SF that go through the regular by the book corps, absorb and embody it all, and then emerge to transcend that level of soldiering. They have a rare spark within them that drives them to accomplish challenging missions in novel ways. They are self-directed to a larger extent. They can embrace unorthodox thinking. They can see paradoxes and not become confused or paralyzed by them. They have a rare cannot quit attitude. They have equipment, weapons and tactics available to them that the regular troops do not. They grow beards, can have long hair, go native in their dress when it makes sense. They are more fluid and adaptable because that's their nature - and it's a rare nature. None of that makes the regular Army (or USMC or Navy) wrong per se. Each is an expression of its purpose and the people comprising the organizations.

So it is, IMO, with the religious traditions you mention versus how someone like me approaches spirituality.

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