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07 May 2020


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Pudgy Bob will have to lose some weight, plus be 'digitally enhanced' if he wants to play the Gov. But if wants to play the Gov's mom......

Eric Newhill

5,000 seems lite to me. I think the real number is significantly higher. But, yes, this is what we've been seeing in the data for some time now, as I precisely described on Larry Johnson's post re; timeline/vindication of Trump.

If not for NYC's and NJ's criminally negligent behavior, the US covid death toll would be meaningfully lower. There's little need to delve into epidemiological geekery to understand why NY and NJ are outliers.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 here come the procommunist tools and Fauci heads to explain how it's bad to make stuff up and that this could never really happen because policy says blah blah blah.

And yes, please have a wet brained, has been actor play Cuomo.



"it appears that they really WERE expendable"

It has certainly helped the left win the war of the narrative. The economic destruction of the health care industry and of independent business owners continues in states run by Democratic governors. That creates the crisis the left will use to impose its vision on the Republic.


Maybe this is a bit cynical, but so be it.

The rehabilitation hospitals/nursing homes (a not uncommon pairing of functions) only get access to money for people who are in residence at the facility, not for former residents who are in one of those federally-funded pandemic facilities, so bring 'em on back, and the cashflow is restored. The facility managers may even have believed that this was safe to do, if they thought about it at all; they're bean counters, not epidemiologists after all. Only after the fact did the existence of a potentially risky, pecuniary incentive become clear. And boy, did it ever become clear.

Here in New Jersey, I believe that the pervasive failure to protect some of our most vulnerable residents in such facilities is a political time bomb that is partly responsible for Governor Murphy's intransigence about opening up ANYTHING. It is a CYA strategy to head off inconvenient questions about the signal failure of the state's watchdog agencies to exercise vigilance and control over conditions at these facilities, in the hope that the disaster will pass largely unnoticed amid all of the fanatical virtue signaling by the Governor.

So much for the claims of the Nanny Staters that they are competent to protect, eh?


Why not De Niro? De Niro played Michael Corleone after all.

Cuomo probably makes good theater too.


Cuomo - another self-absorbed career politician and excessively unlikeable, whose only "accomplishment" was to be the son of another career politician with NO accomplishments.
De Niro - a fake "tough guy" who lives in a land of makeup and make believe.
This idiot actually thinks that he's as "tough" as the roles he plays.

Eric Newhill

What you say, in re; the nursing homes/LTC facilities often having mutually beneficial financial arrangements with each other is totally accurate. In fact, as you say, they are often entities under the same cooperate umbrella. Discharging from your hospital into your nursing home/LTC facility maintains the revenue capture associated with the patient. Discharging to a more protective environment that you don't own represents a significant loss of revenue.

NYC and Jersey are so corrupt that I think there needs to be an investigation into who paid whom to allow the murderous discharge policy to continue. IMO, the findings would ruin someone's presidential ambitions. Another job for Durham and Barr?


This how they "managed resources" in the UK too

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