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07 May 2020


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Outrage Beyond

Even a small amount of google searching suggests that Avaaz is simply another Zionist-funded pro-Israel controlled opposition cutout type of organization.

Funded by Zionist George Soros. Main honcho Ricken Patel is associated with Zionist lobby group J Street.

Per the commentary above, supported the regime change operation in Syria (a longstanding Zionist goal, refer to the Clean Break plan.)

Bottom line: not a leftist organization. Faux leftist, controlled opposition, Zionist. Neocons are probably delighted with Avaaz.


It was a ground hog day nightmare when I read the AVAAZ website and found all the "progressive" chestnuts, alive, well and kicking into high gear. This AVAAZ agenda fuels the politics in my state, California, so I know each element well plus how each of of them has failed us so badly. They all teeter on OPM, which the state wide corona shut down has decimated.

What pillow talk went on between AVAAZ agent Antonia Staats and her Imperial College of London paramour Neil Ferguson right before he briefed Trump/Pence on their corona "we are all gonna die" projections.

It all happened so fast - from runs on toilet paper in Australia reported on March 2 to global shutdown on March 16 due to this Imperial College model in just two weeks. Who and what communication network was behind this radical global shift that generated virtually no push back? The message quickly became one case of corona and we are all gonna die. How did that find such a willing audience?

I keep hearing that same echo in my nightmares, never let a crisis go to waste - now with this very distinct German accent on the face of a red-lipped blonde. Too weird to see this AVAAZ "global" network is so darn interested in over-turning a US Supreme Court Citizens United ruling - the old Hilary Clinton rallying cry. What is with that - they care in Malaysia?

Thank you for sunshining this very curious operation and its all too familiar cast of known characters lurking in its history, shadows, funding and leadership circle. Injecting them with Lysol is the better plan.

It is one thing to sic Barr-Durham on US government operations, but who can even explore let alone touch the world of global NGO's.

It does explain where a lot of the Bernie Sanders fervor comes from and how it sustains this energy despite defeat in the US election polls. The AVAAZ agenda winning the hearts and minds of many young people around the world. It will be their world to inherit, if they go down this path; not ours. God speed to all of them. Namaste. Dahl and naan for everyone.


A little internet search also questions if AVAAZ is an intelligence community funded operation, linking key Obama administration players.

Good indoor fun during our national lockdowns - track AVAAZ in all its permutations and recurrent players. Samantha Powers and her hundreds of FISA unmasking requests comes to mind as well as her role in the AVAAZ games played in Syria.

Some AVAAZ fodder from a random internet search: Tinfoil hat fun times - keep digging.

......."Curiously, however, the absence of routine information on the Avaaz website -- board of directors, contact information, etc. -- raises the possibility that the organization is one of innumerable such groups created around the world by intelligence organizations with secret funding to advance hidden agendas.

This was the gist of a 2012 column by Global Research columnist Susanne Posel, headlined Avaaz: The Lobbyist that Masquerades as Online Activism. She alleged that Avaaz purports to be a global avenue for dissent, but channels reform energies on the most sensitive issues into such pro-U.S. positions as support for Israel and the Free Syrian Army......."



It is interesting that AVAAZ stopped accepting foundation and corporate money years ago. So, where do they get their money?

Harlan Easley

Looking at him and her. She is out of his league. He is beta soy boy material.

You're probably right.



"Who and what communication network ..." ... " but who can even explore let alone touch the world of global NGO's."

Have you noticed how fast Project Veritas gets shut down, how Twitter, FB, etc silence any effective opposition to the message of the left?

"It is one thing to sic Barr-Durham on US government operations,..."
Perhaps now that FlynnFlu is evaporating in the disinfecting sunlight some sunshine should be applied to the H1B visa holders at the aformentioned social media companies and add in Google, Bing, Oath etc. and see how many Communist operatives are there, in addition to "essential employee" non-citizen lefty's pushing the anti-American propaganda. A dinner invitation to Jeff Bezos and his paramore might provide some interesting conversation on just who at Amazon might be involved in the same type of anti-western operations; compare their corporate response to distribution operations in the US vs. France as an example.
Furthermore, observe the Google leadership team discussion of the 2016 elections.
Minute 12:30 CFO Ruth Porat
Minute 27:00 Q&A Sergey Brin response on matching donations to employee causes.
Make sure to watch minute 52 on H1B visa holders. With 30,000,000 unemployed Americans just how many of those visas does Google need now? (I don't recall any organization telling China they need open borders immigration since thier hispanic/african/caucasian population percentages are effectively zero, so we might wonder who has been behind that message for the past few decades and why it is only directed at Western democracies).
And the inevitable campaign against "low information" voters and "fake news". I wonder what their take on Russian election interference is now? (Russia cyber trolling! minute 54:44.)

56:20 The inevitable arc of "progress". Make sure you join the fight for Hilary's values. That's the actual corporate leadership message. See the final round of applause at 1:01. Our new overlords know best. Too bad they don't own a mirror, or an ability to reflect on why someone can see the same data and come to a different conclusion of than these experts.

That's just a scratch on the surface. How much money flowed through the Clinton Global Initiative, which NGOs got some cleansed proceeds, which elections were influenced, professors and research sponsored, local communities "organzied". There's plenty to look at and "Isreal, Soros, Zionists" are the least of it.


State sponsorship?


Avaaz means change in Farsi. Interesting.


A friend of a friend is a research scientist at Imperial in biology, he is as lefty as they get and I think would be happy to falsify his research to serve his political goals. Besides Imperial is a hard science uni, UCL is top in the University of London for medicine.

Soros and his organisations should be made persona non grata, as the Russians and Hungarians have. Extraordinary his influence in the EU, he has picked up where the Soviet Union left off, funding every organisation that demoralises society, from gay rights to immigration promotion to ethnic lobbies, even in Eastern European countries where there are no minorities.


An unusual thing happens once; it could be happenstance.
The thing happens again; it is Reconnaissance.
The thing happens yet again; it is war.



That is for us to learn.

A. Pols

We came, we saw, he died (cackle)... Assad must go...
Promoting chaos....Cui bono?



Avaaz means "song" in Persian.

Diana Croissant

The one woman standing up to a pompous judge who has called her "selfish" for wanting to earn the money it takes to feed her child is the heroine of this week's news.

Hers is the story of our Democratic Republic, born in the Age of Reason. Voltaire's Candide comes to the best conclusion for the way our elected representatives should make decisions: what works best to help INDIVIDUALS tend their own gardens is the form of government we should pursue.

It's true that young people have hearts and good intentions, but older people in most cases have brains and understand human nature better.

This older person--even when she was young--always distrusted a popular uprising or growing movement.

And if Obama and Hillary are for it, I know I am against it. (That's a more specific life lesson I've learned.)

Eric Newhill

The Avaaz Facebook page is especially enlightening. Some people here might even like it and take it seriously. It's all green new deal stuff. Globalism and socialism. Many propaganda posts about how after covid we can go vegetarian, eliminate fossil fuels, become socialists, be one world under one government. It is clear that they want to destroy the current societal structure and replace it with a radical utopian vision.


Articles about or from AVAAZ are easily found by internet search, yet its true identity remains much harder to pin down.

Here is one link claiming they are anti-Israeli and dedicated to take down Israel's current policies from within and foster anti-Israeli protests around the world- part of the BDS movement we see on college campuses. https://www.ngo-monitor.org/ngos/avaaz/

Or is even this "anti-Israel" entry intentionally planted disinformation about AVAA? It clearly admits to being political since it chose not to become a tax-exempt non-political donation operation. More like a global DNC.

So what exactly was mistress Antonia Staat's commitment to this activist operation and how much of her committed political agenda carried over into her private life relationships? Could the obvious age difference between hot young mistress and aging, politically-connected lover create a power imbalance?


I agree with Outrage. They are an Israeli front. It was Avaaz that went after Tulsi for meeting with Assad.


Pardon the interjection - it being a UK story, some intel of interest maybe:

'None of this stacks when the media - or the sources that provided this story to the media - apparently knew about Ferguson's activities by 8 April?'

Coming from a apolitical blogger, a tax expert in fact, and a professor. Enjoy.

A decent bit of speculation by him of why.

Seamus Padraig

This is unconfirmed, but in response to those above who have pointed out that 'avaaz' is a Farsi word, I have heard from multiple sources that one of the organization's principal funders is/was Pierre Omidhyar, an Iranian-American software billionaire and a political acolyte of George Soros. Omidhyar, incidentally, also founded The Intercept, which acquired the rights to all of the Snowden files in 2014 and has declined to make public the remaining 90% that had not already been released to the public.

Interesting ...

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