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06 May 2020


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here's a video to watch and ponder



Neo-Fundamentalists posing as secular "scientists" [Fauci et als.] and their posse of Neo-Fs in congress and media [Pelosi, Maddow, Acosta et als.], and in business [VaccineGate Bill and Melinda Gates] -- since they are stubborn and agenda driven [and profit driven] instead of truth-driven, apparently missed the fact the horse is already out of the barn.

Massachusetts, the third worst hit state, -- here people are chomping at the bit to "reopen."

Colleges have said they plan to welcome students back in the fall, and those that are still hedging, say they want to.

And they will, unless the Republican governor here all of a sudden goes rogue and joins the Neo-Fundamentalists.

Businesses and business organizations are pushing reopening harder than the education industry here.

Institutions like Boston Globe keep pushing the Neo-Fundamentalist agenda, trying their best to thwart reopening in Mass.

Thus, this state's reopening may have a silly little twist: in a way not dissimilar to what was folklore among Russians during Soviet era.

"They pretend to pay us and we pretend to work."

In Mass., this may go something like: they pretend they're protecting public health and we pretend to believe them.

And everyone goes back to work, and to school and so on and so forth.

As for Rick Bright, from his complaint: "Dr. Bright was uniquely positioned to lead. . . ."

At the end of the day, common folk recognize the Medical Industry in this fiasco for the Nurse Ratched Racket it's become.

"You’re committed, you realize. You are. . .under the jurisdiction of me"

"I guess if she can’t cut below the belt she’ll do it above the eyes"

Thank you Col. Lang for posting Bright's complaint. The seat he may sit in may still be Vindman-warm.


"Dr. Bright has been transferred..."
Cuius regio, eius religio. Of course Trump will be impeached, he is blaspheming against the sacred ones, again.


Dr. Bright is suffering from AIS -Acquired irrelevancy syndrome. He has a perhaps genuine problem with corruption involving his boss. However TSHTF with COVID19 and the Administration’s response was not to his liking. He went outside the chain of command and obviously annoyed a lot of people. He does sound like an easy man to get on with.


I read the complaint, if factually accurate it seems well founded and a number of his political masters heads should role.
His bosses seem to have been circumventing BARDA's procurement process to award contracts not on merit but to 'friends' of the politicians and in HCQ's case because the President thought it was a miracle cure.



So, the scientists should rule the world, eh?

Lauara Wilson

I'm just curious, as you read the letter/complaint, if it is true....does it matter? We are quick to discount it but if what he says about the procurement process is true, wouldn't it be worth a serious investigation?



"a number of his political masters heads should role"
The Executive Branch of government is of course subservient to career employees, who are sacrosanct in their authority, it's right there in the zeroth amendment to the Constitution. I'm looking forward to the NSC LTC elections, followed by the BARDA civil servent elections. I wonder when those are scheduled.


No, but they are your tax dollars not mine and I would of thought you would want to see them spent wisely not squandered for the benefit of friends of which ever party was in power at the time. The procedures in place should prevent cronyism in this case it was a scientist but the greater problem is in military procurement is it not?



No. You don't know anything at all about the US military procurement system except what you think you understood from the sensationalist press. Stop pretending that you do.


It appears that BARDA hasn't accomplished much of that strategy layed out in 2011.

"The nation has endeavored over the past ten years to become better prepared for the medical consequences of catastrophic events such as bioterrorist events and pandemic influenza. During that time period Project BioShield, The National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza, and the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority have emerged to support the development and acquisition of medical countermeasures (MCMs) and the domestic manufacturing capacity to prepare for and respond to an emergency. "

BARDA strategy page, by Dr. Bright's predecesor. Apparently he didn't see a need to update it in the 4 years he was in charge.

Paging Dr. Bright, looks like that pandemic you spent four years preparing for is here.......
"support the development and acquisition of medical countermeasures (MCMs)" That's the strategy, what say you Dr. Rick? Are we ready

"Dr. Rick Bright is an internationally recognized expert in the fields of immunology, therapudic intervention, vaccine and diagnostic development. He is also one of the nations leading experts in pandemic preparedness and response and in the design of diagnostic tools required to track pandemics..."
page 29, whistleblower complaint.

Okay boys and girls, how about a job performance appraisal. Dr. Rick's performance on BARDA's strategy for:
" domestic manufacturing capacity to prepare for and respond to an emergency."
A) "internationally recognized expert" level
B) "nations leading experts in pandemic preparedness" level
C) Grossly incompetent and should be in jail
D) Let's blame Trump instead

Dr. Rick's performance on BARDA's strategy for:
"development and acquisition of medical countermeasures"
A) "internationally recognized expert" level
B) "nations leading experts in pandemic preparedness" level
C) Grossly incompetent and should be in jail
D) Let's blame Trump instead

You should read his complaint, it's a great insight into just how much red tape and green money there is in drug approval. If anybody in the House is reading, please let Nancy, when she's done with her ice cream break, know that we need an investigation. I hear there are some experienced lawyers out of work, maybe she can call Bob Mueller and see who he can recommend to investigate this one.


Eakens, thanks for the link to the Plandemic video! I was chatting with my sister today and she recommended it as well.

BTW, my sister is a nurse in NJ in a hospital about 60 mi south of NYC near the shore. Several wards in her hospital were converted to ICUs to handle the influx of covid patients, so I have been asking her what meds they are given. As of a few weeks ago Plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) was the standard treatment, along with azithromycin and zinc which is the most common protocol. Most patients are getting this and to quote her directly: "It's standard treatment and saving lives daily." She is perplexed by the politicization. While she is a conservative, the great majority of her coworkers are not.

The other two standard treatments added more recently to their covid protocols are tocizulamab (IL-6) and plasma with antibodies.

Here is a recent article on the tocizulamb, which I had never heard of before my sister mentioned it.



"I have been asking her what meds they are given. As of a few weeks ago Plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) was the standard treatment, along with azithromycin and zinc which is the most common protocol. Most patients are getting this and to quote her directly: "It's standard treatment and saving lives daily."" Thanks


Teachers want their students back in the classroom before they start thinking for themselves. (drum roll). The NYT published a letter from a middle school girl who says she learns better, faster and deeper, distance learning than in class. Teachers have to spend too much time dealing with disruptive knuckleheads. Teachers didn't put up with any crap when I went to school.

Doctors that use hydroxychloroquine as a covid treatment report up to a 90% success rate, and works best when given early. On the other hand, the ebola wonder drug shortens the hospital stay from 15 to 11 days. I don't understand Ain't So Bright's, and many of the "experts," dismissal of of what treating physicians report an effective treatment in favor of one that less effictive. I trust the observations of the doctors on the ground more than some office dweller reading numbers, the most important ones being those in his paycheck.

Jim S

When this came out around 22 April, a Politico reporter posted on twitter that Dr Bright had promoted the use of "oral formulations of chloroquine phosphate and hydroxychloroquine sulfate for the treatment of 2019 coronavirus disease".

Terence Gore


12 min slickly done video that goes into the effects of covid and blood clots.

At end mentions APS anti phospholipid antibody syndrome and it's similarities.


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