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12 May 2020


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"without any technology to alter its course" China, planetary leader in technology. "as of Monday morning, “potential reentry areas” still included parts of Australia, US, and Africa..." Not China? At 44,000 kg - that's 22 tons. If it hit smack into the new WTC it would topple that real easy. I wonder how many dead New Yorkers it takes to make China worried about our reaction? I'm sure it was just an accident, just like the Wuhan Lab.


What ever happened to the old sci-fi idea of using empty propellant tanks in Low Earth Orbit as shells for habitats and workshops? Surely we have the technology available today to effect that. The 'Space Tug' would be perfect for such recovery and reuse scenarios. Plus, it would avoid later high weight payload launches to do the same function.
Are there no pragmatists in the Space Force? Any countries' Space Force.
I hate avoidable waste.


Skylab reentry in 1979 was similar, with contests to predict the entry point and joke t-shirts and hard hats.



But that was in 1979, not 2020.

Oh, where is God-flee Loberts to wax prolix on the wonders of Communist China, and to counter the dismissive thoughts of us Running Dog Reactionaries?


While working a midnight shift I noticed it was time for the falling Skylab to pass overhead, looked up and couldn't believe have fast that thing traveled across the sky. A few seconds at most.

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