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18 May 2020


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I grilled ribeye this past weekend. Thick cut from cattle raised at our ranch. Grass fed. Sometimes we finish with grain to get more marbling. Medium rare is my preference too.

Eric Newhill

Hey! That's what I just polished off. Mine topped with a sauce made of red wine, garlic butter, mushrooms and onions (sliced, not diced and cooked until they were totally soft). On the side, scalloped potatoes and green beans with challots. I was going to open a bottle of red wine, but settled on Guiness Stout.Only a half pound though.

Marinated the meat for a day in a horse radish and worcestershire mix. Prepared ahead on the slight chance that a certain young man might stop by at the end of the first leg of a cross county trip. He understandably fulfilled other plans. Now I have left-overs for lunch tomorrow.

House arrest has SWMBO and I doing a lot of culinary experimentation. Could be a threat to physical conditioning with the gym closure, but have been smoking myself on PT for an hour before cooking dinner. Back to 6 sets sets of 50 push-ups, thrusts, front and side, chins-up on the monkey bars at the local school + the three mile round trip fast walk to get there and back.

Charlie Wilson

How about some veggies colonel?


Charlie Wilson

Why? Are you a vegetable freak?


Charlie Wilson

Ah! A virtue signaling troll. The Real CW thought that the real yum yums were walking around in his office, lots of amino acids and zinc.

Charlie Wilson

Eating veggies is boring and virtueless but I can look my pets in the eye. After all you gave up hunting! Yum yums in the office and elsewhere are fair game and I have had other peoples share.

Le Renard Subtil


I ask because you are Virginian and I just made this dish over the weekend, but do you like Brunswick stew?

Charlie Wilson


Booby Hatch

Vegitarian - old Indian word for bad hunter.


Charlie Wilson

Are you a bad hunter?


Renard Mechant

Not much.


Charlie Wilson

I don't eat my pets when they die and I do not want to know my next meal personally. I would not have been good as the farm kid who sells his pet sheep at the county fair.

Charlie Wilson

Total respect, Colonel!


What did you have for dessert?


Charlie Wilson,
In reference to the Guardian:

Democratic Socialism strikes again! The article fails to mention multiple state governments declaring people "non-essential" and ordering them not to work is causing them to go to food banks; nor does it mention government regulations on meat inspections and how that impacts the processing industry at all levels. What is not shocking at all is the complete lack of curiosity of reporters or commenters in asking some basic questions like that.


If you like asparagus, try this - https://www.weber.com/US/en/recipes/veggies/how-to-grill-asparagus/weber-10419.html

Peter VE

Some veggies? How can Mr. Wilson imply that amongst the greatest of all late spring delights, asparagus, is not to be counted as a vegetable?
We are having asparagus tonight.


Peter VE

Perhaps it is really "Charlotte" Wilson and a vedge.



We generally don't eat dessert. BTW, the ribeye was for the two of us.

English Outsider

Been googling around to see what ribeye steak is in English English. Turns out to be ribeye steak. Oh. Though I think it's sold as rib steak round my way. The sales pitch is awesome -


But these prime cuts are the very devil to cook just right. Any chance of a video, Colonel?



I think that over here a "rib steak" is from a place somewhat different on the spinal column. A "ribeye steak" is essentially a cross section of a prime rib roast. It is better to cook it with the bone still in. the "colagens," or whatever, in the bone does something good for the meat. IMO it is the very best cut of beef. Onglet is nice but nothing like as good as this. If you do a prime rib roast with more than three bones, do it on a rotisserie for two hours. A carnivore's heaven.


Rib steak over my way is cheap steak, best used for slow cooking in a casserole. Rib eye? That's the ticket



Where is "over your way?"

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