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06 May 2020


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Terence Gore

All true in my book but it would be very hard to prosecute and get convictions as the defense would be "We were working in the best interests of the US against the dastardly Russkies"

At least half the country believes it goes the Russians interfered materially in the 2016 election.

2018 poll



Now the 64 dollar question, WHEN are the DOJ/FBI/CIA/Obama administration perpetrators of this debacle upon Flynn going to be brought to justice, and put in Federal Prison orange. The sooner these perpetrators are ALL sent to prison, the better!


A lot of Police forces have an internal investigation unit, sometimes called “professional standards” units. They have wide ranging powers and very big teeth. It is very easy for the general public to refer a matter to them. Does the FBI and IC have the equivalent’?

Ray - SoCal

Great analysis, your article added a lot of context on why Flynn was targeted. What a horrible thing to do to a person.

http://meaninginhistory.blogspot.com/ that has been doing A+ work on the Flynn set up, linked to you.

Diana Croissant

Thank you for this excellent summary.

I remember these events well from your posts exposing what was going on in Syria as it happened. I also recall your suggestion that Seymour Hersh's "The Red Line vs. the Rat Line" was something we should read. (Hersh was important for my generation because he brought to light the details of the My Lai Massacre during the Vietnam War.)

Hersh's "Red Line" essay was indeed an important read. Wasn't it written in response to Obama's statement that he was drawing a red line against the use of chemical weapons...which he did not follow but which Hillary did use as an excuse somehow.

It's all a little hazy now, but this article clarifies a lot that I had forgotten.


If and that's a big IF, somehow these scumbags (Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Strzok, et. al) ever got to a courtroom, they'd be facing -
in DC - a jury of 12 Trump-haters and an Obama judge;see Roger Stone's trial.
Bottom line:
Until the swamp is drained and then burned (meaning all SES and over a certain GS level bureaucrats gone), we will continue to live under the thumbs of this corrupt "ruling class."
And getting rid of all these people wouldn't make much of a difference to most Americans;witness the notorious "shutdowns" in recent years.


Excellent summary. Yes, Flynn was scapegoated and dragged through the mud for embarrassing his "betters" with the truth. He made mistakes and was naive himself, but he did the right thing exposing their plan to arm and support a jihadi takeover of Syria and Iraq. The plan was to let them takeover and then take the "JV team" out.

They didn't want to send too many more troops to war. Americans had grown weary due to Bush's madness, so they used jihadis to carry out their plan in the Middle East and North Africa, to fill in the void while they could before Russia remained weak and China yet to fully emerge, to checkmate the grand chessboard Zbigniew wrote of while the US held unchallenged supremacy.

Obama was very naive about what Muslims are really like in some of those parts. It's best to liken them to Comanches. He bought into the Zbigniew/Neocon belief that they'll just be another Taliban, but ask any Afghan who managed to escape the country at the time and they'll tell you these guys are all devils, djinns.

It was very naive policy making and in the end Obama grew paranoid he was being screwed like Carter, that Benghazi was going to be turned into another Iranian hostage-like situation. It's a curious thing that Obama warned Trump of Flynn. In Obama's mind, Flynn was part of a conspiracy to screw him for choosing to back "Syrian and Libyan farmers" over American troops. That this was the US military brass showing him who's really boss and that they were trying to embarrass him. In reality, he made a bad policy decision based on failure to understand the region. His failures to under these people, exactly as Flynn warned, precipitated these failures.

Obama made a lot of mistakes, but thankfully he didn't make it worse by invading in spite of his red line. I have to credit him that much, but his failures in Libya and Syria are on par with Bush's failures in Afghanistan and Iraq. Disastrous doesn't even begin to describe these failures.

Trump showed a lot of promise that these circumstances would change for the better. Sadly, he has performed no better. Netanyahu and Pompeo are so far up his ass that they are now his ventriloquists. Obama should have warned him of those two instead.



"... internal investigation unit". If I run the IG and change the definition of "whistle blower" to allow hearsay evidence that is not admissible as evidence in any court in the Western world that still makes it okay to use hearsay, right? Of course it does. You forgot about Horowitz and his IG report already, you guys must really be getting desperate. Thanks for the laugh.


As much as I would love to see this "ruling class" brought low, by which I mean burnt to the ground, we face the problem of The Ruling System, outlined in this post on the Z-Man blog:


A little snippet from the post:

...We see the same thing has evolved in the American Empire. If you take time to read up on the Flynn case or the much larger plot around it, you see a large cast of people with one thing in common. They all live together as a social class. Some were having sex with one another. Others had been friends since college. Others developed their relationships when they came to Washington. All of these social relationships transcend the formal positions and titles of the people...

Z-Man examines this in various historical settings, Versailles, Communist Russia, before arriving at The Swamp. Interesting angle.


Small world, speaking of Seymour Hersh's lengthy CIA gun-running to Syria expose in "The Red Line and Rat Line", that all his prior media connections refused to publish at the time (Benghazi-Obama days), until it finally appeared in the London Review of Books- or something like that.

At that time of the Syria events, it appeared one of the biggest names in the background pushing for more support for Syrian "rebels", was the shadowy activist group AVAAZ.

Now comes the present day kicker, the mistress Antonia Staats of the recently fired UK "expert" Neil Ferguson that caused our global shut down with his wildly inaccurate corona death count numbers, works for US based AVAAZ. Did she have any influence over his draconian pronouncements based up on her known AVAAZ activism?

Who was it that says there are no coincidences? Long time since I saw any media attention given to AVAAZ, nor any final answers why the CIA was running such a big operation in Benghazi in 2012. However, all the same names and players still swirling around gives one pause.

Is AVAAZ just one more name for Bernnan's CIA, not like unlike CNN? Should these dots be connected or just discarded as one more right-wing wacko conspiracy theory.

Keith Harbaugh

Thanks for the excellent summary of how Flynn became "persona non grata" to various powers in the IC.
But there is another powerful group in Washington whose fervent enmity he drew: the Democratic establishment.

Keith Harbaugh

Adding to my comment just above, my personal feeling
on why there was such a push
to find something to prosecute Flynn over
was as a direct response to Flynn's leading of chants to "lock her up."
"What goes around comes around" seems to be an operative policy for some in Washington.
I can't help but believe that is what drove DOJ's otherwise inexplicable drive to find something to prosecute Flynn over.


Not yet confirmed, but it appears almost certain that Strzok's predicate for keeping the Flynn file open relied entirely on the Logan Act.


AVAAZ pushed FaceBook and Zuckerberg to ban about half of FB content on novel coronavirus, starting last month, Politico gleefully reported. [Two medical doctors in California 'out of step' with the diktats of some medical cartel's message, among those FB canceled, for example.]

AVAAZ, which pushed regime change in Syria, no fly zone in Libya, spews hatred of Russia, etc. is alive and well, working hard at increasing online censorship.

Their clicktivism business model and lock downs go hand in hand.

[[Avaaz discovered that over 40 percent of the coronavirus-related misinformation it found on Facebook. . .]]

[[Avaaz said that these fake social media posts — everything from advice about bogus medical remedies for the virus to claims that minority groups were less susceptible to infection — had been shared, collectively, 1.7 million times on Facebook in six languages]]

[[Avaaz tracked 104 claims debunked by fact-checkers to see how quickly they were removed from the platform]]



Keith Harbaugh

Acting DNI Grenell wants to release some transcripts; HPSCI Chairman Schiff wants to keep them under wraps.
Sundance discusses the situation here:



“ If I run the IG and change the definition of "whistle blower" to allow hearsay evidence that is not admissible as evidence in any court in the Western world that still makes it okay to use hearsay, right? Of course it does. You forgot about Horowitz and his IG report already, you guys must really be getting desperate. Thanks for the laugh.”

No laughing matter. The IG position is obviously politicized. It may be a surprise to you, but many police forces have an internal investigation unit that has extremely wide powers that. go far beyond those available in ordinary investigation. The staff of such units are a rare and disliked breed and the units are managed by the natural enemies of the police - criminal lawyers.

Given that I’ve seen what these units do here, I am surprised that Strzok, Page and others were not apprehended and charged very quickly.


Jim, thank you for the further AVAAZ info.

Call me gob-smacked. Hope the investigative media picks up this thread. Seymour Hersh, are you listening? AVAAZ felt sinister during the Benghazi days - also reacll some connections with Samantha Power and Susan Rice - Barry's Girls.

Maybe mistress Antonia Staats was on a mission; and not just being a scofflaw mistress? In fact is she trying out to be the new S.P.E.C.T.R.E Bond Girl?



IG's are no surprise to me nor the politicalization, such as Baltimore and Chicago, cities run by the same politcal party for decades. Or the "intelligence community" IG, who changed to rules to allow the scam of Schiff's supersecret whistleblower fraud to go forward. But then you probably forgot that guy like you did Horowitz.
"I am surprised that Strzok, Page and others were not apprehended and charged ...."

Larry insists that will happen. I'm not holding my breath.

The Twisted Genius

You all forget that Flynn pled guilty, under penalty of perjury, to lying to the FBI about his conversations with Russians. He never said his contacts were wrong and I don't think the plea deal said the contacts themselves were wrong either. I don't think they were wrong at all, but that's immaterial. As are any other of his alleged dealings with Turkey, Israel or Saudi Arabia. Short of proving prosecutorial misconduct, I think Flynn is SOL.


A curious timeline:

Feb 29 - DNC candidate Bernie Sanders, heavily favored by AVAAZ loses in South Carolina effectively handing the DNC nomination to Biden. AVAAZ also heavily supported Sanders against Clinton in 2016

March 2 - In Australia, FACEBOOK news pushes unsubstantiated toilet paper shortage rumors, hoarding TP quickly spreads to japan and Hawaii, making everyone suddenly aware of this "novel corona" virus. Panic buying grips the US, even when business experts said there would never be a TP shortage in the US.

March 11 - WHO declares global pandemic because of "novel corona virus"

March 16 - Imperial College of London Ferguson publically projects huge projected global"novel corona virus" death numbers.

US states and city lock-downs begin. Be safe - stay home.

March 30 and April 8 - AVAAZ key employee Antonia Staats breaks London quarantine and meets with long time lover, who just happens to be Imperial College of Medicine epidemiologist Ferguson

Could it be? The AVAAZ agenda reads like the most radical new wing of the Democrat party and its new breed of socialist activists - from overturning Citizens United to climate change. At best, they share many interests, agendas and buzzwords. At worst, they are a certain wealthy Hungarian octogenarian wet dream.

AVAAZ and their 60 million members world wide has certainly learned to exploit their agenda through very engaged global "click-tivism" and global petitioning of world leaders.

AVAAZ is worthy of more than passing curiosity, at this critical time of global melt down. My own gut feeling sensed some connection to the unfounded TP panic and the now embedded global corona panic that has just about destroyed the world's economy, along with lives and ways of life.


I read the essay;thanks for recommending a good read.
That is a part of what I was trying - clumsily - to get at.
An incestuous "ruling class" that will fight to the death to preserve its privileges and wealth (note that the richest counties in the US are in Virginia and Maryland) as Trump has belatedly found out.
The FBI internal affairs unit (OPR) exists to investigate low level agents doing stupid low level things.
NO law enforcement agency is going to seriously investigate itself.

Keith Harbaugh

The following is,IMO, an excellent summary of the situation, by Kevin Brock, former AD for Intel at the FBI:

Keith Harbaugh

There's quite an impressive list of court filings concerning the Flynn case this afternoon, dealing with, among other things, the withdrawal of Brandon Van Grack from the case, and a schedule for resolving the tiff between Covington&Burlington and Sidney Powell.
The best and easiest way to view these, IMO, is to Google
michael flynn courtlistener
Then click on the top entry, which yields the court docket for this case, starting with the first entry.
To put it in reverse order, showing the most recent first, click the button that shows a 9 above a 1.

The Twisted Genius

DOJ just dropped all charges against Flynn. He's free as a bird.



He can never be made whole for what has been done to him and his wife. BTW, Judge Sullivan accepted the DoJ motion.

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