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22 April 2020


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Steve I hope you got in contact with Daniel Griffin. He has been reporting their trial findings weekly on TWiV (recorded each Friday and normally posted on Sunday) as the infectious disease consultant for 2,300 doctors in the Tri-state area he has good data. https://www.microbe.tv/twiv/
Have you seen anything on sickle cell carriers and COVID? It would seem to be a logical cause of an increase in severity in the black population?

My son is a nurse in a care home in the UK and their problem is staff being moved between between homes in a small company with a few homes, plus agency staff which they rely heavily on. This is a recipe for disaster as they do not have the ability to keep the staff in one home so if someone is infected they may infect multiple facilities before they know they are ill.

re HCQ I also took it for years without ill effect but then I was healthy. This is completely different to giving it to someone with COVID without knowing how it will effect all of the immune system changes being induced by the virus. Same for everything else being tried. The US and UK have not signed up to the large scale WHO trials which is sad as they have the best chance of giving robust actionable data. All the individual trials, like the French and VA HCQ data, are well meaning but not comparable so keep giving us hints as to what may be going on but not answers.


Re Peer reviewed journal papers. This is becoming a problem there are so many papers in the pipeline I am hearing form journals that the are having real difficulty recruiting reviewers as most of those who you would normally ask are too busy either on their own work or already reviewing other papers.



Thanks for agreeing with me that the VA study was a waste of money.
" In the end, the group of old, broke down vets "
How does a fork work? Obesity isn't caused by military service.

"we don't know how HCQ interacts with these other viral effects."
The side effects of HCQ and the dosage at which they occur has been known for decades. If it had no beneficial powers the media would be bashing Trump with all the deaths it caused.



"How does a fork work?" Say what?



Obesity is a common factor in the study TTG is writing about. It is a bit late to do anything about it in the short term and it's a whole lot harder to reverse than to create.

The Twisted Genius


Obesity is a common factor across America as is high blood pressure, diabetes and a host of other ailments. Hell, old age is an increasingly common factor in America. If HCQ is only for the young and healthy, then it's not the panacea some claim it to be.


" I know NY, Maryland and Virginia are recruiting an army of contact tracers to help control the spread of the virus."

And you think that's a good thing?
Doug Bergum, governor of North Dakota was interviewed on C Span yesterday.
He described the "totally voluntary" apps that have been developed and "just rolled out" to enable contact tracing. "The federal government will not have access to the data accumulated on the app; it will be held by a trusted third party."
Queried as to his interest in such methods, the Governor said he'd been "in software" for many years, became acquainted with the Microsoft engineer who developed the app. He said that Apple rolled out a similar app the day after the Microsoft version. Now, 99% of "these magic supercomputers that you carry in your pocket" can have access to the app."

He emphasized that installing and using the app is voluntary voluntary voluntary: users are assigned a 36 digit code. If, months or years from now it is determined that that code was in proximity to someone who had, i.e. Covid19, he could be notified. "It's all voluntary."

Asking for a friend: What if Person X does NOT install the app or volunteer to be tracked, but is in the vicinity of someone who, (in my friend's heedlessly surrenders the right to maintain his communications networks to himself, but becomes known to the "army of contact tracers" who will soon become the new normal?

I don't think that's a good thing.

In May, 2019, David Goldman, aka Spengler, spoke at a small organization of former foreign service workers in McLean, VA. He warned the audience that "China tracks all its citizens, through cameras everywhere." He spoke of the monitoring systems Chinese officials have that display the whereabouts of every Chinese person, via his cell phone.

Today, US government is using cover of Covid19 to create the same "contact tracer" all-pervasive systems in USA.



You are a master of deflecting attention away from the point. The VA study you quoted is little more than a funded political hit job. The NIH used it to promote a national policy to stop using HCQ on any patients prior to hospitalization and of course, we need money for a study.

"If HCQ is only for the young and healthy,...."

Who made that suggestion, certainly not me.

Terence Gore

"The male policeman who died had diabetes and began experiencing severe cough three months ago, but did not seek medical attention, police added.

He complained of inflamed tonsils on March 4, and sought medical attention at FB Harrison Medical Hospital in Pasay CIty the day after."


Co worker related story to me today. Said she had a cousin who was the first Manila policeman who died. Said family said he complained of symptoms in December. I don't know if it is same person.

The Twisted Genius


The VA study was just a retrospective look at the outcomes of patients admitted for Covid-19 who were administered various treatments, HCQ, HCQ+AZ and none of the above. The HCQ and HCQ+AZ treatments offered no benefit to those patients. The "control" group was just as old, fat, sick and male as the other groups. These are the people that need an effective treatment. HCQ apparently isn't the treatment for that group. What's political about that?

You railed against the inclusion of old, fat sick males in this test like it was a setup. Sorry that's all the VA had to offer. Patients who don't need hospitalization seem to survive the virus no matter what treatment they get so it's going to be hard to show HCQ is more effective than other treatments. It still might be a helpful treatment. In other news, remdesivir failed its first trial. Of course it was a Chinese trial.



Not "raillied" that it is all the VA had to offer; Just offended at the money grab of NIH funds by some hacks who knew "...that's all the VA had to offer. ".

Terence Gore

"Adversaries only have to observe the havoc that this pandemic is wreaking to know that if they wanted to launch a bio attack, it could do a lot of damage,” said Weber. “It also provides the added benefit of some plausible deniability. There is obviously the potential blowback on your own population -- but depending on the adversary, they may just not care.”"



The VA virus study looks to be seriously flawed:


Infectious disease expert Dr. Stephen Smith told "The Ingraham Angle" Monday night that a study published last week indicating the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine showed no benefit for coronavirus patients in U.S. veterans hospitals was a "sham."

"I've no idea why [University of Virginia School of Medicine opthamology professor Dr. Jayakrishna Ambati] delved into this study, which isn't a study. It's a sham," Smith said. "I can't believe anyone took this seriously. There's not one dosage listed, cumulative or daily, of hydroxychloriquine or anthromicin. And people call this a study."

"Not one person in that paper saw one COVID patient. Only three are MDs [and] all [those] are ophthalmology trained," Smith said of the research. "It's a sham. It's a shame on UVA. I sent an email to the dean of the medical school at UVA. I have not heard back from them. It is an embarrassment that UVA allows this thing to be called a study."

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