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28 April 2020


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Leonard Strauss

"Do you believe that the military has never mislead in order to pursue a certain policy objective? * Do you believe the military would never use incidents such as this one in order to ramp up it presence in space or in other domains, as former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel once said "never let a crisis go to waste? * Do you believe that skepticism is never allowed, especially when it is aimed at the military who by the way has such a colorful track record of abuse and deception at lest in the past 20 or so years? USS Maine, USS Maddox, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, WMDs, etc. what about them?" All of the examples you cite are sins of the elected civil government. Rahm Emanuel never served a day in his life in the US forces.

Denny Prijadi

There’s massive documentation on military encounter with UFO , an example would be the Bethune Gander Incident in the 50s where US transport plane encountered a light ring off coast of Newfoundland , the ring rise instantly from sea level to the plane’s altitude and it is now clear it is an orange disc bigger than the plane (4 engined prop transport plane).

Pilots and passengers all saw the disc as it pace the aircraft for sometime until it flew off with incredible speed. Upon landing they were investigated separately and was shown a collection of UFO photos by the investigator. Obvious the investigator have access to multiple photo evidence and documentation.

US forces in korea also encountered many strange discs during wartime ops , as documented by NICAP. This to follow the WW2 foo fighter phenomena up to today.

Theres an interview with 2 retired montana sherrifs about their experience during the UFO wave and cattle mutilation in their territory. They told a story of a witness came to their office saying he saw a disc following closely behind a US jet.

France have COMETA report on ufo , and their mirage 4 nuclear bomber encountered a small UFO who buzzed them twice in figure 8 maneuver.

Australia air force Sea fury fighter flying near nowra was accosted by big shadow pacing him , also detectable on radar. Theres also the unsolved case of a cessna flownby civilian pilot missing in Bass strait after he reported he is being buzzed repeatedly by a green disc.

There’s so many real UFO cases from good sources like NICAP and MUFON. Their case list thousands of such encounters. Best cases was the Radar Visual sightings.

No one knew what they are , are they technological nuts and bolt or immaterial as they seem to exist between both. Expert like Jacques Vallee consider them interdimensional , which some might say it is an apparation that can be real for a time yet disappear like a ghost.

interestingly Jacques Vallee notice the eerie similarity between UFO phenomena with the ancient faerie mythology. The faerie that rule the land sea and air , who love kidnapping people and playing pranks on human..


I watched the Rogan interview and thought the Navy pilot was a very impressive and honest person. If it was a hoax by the government I think it would be something along the lines of Eric Newhill’s fourth theory, but I don’t believe that because I don’t think the phenomenon is limited to a few Navy pilot encounters— also, I doubt anyone on earth is advanced enough to pull off a hoax that could fool the Navy. The conspiracy theory that the government is doing this for funding occurred to me, but it doesn’t make much sense. I don’t see a massive increase in funding because of the alien threat and UFO’s have been around since the 40’s. ( Actually they have probably been around for much of human history, but weren’t seen as aliens until the late 40’s.). Any funding would go towards determining what it is we are dealing with. You aren’t going to convince people to spend an extra few hundred billlion dollars because of some UFO sightings. ( I don’t think our most advanced weapons would do much against aliens with their level of technology. It would be like Aztec warriors with obsidian lined clubs going against a tank. They had enough trouble going against Spaniards with steel weapons, horses, and some crude muskets. Maybe guerilla tactics would work if the aliens decided to be alien imperialists.)

My guess is that UFO’s are paranormal, simply because what they do seems to violate what we think are the laws of physics. On the other hand, as Clarke said any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, so it might be impossible for us primitives to tell the difference.

I agree with the criticism of materialist skeptics. They are as irrational as any of crackpots they criticize. It is some sort of obsession they have to make everything fit into their constricted worldview.

What is really interesting is how most people treat this. I think most people, certainly including me, are afraid of being called kooks, so this story is reported, people make some nervous jokes, and then change the subject,


If you are afraid of something like being thought a "kook" you would not have made it in my life experiences. We will continue to report on this here.

Eric Newhill

Theory #4 *may* apply to the Navy incidents. I lean that way, but am far from convinced.

One of my other theories may apply to other incidents that you note don't make sense as targets of a DARPA type program.

It doesn't have to be all one phenomenon. It could be different phenomena with similar results. Now that UFOs are in our collective psyche, various non-ordinary perceptions could be subconsiously interpreted to be UFOs - Or perhaps someone in DARPA has a sense of humor, of sorts, and is mimicking a real UFO with their technology. I really don't know.

As I said, once you get past the charlatans and delusional, there is definitely a paranormal realm that is real as can be. The only kooks are those who can't handle that truth and who prefer to convince themselves that we are mere meat robots in meaningless world.

j. casey

So, who calls up the official media arms of gov, meaning the Times and WaPo, who normally wouldn't give the steam off their piss to anyone pushing a story like this, and has the pull to get them to publish?

These kind of media ops are too cute by half. If someone has some tech to reveal to wow the serfs, then do so, otherwise it looks like adolescent posturing.

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