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28 April 2020


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"This implies something that either is a US activity or something that has a tremendous SIGINT capability and a deep knowledge of navy operations."

What is the most likely explanation for this phenomenon?

One could imagine advanced technologies that pack all the SIGINT capabilities of the USIC into a single autonomous drone.

Eric Newhill


I waver on what this set of phenomena are.

1. Nuts and bolts craft either piloted by creatures from another solar system/galaxy with knowledge of laws of physics well beyond our own; or drones guided by the same. Knowledge of CAP stations, maneuvers, etc. would have been obtained by long term studying of earthly military operations by a superior intelligence.

2. Nuts and bolts craft, but either bleeding through from another dimension or deliberately appearing in our dimension. This theory relies on there being a multiverse (which I personally think is probably valid). This is not so different from theory 1, but it does overcome issues around the physics of traveling such great distances as from other solar systems/galaxies. Deliberately appearing would be the more sensible versus accidental bleed through because of the need to have developed an understanding of SOP, like CAP stations.

3. The craft are interpretations of energies from the extended consciousness realms by the human crews of the Navy aircraft and ships' crews. This theory relies on the validity of our minds and very being existing in a much larger psychic-scape than we normally experience with our day to day rational and ego based focus (I think is 100% true). It further relies on the idea that what we normally experience is a consensus reality that is somewhat arbitrary and that is only one of many worlds that we can assemble from the available energies to which we connect as spiritual beings.

In this theory, the crews have entered into a shared separate reality - either by something they are doing, or by influence from entities and energies out there in the separate reality - or both; some kind of lock/key effect has occurred for whatever reason.

There is a psi component to many of these well documented encounters. Aliens could study naval maneuvers and understand things like CAP stations, but how do they know where the CAP for this particular mission is? I have seen sufficient "paranormal" events and have learned from the reports of reliable sources to know that it is possible for people to accidently or deliberately break from normal consensus reality and find themselves in a reality that operates very differently. The experience of these "new" realities can be shared by a group and recorded for comparison/validation later. Elements of the new reality can be psi, communication with the deceased, remote viewing, physical objects moving on their own, clocks stopping, unusual synchronicities, etc. However, the group is usually in close physical proximity and in an intimate environment, unlike pilots and ships' crews.

4. The explanation I lean toward is that some compartment in an organization like DARPA has created the ability to project holographic images and hack radar and commo systems. They are testing what would be an effect distraction/misdirection to an enemy force in the event of war. The system is being tested on US pilots and ships in utter secrecy, which would be necessary to truly understand its effectiveness in creating a believable illusion. They are using images that do not resemble enemy aircraft so as to avoid triggering unfortunate incidents and conflicts with other countries (i.e. they don't want the US Navy to believe it is under attack from a foreign, but very earthly, air force).

The Twisted Genius

Back in 1998 I had a long talk over coffee with Glen Dennis at the Roswell UFO Museum. He recounted his recollection of the 1947 crash. I did my best to critically assess his memory and truthfulness. I'm convinced he's right. He could not verify alien bodies were found but his account of hermetically sealed child-size coffins, preservation methods, odd wreckage with strange symbols and his nurse friend's account seem legitimate. Between this and all the unexplained sightings, I'm convinced we're being visited by extraterrestrial aliens.


When I looked at the clips my first thought was that it could be an image processing artifact. The target was locked into the cross-hairs just too firmly. Then again, I'm a HW guy so I've see lots of really weird SW/FW bugs over the decades...



On balance I agree with you and I do not think the USG is in direct contact with any. If they were the navy would not be confirming the authenticity of these videos.


One theme among many on this topic: UFOs/ETs have ranked at the top of USIC strategic priorities since at least the late 1940s -- higher than nuclear weapons. One wouldn't be surprised to discover that this is true, but without solid evidence one shouldn't assume anything.

Another theme: the CIA, ONI and a few other agencies have been developing UFO/ET memes for more than a half century as part of a psychological operations campaign with multiple long-term objectives in mind.


Eric Newhill's collection of speculations above is excellent. Worth archiving and referring back to.

Keith Harbaugh

Is there a DoD URL where these videos can be viewed?
Using Google, I can only find media stories and websites that state "the government has released videos ..."
Released? Where?



everything auto-archives on SST.


Metabunk comprehensively debunked these three "UFO" videos several years ago. With the re-release of the videos, Metabunk have helpfully provided a page with links to all their articles about the topic.

Go here:

Metabunk explains the UFO videos


keith harbaugh


Eric Newhill

I have been dealing with "debunkers" for years. When it comes to well done studies/the best evidence of things that are "out of this world", the debunkers resort to distortions of the facts, lies of omission and outright lies.

These people see themselves as the guardians of hardcore materialist 'reality". They also tend to have narcissistic personalities. They are going to show all of the fools and dupes and charlatans who's the smartest.

Do you not think the Navy would have first looked hard into the explanations that your Metabunk link offers as it hand waves away all things that mess with his view of reality? You think the Navy is unaware of those phenomena?


Genuis, read "The Talk Talked Between Worms" by Lee K Abbott. It's about 35 pages long.


I wrote this before seeing Eric Newhill's similar reply.

Do the scientific and technical resources of the USIC and Pentagon exceed those of Metabunk and Mick West? My best guess is yes. One would assume that the US government examined West's theories (and many more) and didn't find them to be persuasive.


I have been dealing with "debunkers" for years. When it comes to well done studies/the best evidence of things that are "out of this world", the debunkers resort to distortions of the facts, lies of omission and outright lies.
These people see themselves as the guardians of hardcore materialist 'reality". They also tend to have narcissistic personalities. They are going to show all of the fools and dupes and charlatans who's the smartest.

First, thank you for standing up for truth.
Second, in psi research, the irrational resistance to the truth has been called the "psi taboo." I think that the deniers are motivated not only by their personal psychological problems but also by powerful social problems.
Third, I was a staunch denier of UFOs, until I saw a very bizarre UFO that I could not explain. Now I have to admit that there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in my philosophy.


Assuming these are actually aircraft, I guess this means our understanding of gravity is incomplete. Or wrong. Probably also means relativity is incomplete. Or wrong.

That makes me happy. Because I’m sick of us having to get out of the gravity well on a poorly controlled explosion.

Wonder how much heat they were radiating at those speeds, and whether the heat levels increased when they turned at right angles.


Eric, I'll take Door #4. Thank you.

J. G. Murphey

Where have these events occurred? Are they all near the west coast of the USA? Any from the Indian Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, North Atlantic, South Pacific?

J.G.the j.g.


J.G. Murphy

One set of incidents was off southern California as it states in the article cited and the other was off Florida.

R Caudell



A Twitter feed of interest:

Today in UFO History


Try quickly scanning backward through a few months of UFO reports and decide for yourself if there are a few intriguing patterns in the data. It should come as no surprise that military establishments around the world have been taking this phenomenon seriously since at least the 1940s.

Leonard Strauss

I don’t usually follow news about UFOs, but these recent cases of UFO encounters are of interest to me mostly because of the timing of them and how they could fit into some aspects of possible new policy developments. If I remember correctly, the story was first reported by the NYT in 2017 and since then one of the pilots, Cmdr. David Fravor, a carrier-based F/A 18 pilot, has discussed his UFO encounters with the media, including a long podcast with Joe Rogan which I enjoyed listening to back when it came up.
I think there are a few things that might provide some explanation regarding these UFO encounters and how they could influence policy developments:

1. Redirecting more budget for the military (especially during these pandemic days, when the attention is pivoting to injecting more money into non-military/civilian sector, e.g. hospitals, healthcare, infrastructure, etc.)

2. AI and specifically containing China (we know it's mostly the Navy that are navigating the South China Sea and arguably closest to the Chinese forces there. By the way, I’m not suggesting that those UFOs are Chinese drones, since most of Cmdr. Fravor’s sightings occurred off the coast of San Diego. It is also known that China is heavily investing on AI and is an important part the ongoing U.S.-China rivalry)

3.Militarisation of the space or introduction of some kind of space race (with the U.S. Space Forces debuting last year, it needs to have a mission after all, right?).

Is this the beginning of a new frontier, i.e. a ‘Space Frontier‘? Shall we start ‘civilizing’ the space then?


Leonard Strauss

So, your automatic assumption is that the navy and Commander Fravor are liars and conspirators. You are a sad excuse for a human.

Sean McBride

Post Disclosure World


How can we get the DoD to give us their #BestAssessment on what the tic-tac UFO (or other UFOs of interest) are? Surely after hearing the litany of testimony from Navy veterans, this isn't a whole lot to ask and, frankly, should be expected.

Nick Pope

I asked DOD about the 'best current assessment'. They evaded, and when pressed, made it clear they wouldn't address this. Clearly, it's classified. Each possible explanation will likely have been evaluated, using something like the CIA's "Words of Estimative Probability" scale.


Leonard Strauss


First, I did not say they were outright lying or directly misleading the public and that no UFO sighting ever happened. I specifically said how the recent UFO sightings could potentially 'influence' policy making. I stand by what I expressed in the comment section. You have the liberty to interpret it however you prefer to sir.

Second, with respect to how much of a "sad excuse for a human" I am because you accused me of whatever you accused me of, even if you correctly captured my assumption, allow me to raise a few questions:

* Do you believe that the military is a saintly and apolitical institution and is not subject/influenced by political considerations?

* Do you believe that the military has never mislead in order to pursue a certain policy objective?

* Do you believe the military would never use incidents such as this one in order to ramp up it presence in space or in other domains, as former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel once said "never let a crisis go to waste?

* Do you believe that skepticism is never allowed, especially when it is aimed at the military who by the way has such a colorful track record of abuse and deception at lest in the past 20 or so years?

USS Maine, USS Maddox, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, WMDs, etc. what about them? would you condemn those voices who were skeptic about these aforementioned cases too, as you condemned me?

You sir are a sad case of abandoning the civil discourse and resorting to mere libel and medievalism.

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