10 April 2020


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James Fox

Thanks for this


Your readers may enjoy “The Master and Margarita” by Bulgakov, said to have enjoyed the patronage of a certain ex-seminarian from Gori, Georgia:


bob randolph

Pat, thanks for posting the script, but whatever happened to the fine video you posted in 2014?

Happy day after Easter,



Bob, I could not find it. Sorry. If you have not seen the film, "Risen" you might want to do that.

bob randolph

Thanks, too bad about the disappearance of the film version of "Today is Friday". It was dramatic, well acted and very realistic. I will have a go at "Risen".

Laura Wilson

Thanks for posting...thoughtful for Good Friday in a time of political stress. Nothing new under the sun, apparently.



I can vouch for this, it's an excellent book. There is something very special about Russian literature from this period in history(early Communism). "Envy" by Yuri Olesha is another masterpiece from this period. Regarding Hemingway, I reread his anthology of short stories every few years. While I love all of his writings, his short stories are the strong point of his body of work.


Never read Bulgakov's masterpiece. But have read his early work, 'The White Guard' and highly recommend it. Some claim it was semi-autobiographical because during the Civil War as a doctor he had been drafted into service by all sides.

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