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03 April 2020


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Yes, I did read that article and did post the link to that article on SST some days ago.

Precisely, this is more in the lessons learned category. Taiwan had a competent CDC who made it happen without much fanfare. Our CDC was out to lunch, even though they have a gigantic budget. OTOH, as you note our infrastructural systems are holding up remarkably well. Our internet and communications infrastructure has not failed. Our food transportation and distribution system have proven to be resilient. The question is will we learn any lessons and take corrective action including relieving those managers who failed the test? And our hysterical media have proven to be the jackasses they truly are.

As I have noted over the past couple weeks we really don’t know what the lethality of the Wuhan virus is and the projections are based on incomplete information and consequently could be flawed. There are more anecdotal examples that I am reading that with the exception of a few urban areas like NYC, Detroit and New Orleans there is limited stress on our hospital system. In fact due to the postponement of all elective procedures in many parts of the country the hospital systems are now severely under loaded causing furloughs of medical staff.

In the next few weeks researchers at Stanford and other places will conduct antibody tests on representative samples of the population. Then we’ll get better models and projections as we will have a better handle on the denominator. I remain hopeful that what they’ll find out is that the Wuhan virus is less lethal and that the percentage of the population with the antibody and consequently immunity is larger than perceived today.

A point that needs to be stressed is that we have a huge cutting-edge biotech industry and a highly capable medical diagnostic industry. They were not enlisted early to join in this fight. It has taken the FDA until last week to approve antibody tests as an example. This is all classic bureaucratic snafus, red tape and turf battles. Take for example the Paycheck Protection scheme. Due to the turf battles between Treasury and the SBA, many of the larger banks who are to front the lending can’t process the swarm of applications.



I am interested in the life and death of civilizations and individuals, not the egos of people like Fauci and Birx.



Guys who act up get a $1600 fine, assault an emergency service or HCW and it’s six months mandatory jail.

Fauci’ s claim was wrong but he may not have known it. Initially Coronavirus was thought to be transmitted animal to human. Human to human transmission was, I think, announced on 20 january. By 31 Jan, Trump had limited Chinese travel. We are talking very tight timelines and limited information.

We are in “five days in May 1940” territory in discussing this. Exactly what the timelines look like will be argued in books for years.

As for the Chinese, everyone knows that they are economical with truth and we always compensate for it. This should be no surprise.

As for Fauci, Birx, Trump, etc. they will be blamed, vilified, defended and canonized depending on people’s point of view. I think, from what I’ve heard on briefings and news, that they are focused on saving lives, period. Unless their is some Guru waiting in the wings, Fauci is going to keep advising trump. He is old enough not to care what happens to him and I hope, like Alanbrooke with Churchill, he gives full and frank advice knowing that Trump doesn’t want to hear it.


I think a lot of commenters here are unfair to Dr Fauci. He has been trying to not to clash with President Trump. He has not much of an ego, in my opinion.


An exerpt of a few Qs and As.

"Q: How are you managing to not get fired?

A: Well, that’s pretty interesting because to [Trump’s] credit, even though we disagree on some things, he listens. He goes his own way. He has his own style. But on substantive issues, he does listen to what I say."

"Q: You’ve been in press conferences where things are happening that you disagree with, is that fair to say?

A: Well, I don’t disagree in the substance. It is expressed in a way that I would not express it, because it could lead to some misunderstanding about what the facts are about a given subject."

"Q: Most everyone thinks that you’re doing a remarkable job, but you’re standing there as the representative of truth and facts, and things are being said that aren’t true and aren’t factual.

A: The way it happened is that after he made that statement [suggesting China could have revealed the discovery of a new coronavirus 3 to 4 months earlier], I told the appropriate people, it doesn’t comport, because 2 or 3 months earlier would have been September. The next time they sit down with him and talk about what he’s going to say, they will say, “By the way, Mr. President, be careful about this and don’t say that.” But I can’t jump in front of the microphone and push him down. OK, he said it. Let’s try and get it corrected for the next time."



"Guys who act up get a $1600 fine, assault an emergency service or HCW and it’s six months mandatory jail." So apparently no actual arrests since I didn't find any on google and there's no link to any.

"Initially Coronavirus was thought to be transmitted animal to human. " That looks more and more like it is just the Chinese cover story for this leaking out of their viral research lab.

"Unless their is some Guru waiting in the wings, Fauci is....." As indespensible and as reliable as Comey, McCabe, Vindman, etc.
"We are in “five days in May 1940” ..." When we are done we need "55 Days in Peking".
I do hope we follow your PM's example and tell the temporary visa holders it is time to leave. Stay safe.

China delenda est.

Kim Sky

"...their welfare must, to some extent, be sacrificed for the good of the herd of the young and fit."

The whole reason for the stay-at-home is to keep the hospital system from collapsing.

A relative of mine recounted YESTERDAY, the euthanasia she was told to perform, and did perform, on a 52-year-old-man, as they needed the respirator for someone else!!!

She says it is bad, getting worse fast, and that they do not have enough equipment. The country needs to protect their care-givers.

The State of Oregon, where I live, many businesses are changing their production, from beer - to hand sanitizer, from equipment to mask, and shields.

The country just needs a month or so, to manufacture what is needed, THEN, we can go back to work.

Just like Taiwan contained COVID-19 with millions of Face Masks. We can do the same.



kim sky

Touching but simpleminded.


Kim Sky

I live in Oregon also. Where is this hospital that doesn't have enough ventilators? Kate Brown, our governor, just sent NY 140 Oregon ventilators. If there aren't enough ventilators where your relative works, they need to notify the state health d3epartment to get more. Our numbers for infected and deaths are pretty low so there should be plenty of equipment.
This website is both a past and future projection of pertinent data concerning the virus, over all and by state.



> The US government's herculean efforts at relief of people and business are admirable but are really only temporary measures the effect of which will expire leaving the country with a need for further inflationary projects.

You mean huge ass corporations that should go into bankruptcy for their bad business decisions? (For example, the airlines that spend their profits on stock buybacks)

In reality, the small businesses that really need the money aren't getting it. There is plenty of videos of owners of such businesses being more than just pissed off about it.

This is starting to look like the 2008 bailout. In reality, nothing will change because the big corporations know they will get bailed out if something like this happens. All the while the little guys will suffer keeping their employees.


there has been a few articles on pray.these things happen.
I myself also prayed for 3 very bright meteors to flash through the sky in the hope that the light will kill the virus.so far only one has over england and the English channel and parts of southern Europe.2 more soon will be good.
my wife thinks I am nuts and puts her faith in science.
I told her the rocks alter the UV and destroy the virus at cellular level.
she said I have got rocks in my head.cannot argue with a woman.its a losing game.

Kim Sky

The nurse I was referring to is on the East Coast. As no one is allowed to report what is going on within the hospitals... the rest of the country is kept in ignorantance as to the horror that health care workers are facing.

1 or 2 million dead -- sounds great, hey i'd love it if a few billion died, then the planet would be a better place. but the actuality of this process is beyond imaginable.

AND, they do not have enough ventilators, much less N-95 masks. Another friend, we sent an aid package to.

How and why the US-gov can conjure up billions for Boing, the fracking industry, etc. And the smallest portion to go the people who are working is amoral, congress spends their time deciding who gets money, not HOW TO EFFICIENTLY DEAL WITH THE COVID-PANDEMIC -- unimaginable.

Catastrophe in hospitals, means catastrophe for police, fire departments, army etc.

Thanx for your site, I understand you don't want to post what I say.

Thanx again, you've helped me many a time to understand military situations around the world.

Chao, Kim

P.S. National Security as far as I understand it means having the capacity to be self-sufficient. Able to feed your population, not send computer jobs to India, not send almost all manufacture of drugs to China.

different clue

About China . . .

Here is an article about how the official ChinaGov mass mind molders are working to mainstream their anti-americanitic Blood Libel about how America " invented the virus and sent it to China".

It should be clear that the "nazicommunist" ChinaGov Regime poses some level of threat to America's ( and Americans') future existence.

While this episode will leave a lot of economic damage behind, it will also give us an economic opportunity if we will take it. And that is . . . the opportunity to decouple from China. To me, " decouple" means restore in America the industries and supply chains which our internal economic traitors sent into exile in China. As we restore and re-shore these things, we can restrict economic and other contact between America and China more and more and more. The end goal would be zero economic contact of any kind whatsoever between America and China.

We are told that we should expect and factor in the likelihood that Chinese "entrepreneurs" will lie and cheat one way or another, and that is our own fault for not being prepared. I reject this line of thinking. We don't expect that sort of behavior from the German Mittelstand companies ( I guess we do expect it from the German Megastand companies like Volkswagen nowadays). German old-family multi-generational middle-level bussinesses still uphold the very highest standards of personal craftmanship. If we must buy from abroad, they are the type of people it is safe to buy from.

Whereas the Chinese companies downhold the very lowest standards of personal schlockmanship whenever they can get away with it. " The lead pain goes in before the name goes on".

On a lighter note, here is a funny reply to the ChinaGov Blood Libel about how " America diddit".



Are you still trying to sell that lab escape conspiracy theory? It could be true but so could the other one that the US created it and released it in China. Did you hear the one about NASA filming the moon landings in Hollywood sound stage or that Elvis is alive and well and does a nightly show in Ouagadougou. All true honest guv.

Fauci is exactly who you should be listening to. I will be amazed if it turns out that Fauci was behind any of the cock-ups that have been made. I suspect it is because his advice was ignored, we might find out one day if all deliberations are not classified to protect the guilty.


Kim Sky,

You make a really bad propagandist. "As no one is allowed to report what is going on within the hospitals...." Somebody forgot to tell the head of numerous hospitals, their staffs, and people who can drive right on by on the way to work and - local media. "East Coast" is a lot of states and 100s of hospitals. Lots have zero or single digit patients.



Unlike the moon landing people I'm absolutely certain zero people sat in a meeting with Xi and said the way to destory the West was to release a virus upon their own people, since they already had a cure, they could use the panic as cover to crush the protests in Hong Kong and arrest other disidents and otherwise let havoc rain, then get rich selling the cure to the West. That's the plot line from V for Vendetta, not reality.

Thanks for letting us know yet again that expert opinion concludes that this came from the wet market down the road, just like the last epidemic. Which brings me to ask why the Chinese government has allowed them to re-open, just like last time.

"Fauci is exactly who you should be listening to.":
Fauci, January 26, 2020: "[The Corona] virus isn't something the American people need to worry or be afraid about." That was less than ten days before Trump's SOTU where he raised concerns about the Covid19 virus.
Fauci, February 17,2020: [in] "the United States there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to wear a mask"
Fauci, April 3, 2020: "Americans should wear a face mask as a way to help stifle the spread of Covid19".

Looks like his advice was wrong, wrong and late.

Fauci is also the one responsible for advising that all deaths be recorded as caused by Covid19 if the virus is present in the body at time of death. What does that do to cause of death statistics that are used in all that modeling that our expert government modelers are using to advise the president on what to do? We are back to looking at a highly contagious virus that is oftern fatal to older people with underlying risk. That's not a reason to destroy the Republic. Fauci wants an economic closure of society until there is zero risk, otherwise he gets blamed for somebody's great grandmother dying if we start go back to working. He is also the one discounting any other course of treatment until standard FDA protocals are carreid out. He is not a god, he is a falable human being.

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