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13 April 2020


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Whether they did it intentionally or passively intentionally through their disgusting cultural/living habits, they need to pay. The jihadists killed 2000 sum odd investment bankers on 9/11 and got the core of their whole region wrecked for generations with millions of deaths in return, and these people that suffered weren't even responsible. The Chinese are killing tens of thousands and causing irreparable harm to US/Western society and they are getting away with it under our noses. Americans should be baying for Chinese blood right now like they were for the Arabs after 9/11. But all I hear are virtue signalling entreaties to remember not to be racist against our yellow brothers. I guess an important ingredient is missing for us to see clearly: the Jewish ingredient



"The viruses came from..." Which is why the 'wet markets' are open again? We'd sure hate to see Chinese communist virology labs lose access to bats to extract viruses for genetic engineering now wouldn't we?


Thanks JJackson and Eric New Hill for your comments.

The mutation explanation would strongly argue against the layman perception that "if US has all 5 strains, then the COVID-19 virus must have come from US".


"The jihadists killed 2000 sum odd investment bankers on 9/11 and got the core of their whole region wrecked for generations with millions of deaths in return, and these people that suffered weren't even responsible." The key part of this sentence is "and these people that suffered weren't even responsible." Lets try and not repeat the mistake of attacking the wrong target again. There is NO evidence that any human was involved in this zoonotic event, either American, Afghani or Chinese.


I am unconvinced for the following reasons:

1: Chinese spy everywhere, all the time, whereever they can easily get in and easily get out. Western Universities are simply very easy and lucrative (in terms of knowledge gained) targets. Money legally bypasses a lot of security concerns (it would also do so in Russia, but not legally, a foreign power seeking to spy on Russia would need to utilize pre compromised beurocrats and personell to "insert their people", and these are a finite resource. In the west, university staff which let probably agents pass by due to full tuition do so legally for the most part), and such money transfers dont even have to be hidden.
All that is neccessary is outfitting a reasonably bright patriotic Chinese agent with a different identity (very easy task for China). If this original Chinese agent never was abroad, no other government knows of him anyway.
Economic/scientific espionage is the normal between states (even between nominally allied states, as the massive US spying on European states shows), especially between sovereign states with competing interests such as the USA and China.

2: Due to trump, more focus is placed on Chinese rather then other spy adventures, due to this, more chinese spy adventures are discovered. I think this goes misdiagnosed as an increase in Chinese spy activity, but could simply be seing a greater part of the iceberg.

As far as the Russians are concerned, its proven western duplicity (Maidan essentially means war) and open outright hostility coupled with an unrelenting propaganda war from the west compared to long terms hostile designs not noticably elevated about what is normal in great power competition from China, I sincerly doubt that Putin will change much. Russia is by far Chinas strongest neighbour, the Chinese are pretty machiavellian, they will go after other targets first. When they do so, the climate in the west will either shift in Russias favor enabling a western-Russian entente on terms Russia can live with, or it wont in which case Russia will aim to create terms it can live with in tandem with China, by force if neccessary.

One of Napoleons greatest blunders was his regime change adventure in Spain (which in some ways resulted in creating the conditions for Russias defection from the continental system, thus resulting in his even more decisive invasion of Russia), he eventually recogniced this. I have my doubts that the current US elites will appreciate their own blunders (Maidan was probably the dumbest action, after outsourcing their manufactoring to China, they could have realistically done. The only really stupid thing left available they didnt do yet is to invade Iran.) while still in power.



Most of that reinforces my opinions and judgments.



When God-Free (hyphen is deliberate, communists, and none more so than the Chinese variety, love to flaunt their militant atheism, it's communist virtue signaling) Roberts started appearing in your comments, I knew something was up.

God-Free is a notorious ChiCom shill over at unz.com where this person has posting privileges as a regular. Given your vigilance concerning commenters' insidious agendas, I didn't raise any concerns, as I knew that you would smell this out, considering how transparent his presence was.

Injection of propaganda into dissident conservative blogs of influence seems to be a concerted plan. I think of it as "hasbara" from the Middle Kingdom. If they can't persuade, they hope to at least sow confusion and disinformation; this is forwarded through exploiting the admirable ethic of fair play and free speech so basic in most of the West. Wormtongues, indeed...



"There is NO evidence that any human was involved ..."

Not yet, or at least not yet in public. However I have it on credible authority that Russia interfered in, oh wait, that's a Non sequitur, rather than a valid arguement about public policy and the trustworthyness of governments and private actors with vested interests that are opposed to the lawfully elected government of the USA.



A similar injection of propaganda and social pressure is happening on Facebook. Lots of commentary about the 'idiots' (and worse adjectives) in Lansing, the value of life and if you don't support the statewide shut down, etc. I find it interesting that I haven't spoke to any of these individuals in months, if not years, and now thanks to creative algorithm math, wallah! looky here at the real 'crisis' as shown by real nurses on the front lines and OMB and so are his supporters so do what you are told. Rather predictable and reminiscent of what happened on social media in the run up to the 2016 election.

Of course all hospitals in Detroit and 'overwhelmed', except that's not the case; and certainly not the case in the rest of the state. No more so than Florida, where I currently am. It is not just confusion and disinformation but dissention that is desired, and not just by China. My state senator (michingan) has a 'virtual town hall' on: "Michigan's Truth in Sentencing Law." Still no response to another constituent's question on when he's hosting a town hall on when we can unlock the state.

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