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02 April 2020


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Paul Damascene

Patrick's updates are always brilliantly brief, so much so I wish they were longer.

Add to Leader of Free World leadership in solidarity: scooping masks on the tarmac intended for France.

Will check Helmer, because after being I think the first to close border with China, and being pretty rigorous at least in Moscow airport (others too?), I had the impression perhaps RF took eyes off the ball for a bit. Late to suspend football, (hockey I would understand), and all that late night disco dancing ...

And as the devil Xi put it: this sickness is a devil. Hope it doesn't come back to bite them, because there is no number of ventilators sufficient once things get up a doubling daily head of steam...

Here's hoping not.

Canada was on that best prepared list #5, and aside from S. Korea and perhaps Australia (under testing?), it looks like none of those countries deserved to be there.

Oddly in Canada there may have been a surfeit of expertise -- Medical Officers in BC and Ottawa basically wrote the book on SARS; overconfidence and an inability to allow the precautionary principle to prevail over the technocrat's "nudging," "hedging" gradualism.

But lost MOJO, emphatically yes, it would appear.


"The propagandists leap to their keyboards..."
They did that on the German aricle too, which quoted an "Welt am Sonntag quoted an unidentified German government source as saying Trump was trying to secure the scientists’ work exclusively"

Thanks for Stephen Walt's (of Harvard University) essay, he wrote in 2018 "The Realist Case for Impeachment" . Certainly can't be an anti-Trumper. As to oil an import tariff could set a floor price in the US and stabilize fraking companies. The US could use the revenue too.

Patrick Armstrong

Germany story. OK. but something seems to have happened. https://www.politico.eu/article/trump-coronavirus-vaccine-germany-curevac/

English Outsider

Mr Armstrong - Might I add that CureVac did issue an explicit denial that President Trump had tried to get exclusive rights.

Unfortunately that hasn't stopped the rumour becoming stated fact to most Europeans, to judge from comments I've seen.

I also noticed at a recent Press briefing President Trump going out of his way to acknowledge a plane load of medical equipment the Russians had sent over.

Am I being over-optimistic in thinking that Trump wants detente but is held back from it by the neocons and the big donors?


Re your "Saudi why?" comment.

The link below is to a graph showing the increase in US production as opposed to Saudi over the past 10 or so years and it is stark. The US up by 8.5MBPD the Saudis 1.8MBPD although of course the Saudis started from a higher base.

In March I think the Russians basically said to the Saudis, you and the US control the World $ oil market, sort it out between you. The Saudis, with those figures in mind, may have suggested to the US that between them they share a cut in supply. When told no, the Saudis decided to destroy the economic basis for unconventional oil. We will never know what actually happened but as a gasoline user I'm happy.




I'm sure something did. "to secure exclusive rights" is in that story. It sounds like somebody in Gemany is throwing that company under the bus. "There are open questions about CureVac's leadership. CEO Daniel Menichella, a U.S. citizen, had to abruptly leave the company after he participated earlier this month in a White House meeting where Trump reportedly approached him with his offer." Somebody got a promotion, now would a carefully leaked fake story manage that during times like this?

Did you hear the latest about 3M, N95 masks and distributorships prioritzation on Tucker Carlson tonight?


The Great Musk:
Musk: a funky aroma, an artificially sexy smell.


"Russia, China and Cuba"

Re Russian help: Is the stuff useful? I mean for the pateints/docs, not as contribution to Russian propaganda.

China: China received support when they had issues, what is now so special that they deliver?


Here's another one for you from Clownworld, courtesy of Andrei at his Smoothiex12 blog:


Sending top shelf ventilators made by a Russian firm under U.S. sanctions? I wonder if this is some sort of ironic Russian humor, besides being a bridge-building gesture, of course. If it's a troll, we richly deserve it, IMHO.

Remind me again why we are not working collegially with this talented nation of Russia.

Patrick Armstrong

Gee, I guess we'll have to sanction the USA for breaking the anti-Russia sanctions before it sanctions us for not sanctioning sanction-breakers.



I will give you 100% TrueUkrainian (the new plucky "democratic" friends of the Great West, remember?) answer - of course not!

As everybody knows (tm), Russian help is not just useless, but promotes this dreadful, aggressive “Russki Mir”, that stands for everything wrong, compared to the bright* genderless globalist and eco-friendly progressive future.

Western countries and their populations, that have become the subject of the brutal and aggressive Russian humanitarian help (that’s Italy and US of A) in order to maintain ideological integrity and robust correct-think, have to adopt a few simple measures, already tried and tested by the great patriots of the Ukraine:

1) Ask any Russian doctor and member of the medical personnel, that might try to treat you, about their attitude towards Putin, war in Syria and to whom really belongs the Crimea (optional for the Westerners – also ask about gays and representation quotas). If the answer is not 156% ideologically pure, refuse to be treated by such violent satrap of the Regime!

2) Stage a raid on a warehouse with the medical masks from Russia, and expropriate every single one of them! In order to prevent innocent bystanders from ever using such vile tools of Russian propaganda in their daily life, find a new and creative way to dispose of them. One such use is beloved by all truly patriotic members of the Ukrainian civil society (like C14 and “UPA-UNSO”) – use them to make torches for your next rally!

3) Be proactive citizen – refuse to use Russian lung ventilators! Die a free person!

*) But not too bright as not to offend epileptics.

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