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30 April 2020


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blue peacock


The DOJ & FBI are in the executive branch NOT in the judicial branch. They are the ones who have bankrupted & harassed Flynn. And it is the DOJ & FBI of the Trump administration!!

I agree that the judicial branch especially the FISA court rubber-stamped the executive branch and issued FISA warrants on Carter Page with no due diligence.

But by and large what we have seen is massive malfeasance in the law enforcement and intelligence apparatus, both in the executive branch in two administrations - the Obama and Trump administrations.

Despite a coup attempt against POTUS Trump, the Trump administration has yet to prosecute anyone. The only people who the Trump administration have prosecuted are those that backed Trump.


Looks like another 32 pages on top of the other 17,000+ discovered. I wonder what Boring Barr is doing?

Larry Johnson

Be patient. Barr is letting the system work.


Larry J

I will believe it when I see it.



"The system" gave us Comey, Mueller and Weissman, then Fauci and friends; all of whom will gladly help destroy the Republic if it will drive Trump from office.


Fred why has Fauci got folded into this, he has absolutely nothing to do with mess?


Academics like Fauci and Birx who take a direct role in national policy decisions involving not just public health but also political and economics crises must expect to become part of the debate over the results of their "advice."


pl, Fred
I had not seen Fauci speak on anything but COVID, what did I miss?



He advised the president behind closed doors to shut down the economy.


If he recommended home isolation for non essential workers to slow down the rate of spread then isn't that what he is supposed to do. Obviously it is going to have an economic impact but not doing so would have have a public health impact. Which path to take would be a political decision. Whose job would it have been to make the economic counter argument?



He is not supposed to be instrumental in destroying our economy. Trump has been intimidated by all the s--t thrown at him. He should have known better than to let Fauci and Birx persuade him. Ultimately it is his responsibility. That comes with authority and is inextricably linked to it.



"non essential"
I'm sure that sounds better in German. As the Col. points out Trump was foolish to listen to a 40 year veteran bureaucrat advising what amounts to economic destruction of Republic. It remains to be seen if he can recover from the self inflicted wounds.

Keith Harbaugh

Sundance gives a detailed review of (the failures of the FBI)

to inform appropriate authorities of how it (mis) handled its

investigation of LTG Flynn here:

Keith Harbaugh

Update: WOW!!!!!
The government has now filed a
See Document 198 on the docket.
That's a total win for Flynn and Powell.
They could hardly have asked for more.

And as a side note, I have recently been reading the views of Marcy Wheeler on this case, who totally focused on the narrow issue of whether Flynn "lied" to the FBI.
She was unable to see, or acknowledge, the larger issues at stake.
One hopes she can admit her error.

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