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30 April 2020


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Keith Harbaugh

My opinion on what the people who so vilely persecuted the American patriot General Flynn deserve;


No indictments.
Not for this bunch of swamp rats.
One set of laws for the swamp, another for America.
And now the same swamp - the bureaucrat pinhead version - are destroying the economy and shutting down the country?.
Terrible decisions based on worse "data" AND tank the economy and Trump's re-election chances.

blue peacock

Flynn has been bankrupted. He has fought valiantly to restore his honor ALONE. His fate is in many ways in the hands of Judge Sullivan.

Trump other than tweet has done what for someone that brought military and national security cred to his campaign? Let's not forget that Flynn was fired ostensibly for lying to VP Pence. Exactly what the putschists wanted to accomplish.


blue peacock
Flynn is a nice Irish Catholic boy from Rhode Island whose father a retired MP staff sergeant and branch manager of a local bank successfully cultivated the ROTC staff at U of RI so that his two sons were given army ROTC scholarships in management, something their father could understand. Michael and his brother, both generals are NOT members of the WP club and therefore available for sacrifice. Michael Flynn occupied a narrow niche in Military Intelligence. He was a targeting guy in the counter-terrorism bidness and rode that train to the top without much knowledge or experience of anything else. He and his boss Stan McChrystal, soul mates. He was singularly unqualified to be head of one of the major agencies of the IC. IMO Martin Dempsey, CJCS (a member of the WP club) used Flynn to stand up to Brennan's CIA and the NSC nuts at the WH while standing back in the shade himself. That is why Obama cautioned Trump to be wary of North Korea and Michael Flynn. And this "innocent" was then mousetrapped by people he thought were patriots.



True then, but what was not expected was Trump neither resigning nor being impeached nor getting a new AG who would launch the Durham investigation. I wonder what FISA warrants are out related to the Chinese virus and associated communications with US and Chinese nationals. At least we don't have Obama's cast of characters involved in that, unless we have his "j.v." team.


Someone that doesn’t show up much in The NY Times or the Washington Post now but was the central character in numerous scurrilous stories. Svetlana Lokhova was falsely slandered for having an affair with Gen.Flynn and accused as a Russian agent by CIA/FBI agent Stefan Halper.

What we learned today from the STUNNING document release in the case of @GenFlynn 1. FBI opened a full-blown counterintelligence investigation in 2016 on the ex head of the Defense Intelligence Agency while he was working for a political campaign based on one piece of false intel


Its mind blowing the vast tentacles of this conspiracy at the highest levels of our law enforcement and intelligence agencies. It is even more mind blowing that the miscreants have profited so handsomely with book deals, media sinecures, GoFundMe campaigns. None have been prosecuted.

Complete banana republic territory.

Keith Harbaugh

Does "WP" in your comment above mean "White Protestant"?
I think explicitness in this important matter is needed.

David Habakkuk

Keith Harbaugh,

West Point.

Phil Carson

Read once Ben Franklin advocated for the idea of impeachment in cases of corruption and other crimes by those within government, who held high office and or positions of trust. Ben's number one reason had to do with assassination, in that he believed impeachment was a suitable alternative, what he termed "political assassination", instead of the dirt nap kind. The important element here being the act of lethal assassination, lets take JFK for example, was fraught with many bad unintended consequences. No doubt on that.
Rational and reasoned. Good critical thinking.

Yet, maybe Ben I think was not faced in his time with what is one big whopping organized global crime syndicate hiding behind the cored out shell of a Constitutional Republic they deliberately have orchestrated, in order to maintain a figment of legitimacy, thus garnering consent from just enough of a plurality, by hideously unconscionable means, to maintain political power.
Vox Day stated very well what these people are:

“The Radical Left Democrat Party Leadership and the seditious Press represent merely the outward manifestation of the dire threat posed to the sanctity of our Constitution and to the well-being of our Nation and its people. They are merely the mouthpiece for others: powerful, sinister, secretive elements, both here and abroad, intent on destroying the very social, political, economic, financial, and cultural fabric upon which Western Civilization has prevailed for hundreds of years: the independent sovereign nation-state.
These extraordinarily powerful, inordinately wealthy, abjectly ruthless, amoral, sinister forces that comprise a small cadre of Neo-liberal Global “Elites,” no longer attempt to hide their intentions from the mass of average, ordinary, law-abiding, morally upright people that make up the majority of the population of our Country…” - Vox Day

Here's a basic list of by all rights, who must, nothing less is acceptable, be subject to the same laws they save themselves from yet hold us good folks to without mercy or care, and the documents so conveniently they run behind to protect themselves from our just wrath but at the same time deny us those same protections.

Hillary R. Clinton, (and her and her husbands organization), Barack Obama, Susan Rice, John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Rod Rosenstein, John Carlin, Mary McCord, Michael Atkinson, James Baker (DOJ), James Baker (DOD), Loretta Lynch, Sally Yates, Dana Boente, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Joseph Pientka, William Priestap, Bruce Ohr, Kevin Clinesmith, Robert Mueller, Andrew Weissmann, Aaron Zebley, Jeanie Rhee, David Lauffman, Senator Mark Warner, Senator Richard Burr, James Wolfe, Rep. Adam Schiff, Eric Ciaramella, Col. Alexander Vindman. Players outside government include Glenn Simpson, Nellie Ohr, Christopher Steele, Stefan Halper, Sidney Blumenthal, Cody Shearer, David Kramer. The following media figures might be named as unindicted co-conspirators: Dean Baquet, Martin Baron, Jeff Zucker, Andrew Lack, Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell, Chris Cuomo, Joe Scarborough, David Corn, David Ignatius, and Ari Melber.”

A good start.

Ben was pretty sharp, but so was Patrick Henry, very prescient in fact, as he pointed out the administrative centralism, (our administrative tyranny, you pick which one), suddenly from nowhere shows up in the form of a federal constitution over a viable functioning Compact of Confederation of 13 individual sovereign nation states, Henry said the Constitution was "this beautiful butterfly with poison under it's wings", and smelled like a "rat" too.
Time seems to prove both right in more ways than each may have thought of.

These ruthless people, as Mr. Day points out, do not understand how mean good folks get when you violate their codes.
And no small number of us good folks are armed to the f%#king teeth for good and proper reason.

Nothing prosecuting and hanging say a select number of about 100 of them, for their "high crimes & treason", wouldn't solve much of the political and social happening, over night.

Now I'm probably to the right of Genghis Khan in my political views. Moving further with each revelation of how bad these people are. And most of my life, all I ever wanted was to be left alone to have enough to eat, buy my wife something nice once in a while, and a decent job where I contributed something back to this awesome civilization we have.

You can shovel the horse manure on me till I'm buried, nothing with change the truth: good folks do not do these things. I keep repeating this to myself when I am overwhelmed with how corrupt and malicious these crooks and usurpers are.
Good folks do not do these things.
I'm a good folk.
I'm close to becoming a very mean good folk.
I and my clan are armed to the teeth.
And that right there is what it all comes down to. Guns. Always has been about guns. You watch, these actors have spent 247 years trying to disarm us good folks. They have run out of pussyfooting and beating around the bush, its now or never, time has become the key resource for them. They will do anything now to get our guns or liquidate us with guns. Mark my words or laugh. You will see. Everything else will be a side show, a joke. Its all about guns, which = power, all there really is, is power. As CCP Chairman Mao pointed out, all political power grows from the barrel of the gun.
Really interesting secret here, my rifle, my power, my consent, my power, my natural power to say "I Won't" and mind your own business, is not only the most powerful and dangerous weapon ever devised, my property, my rifle, my consent given or withdrawn, is the single most legitimate thing possible.
These clowns can not countenance that legitimacy, that I have such power, it is power they can never have or possess, its the only true legitimate power, and that my friends comes down to the two greatest oldest sins. Hubris & Envy.

Hang em' high.


Looking at the Priestap notes, Strozk comms and Page cheerleading leads one to question why are political appointees (Comey & McCabe) making final decisions on going after Flynn when the overall case had been handled by a field office where it belonged. McCabe was biased from the Flynn defense of Gritz, Comey had already played his political hand in the Clinton case and Baker knew this and did not advise to return it to the field office. They were ill served and also the gang that could not shoot straight especially with eager Peter pushing their political buttons.
Knowing Lawyers I’m sure there other CYA notes or memo’s that will be forthcoming especially Big Jim’s memorialization of this event.


Blue peacock,

Check out this tweet by Mike Cernovich who has couple million Deplorable followers on Twitter. The question is this type of sentiment like what you expressed more prevalent?

The FBI didn't frame Flynn only to seek revenge for Hillary's losing.

They were sending a message to the people who got Trump elected:

- We will frame you, too, and Trump won't do shit when we do (other than maybe cry on Twitter).

Message heard loud and clear.



Jonathan Turley one of the law professors who testified to House on the impeachment.



Phil Carson
Based on their behavior for the last 2 months of corona "crisis", it would be dangerously naive to think that cops WOULDN'T come to seize your guns on the orders of some petty tyrant (ie. Governor of Michigan, NY, Calif., etc).





I think Hussein Obama was the fish's head, and the fish rotted from the head. I cannot prove that some of the recently disclosed handwritten notes were written by Obama; various handwriting experts have criticized some speculations on that topic.

I would be very happy to see the deepest elements of the swamp drained, but I recognize that the swamp in question is surprisingly deep.


Larry, et al,

The recently, still heavily redacted, documents show this to be a contrived set-up. The Small Group had blood in their eye for Flynn, but what was the contrivance that really got the ball rolling to box Flynn in?

James Kunstler has been closely following the whole complex of plots arising from the actions of the Small Group, and posting his thoughts and deductions on his Clusterfuck Nation blog. In this latest posting, he supplies his answer to that question:


He points toward the significance of Obama's expulsion of Russian diplomats in punishment for their supposed "interference" in the 2016 Presidential election. The trap consisted in sparking the communications between Russian ambassador, Kislyak, and Flynn, before Trump had been inaugurated and Flynn in an official position; the careful timing of this communication serving as the pretext for official surveillance being authorized, as seems to have been common practice at the FBI, through lieing to the FISA Court. This directly ties Obama into the plot.
Of course, while Obama and his accomplices had been honing their skills in surveillance as a political weapon for years, they had found the Achilles heel in the Court's gullibility after getting burned in the earlier episode conducted by the IRS, and instead "went through channels" instead of freelancing through political appointees or fellow travellers in the bureaucracy as heretofore. And thus was the connivance toward establishing a "perjury trap" instrumentalized.

blue peacock


IMO, observant Trump supporters are looking at the Flynn travesty and asking what did Trump do other than "cry on Twitter" as Cernovich says?

What if Barr/Durham turns out to be a nothingburger like Huber? What if the coup plotters are not even given a slap on the wrist like Comey's "exoneration" of Hillary?

These are real possibilities. Trump may be just like all the other politicians he rails against. Craven to the establishment power brokers. Drain the Swamp another campaign slogan for the gullible.

His complete abandonment of Flynn, Roger Stone and Manafort should be a message to everyone. Don't assist Trump. He'll throw you under the bus!

One of the early excuses of him not declassifying the docs was that would lead to impeachment for obstruction of justice. He got impeached anyway. There's gonna be diehards who will accept any rationale for his inaction especially around declassification which is what has allowed all the malfeasance to be hidden for so long. Those who think for themselves and don't look at everything from a pure partisan lens see the reality that Trump does not back his people.

blue peacock

"And this "innocent" was then mousetrapped by people he thought were patriots."

Col. Lang

Well said. Not only was he mousetrapped by people in the FBI & DOJ who he thought were patriots; he was also abandoned by the POTUS he helped elect as no other military or national security official was willing to be associated with Trump's campaign.

Maybe as you say, he was just a targeting guy and was easy chum for the DC sharks. I just have a lot of sympathy for this poor man and his family who have been put through the wringer for the past 3 years and left to twist in the wind by Trump who could have easily declassified much of this and ended this travesty on a naive but decent person like Flynn.

Phil Carson

JJ, I agree, Kuntsler's piece is a dandy. One of many. The dictum "They can't stop the message" applies in spades to Kuntsler.

Before the 2016 color revolution I read a couple revealing pieces where Gen. Flynn was highly knowledgable due to his time in DIA regarding the various actors within the obama regime, and how word was they considered Flynn a most dangerous adversary, and existential threat to themselves personally because of his knowledge of their activities and their agenda as a whole.
It's understandable then the advantages of destroying Flynn in any way possible from the regimes immediate objectives and their global order as a whole.

I think, and this seems to be increasingly prevalent of late, these usurpers overestimate their political and social medium power to "control the message". No longer do they hold the unchallenged total media/medium monopoly of what is allowed to be disseminated by the dirt people in the "wild".
Andrew Breitbart said something that has always stuck with me about their rhetoric and politiks, that "Culture is always upstream of politics".

Without radical pogrom, machinations of genocide, and lethal liquidating of people who are not cowed and fearful of your totalitarian strategy of making all you can afraid, and singling out easily those who do not, refuse to, take council of their fears, it is very difficult, without resorting to use of threat of force and application of violence to hurt, or kill, to regain control of messaging.
This I believe is where these Fabian/marxian scumbags go wrong. They are victims of their own ideological farce, barn blind, where they think they have more power over peoples minds and self determinism than they do. To a high fault. Some even believing in their ideology they employ to hide their true identity as really nothing less than organize crime figures in an international crime racketeering organization. Maybe this is the useful dupe aspect of the minions and sycophants among the ranks, along with the amerikan Nomenklatura who infest every branch of government. Maybe some they actually believe in the light bringers cargo cultism. Hard to say. I'm a simple dirt person, I've had to educate myself of these clowns agenda methods of operation, their objectives and ultimate goals. Mostly thru inference and deduction.
One things clear to me, they are not more than criminals, in brooks brothers suits, employing trickery of illusions of legitimacy and as claiments to power never theirs or anyones to make claom to or usurp in any way remotely resembling but a fig leaf of legitimacy.
General Flynn represents a most effective catalyst for creating a crisis of legitimacy. This is where they really do not understand how important our codes and values of Western Christian civilization, the idea of rule of law, and sovereignty of the individual as sacrosanct, that sovereign state of natural being, and elements of ordered liberty, right to arms, as owning personal property, being the first thing, right to petition without fear or bad consequences the government of will and consent of the same governed, the Unalienable things which constitute crux of our civilization. What they do not grok is Flynn wether they proscribed him or left him alone, would not change this essential truth, their illegitimacy and corruption was always going to be revealed openly. It's the nature of their corruption and treason, they are ultimately their own worst enemy. It's not Flynn or Trump or us Deplorable's who are the enemy, it is themselves, we who defy and resist and shine the disinfectant of the truth upon them, and rightfully prosecute them, are icing on the cake. Totally necessary indeed. Regardless they are what I call THEM, The Human Extinction Movement. Everything they touch they destroy, including ultimately THEM selves. Their grip on the levers of power is hard to dislodge at first, but the nature of such power and the actors themselves, once that grip is first ripped away, they begin to fold, a trait all such dishonest so thoroughly corrupt characters share in common, they fold in totality. That power, its magic, evaporates into thin air.
Look how quickly the Soviet and their Nomenklatura class, who once owned Russia in fee simple, collapsed. How suddenly it transpired. Remember Yeltsin, standing on a tank outside the Kremlin, those tanks their guns pointing at the multitude of Russian dirt people congregating by the thousands in protest, Yeltsin walks up the steps and enters the inner sanctum of world socialism, and upon returning outside in minutes, all the tank guns pivoted to point safely way from the people.
It is the same thing what transpired on the eve of November the 8th, 2016, She, who They, believed She could never loose, the next in line anointed regime leader of Globo=pedo, never suspected this contemptuous basket of mouth breathing, this great mass of the unwashed, trailer trash, heathens, helots, racists, this basket of hideous deplorable's could ever win. Impossible.
They still refuse to acknowledge this was possible, for they hold us dirt people in such contempt, we are incapable of such defiance and resistance to their divine rights as kings.

Got news for them.
The withdrawal of our consent is the most powerful weapon ever devised. It's not specifically numbers, how many, not even needing to be a majority, nor even a large minority, it's almost undefinable what it is, but it is and it exists, it is what made America possible. Sam Adams said it best about it takes a determined indomitable plurality.
When such a plurality of people, which is legion across this land, 64 million who showed up on 11-8-16, 50,000 who showed up on 1-20-2020 armed to the fucking teeth in Virginia, when this legion begins to grok they are such a determined, indomitable Plurality, then we become Legion.
I Won't!



"he was also abandoned by the POTUS he helped elect"

How many electoral votes did Flynn help win?
"abandoned" - It ain't over yet and if any of the actual corrupt DOJ/FBI/Democrat operatives get indicted we might see Flynn back in the administration. I hear the FBI will be needing somebody to run the operation and clean house. That ought to make for a fun confirmation hearing.

M Paun

Perhaps Trump has been sitting on the conspiracy story so as to use the info at the time that it would be of most value to him: his reelection

Besides, a proper investigation takes time and must be meticulous


Blue Peacock,

Indeed, you might say that Trump let Flynn twist in rhe wind, when by the expedient of declassification he might have been rescued.

Well, maybe, but then maybe not, because it is equally possible that an early declassification might have been ineffective because many, many things needful have only gradually come to light, and thus earlier on would have not have been subject to declassification due to them not having even been known.

Amother consideration is that President Trump was fighting for his own vindication against the whole of the Borg and rather occupied during that time interval.

And here is another thought; if Trump's vindication involved the discrediting of the people and institutions arrayed in battle against him (and by extension, the restoration of the legitimate, intended functioning of the Constitution, and the Republic), then considerations of timing enter into any counterattack, and sometimes that may mean acceptance of some losses until the time is correct. So Flynn's discomforture, along with that of other framed up Trump partisans, might have had to be swallowed until the hammer could fall on the seditionists with full effect.

During WWII Prime Minister Churchill faced a somewhat analagous situation. The British, with the help of the Polish resistance, had come into possession of a German Enigma machine, and this enabled them to eventually break the German naval code that was employed in communications with their submarine forces. While Britain faced strangulation from the depredations of the Kriegsmarine submarine forces, if the British were to give the Germans too much reason to believe that their code had been compromised, and the Germans changed it, whatever advantage had accrued to the British for positioning their ASW forces through discrete, and selective use of their foreknowledge would be lost. So Churchill had to accept that they dare not tip the Germans off, and this meant acceptance of a likely level of lost vessels and casualties, bitter as it may be. The time was not correct, they did not have the upper hand in the Battle of the North Atlantic at that stage.

Perhaps President Trump and his allies, facing such a situation, have been forced to a similar resignation in order to permit time to work towards a crushing counterattack? Precipitate action might jeopardize this.

I speculate, but also hope for such an outcome, after which the wronged, slandered, and bankrupted may have their day.

blue peacock


Your hypothesis while plausible doesn't seem to be the operative case in my opinion for the following reasons:

- The persecution of Mike Flynn, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Carter Page and George Papadopolous took place under the Trump administration.

- It is Trump's own nominee Rod Rosenstein that kicked off the Mueller investigation.

- It is Trump's own nominee Chris Wray that has been suppressing Brady evidence in the Flynn case.

- Trump himself has had numerous opportunities to declassify but punted on each occasion. First time when under implorement from people like Devin Nunes he said he was going to do that, only to be persuaded by Rosenstein to not do it. The next time he passed it over to Barr.

- With the exception of "crying on Twitter" as Cernovich calls it, Trump himself has not demonstrated so far that he is willing to take ownership of the problem festering in his own administration for the past 3+ years.

- His big supporters like Sundance at the Conservative Treehouse, have hypothesized that he couldn't really declassify as that would mean impeachment by the House for obstruction of justice. That's exactly what happened but no declassification was achieved either.

- Others claim that Trump's own nominees are Obama holdovers or Deep State and of course he has no responsibility in nominating them.

- Others claim that Trump has to nominate Deep State or else they will not be approved by Senate.

In light of the above, we can draw two conclusions. One, Trump is just a nominal POTUS and has no influence or control of his own Administration. Or two, Trump while "crying on Twitter" is really playing his own Deplorable supporters.

Bottom line is that the only people sacrificed so far are those that backed Trump. The Flynn case is so egregious. The man and his family have been bankrupted and harassed by the Trump administration for 3+ years.


blue peacock - do you overlook we have three separate and equal branches of government? The persons you claim have been abandoned by the executive branch, are presently being victimized by the judiciary branch being held to laws written by the legislative branch.

A very clumsy system for sure, but as Churchill recognized is still better than just about any other. Timing is indeed everything.


Vengeance is a dish best served cold. Wait for a second Trump term.

There is no time left for a cleaning of the stables before the election. President Trump also needs an untainted mandate in my opinion, otherwise the conspirators will just say: “this action PROVES we were right and Trump is a Russian tool!” We don’t need that before the election.



"Wait for a second Trump term."

There will be no second term if he does not clean house; but of course you know that. The Republic needs justice done to the criminals who staged this attempted coup, not vengeance.

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