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25 April 2020


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Agree, and thanks for the update.

"Forum shopping" is real so reasonable reservations about certain venues, like the District of Columbia, are well placed. Barr is doing us a favor not rushing to judgement at the first court on the block, or around the corner.

Start low and slow - test the waters - Lady Justice has a history of winking under her loosely bound blindfold.

Fabien Chalandoon

Dear Mr. Johnson
I am a longstanding friend and, jn a previous investment Banking Life, a former partner of Charles Ortel, and I have worked on the Clinton Foundation, namely UNITAID, its largest donor, itself funded mainly by French taxpayer, and recently on the Giustra Foundation Financial relationships with the Clinton one, which I fully deconstructed with interesting discoveries, including circular funding with amounts which did not reconcile.
I have one question: I do understand that US prosecutors have immunity for their prosecution. But does it extend to abuses, misconduct and fraudulent behavors, and if it does, where is the silver line?
With many thanks
Fabien Chalandon


I will answer for LJ since I have a lot of experience with court proceedings in the US. Prosecutors can be punished for ""prosecutorial abuse" in both state and federal courts. This can extend to disbarment and imprisonment. Examples are the false prosecutions of Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska and of the Duke University lacrosse team for rape. Prosecutors in both cases were punished.

Bill H

Thanks for the effort at keeping up hope, but I will believe it when I see not only indictments but arraignments.

"the Judiciary Center and the Courts they use in the District of Columbia, show significant signs of corruption and deceit." And how does that continue for so long without being addressed and corrected. What is being as we speak to do anything about it?

noel s. cowling

Thank you Mr. Johnson for your "Dawn of Justice. I lack patience, was becoming concerned, and have now become somewhat relieved. I am aware of Barr's history before his first term as AG during the presidency of GHW Bush. I would like to ask him about Robert Johnson.

Keith Harbaugh

Sundance reports some more anonymous sources speaking about what and why FBI/DOJ did:

Charles Schulte

What you must ask yourself is what made the top players think they could get away with it? Because no one has been watching out for the corruption for a long time, or they hire only those willing to play the deceit game. The whole institutions need dismantled from the top down. If this includes the innocent so be it, they had their chance to come forward with the truth. All positions should be rotated to stop institutional bias. I’ve never had much use for lawyers, sometimes knowing the laws gives you great insight on how to get around them, or worse yet, write in the loop holes that so many in power use.


President Trump, answering a question about Flynn in the rose garden a minute ago, said what has happened with Russiagate “must never be allowed to happen again “. He repeated it twice.

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