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22 April 2020


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Keith Harbaugh

God bless John Solomon, for all the great reporting he has done despite all the obloquy he has had to endure.

blue peacock


Appreciate the doggedness.

But....honestly what is Trump actually doing about any of this? Is he an impotent POTUS when it comes to corruption and malfeasance in the executive branch even when there's a soft coup against his own presidency?

Something doesn't smell right!


The Hill fired him for telling the "truth."

Sadly, that is the American MSM today.

Bill H

peacock; You ask a good question. I would also ask, what is Barr actually doing? He's making some talk, but of what actual consequence?

There was another investigation, by Horowitz I believe, that was going to let a lot of cats out of many bags and supposedly result is very high level indictments - up to and possibly including Clapper. Where is it?

Big Joe

I don’t think that there’s a chance in hell that any one of those clowns will be indicted for anything

Keith Harbaugh

Haven't heard much at SST about the SSCI report on the January 2017 ICA concerning supposed Russian interference. CTH analyzes it here:


Keith Harbaugh

Look in the archive. We were all over that fraud.


Barr apparently likes to talk "tough" like a lot of the swamp inhabitants.
When push comes to shove the swamp will always take care of its
own - regardless of political side.
If anybody gets indicted,I'll GIVE away my pair of unicorns


Looks like the DOJ is releasing more info on the Flynn case and the corrupt conduct of the entire FBI/DOJ cast of characters. Sidney Powell has some info:


Sundance has a write up as well.

Keith Harbaugh

A significant new development in the Flynn situation:
Among other things, sundance sees Dana Boente as a major part of the problem.

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