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19 April 2020


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blue peacock


CALPERS hiring a "former" card-carrying member of the CCP is baffling. How many such infiltrators do we have at high level positions across our corporate, financial, academic, think-tank, government and military landscape?

It seems our Counter-Intelligence team led by Bill Priestap and Peter Strock were too busy chasing Russian phantoms in Trump's underwear to focus on actual threats of CCP infiltrators all over the USA. What is Trump's CI team doing? I'll be very interested to learn.


Walrus - what are you referring to? You had mentioned a Straits Times article...?



Straits Times article on Chinese duplicity



Well said Colonel, and thank God for your site! Keep up your good efforts.

It's war! You can see that the Chinese have invested significant money and efforts in propping up the "Americans created the virus" and the "Patient zero was an American" memes in media. They have gone on the attack saying it as if it is proven fact that the virus originated in the US. The Chinese have surely been handing cash out readily - b's site moonofa is one such which has sold out and is beating the pro-china/anti-US drum. A lot of MSM publications are also supporting China on this (advertisements, cash to editors, donations to institutions, research grants, etc). Last month the Nature magazine published something so ridiculous on the nature of the origin of the virus that it was unbelievable.

Keep up the good work and keep shining the light! God bless!!
The truth will out someday



"Being beastly to guests..."

Being beastly to those who invite you into their country merely confirms to the American people that communist China is run by uncultured savages. The global China virus death count is now 176,000 and still growing. The elites and children of the elites are the ones who were invited into the US to attend our univiersities and work in our businesses. I invite them to go home and overhrow the savages running China and restore a cultured and just government to their country, just like they had before the communists took over.



"interestingly enough most of the countries surrounding China have weathered the covid 19 quite well. Vietnam has had no deaths.The warnings went out early because they had the intelligence,or were warned by China."

Not because of advance knowledge. It is because they have a lot of experience with the SARS epidemic before.


"Having experienced the SARS1, avian flu and other recent epidemics, Vietnam acted early and pro-actively in response to the Covid-19 threat. When only 27 Covid-19 cases had been detected in Wuhan City in mid-December 2019, Vietnam’s MoH issued prevention guidelines, including close monitoring of border areas and other steps to prevent infection of its population."

"With officials acting quickly to trace and test contacts, as well as quarantine and treat the infected, Vietnam contained the first wave of infections in January. Following a second wave of 41 new cases, Vietnam imposed a national isolation order on March 31. The country has already conducted more than 121,000 tests, with more than 75,000 people in quarantine or isolation."

Yeah, Right

walrus, hospitals in Australia can - and will, and have - reprimanded and/or dismissed medical staff for talking in public about things that they are not authorized to talk about.

"A police “reprimand “ in China is not a life threatening event?"

Yes, yes, yes, both Fred and you are convinced that Dr. Wenliang's life was hanging by a thread when he was reprimanded because.. well.. because.. China, AmIRight???

But when you actually look at the evidence, rather than just rely on your gut instinct then a different picture emerges.

From the official court record: "Wuhan City Center Hospital, except for talking with Dr. Li Wenliang to understand the situation, did not give him any treatment, punishment, did not revoke his medical practice qualifications. The hospital did not deal with Dr. Li Wenliang on January 3, 2020 after the public security authorities issued a commandment. On December 9, 2019, Dr. Li Wenliang completed a six-month outpatient rotation to serve as an inpatient in the ophthalmology department, until he became ill on January 10, 2020, and he had been working as an ophthalmologist in the hospital, with no adjustment sits in the schedule and before he was interviewed."

Fact, hey, how inconvenient, AmIRight?

He was shooting his mouth off.
The authorities pulled him in and told him to shut up.
He then shut up and went back to work.

Scary stuff, surely evidence of just how heinous the Yellow Peril is.

"What planet are you from?"

One that tries to be far more grounded in facts than yours, walrus.

Yeah, Right

"Yes, I admit China's heavy handed treatment killed him."

Fred, covd-19 killed him. You might want to try reading the articles that you link to.


thanks walrus for Straits Times article. have another look - the initial relatively unsophisticated sequencing identifying a SARS-like substance occurred December 27-30, consistent with the timeline. The WHO was informed on December 31. The novel coronavirus was not fully sequenced and identified until January 9-11. The sequence was published for all on January 12.
It took another week to confirm/prove human-to-human transmission. I am not aware of any medical or science experts who have suggested there was any evidence or suspicion of coverup or delay.

It was revealed by WHO yesterday that a 15 person team from the US-based CDC were specifically detailed to work on the virus with the WHO beginning January 1 - or one day after the initial input from China. As well, top US health and administration officials were receiving information in real-time from a further dozen US CDC persons regularly posted at WHO headquarters throughout January. This does not support a concept that US officials were somehow in the dark.



In addition to the IC getting to the bottom of the current particular regarding the CCP poisoning the whole world with their CCP Virus release. It is hoped IMHO that the IC will also delve into just how many Bio-Weapons (strains, origins, number of Bio-Weapons currently in development AND production by the CCP/PLA/MSS apparatus; the number of Chem-Weapons and types and their development/production; as well as the CCP/PLA/MSS Nuclear-Weapons development/production that is underway).

It is hoped that putting two heads together, as such information is vital to the survival of both nations, that Russia's IC/MOD/MIZDRAV/VECTOR will work together with our IC/DoD/USAMRIID to keep the CCP NBC programs at bay.

The CCP NBC program is an immediate threat to both our U.S. and to the Russian Federation. And this CCP Virus has been an eye-opening event for the Russian Federation of just how dangerous and reckless the CCP/PLA/MSS are.


Yeah, Right,

Thanks again for the sophistry. Let me know what your sources tell you about the Covid19 treatment he recieved in that Chinese hospital he died in.

Yeah, Right

walrus: "Chinese companies were sequencing the virus mid December and were pretty sure it was like SARS."

That statement is incorrect even according to the very article you use to support it.

"On Dec 24, the doctors took fluid samples from his lungs and sent them to Vision Medicals for testing"

December 24 is not "mid December", walrus.

"On Dec 27, the lab worked had sequenced most of the virus' genome and had confirmed it was a coronavirus similar to the Sars virus"

Again, the Chinese did not become "pretty sure" that this was a SARS-like virus until December 27, which on my planet is "late December", not "mid December".

Honestly, there are some people at this blog who merely skim through the available data, presumably because they are impatient to reach their pre-determined conclusions.

jim ticehurst

China knew...by November 2019..Packaged it December 2019..Invited everyone to the Peoples Party..January 2020..Sent then out to the World..RED Hot..Radiating..The CCP Experiment in CBW..and Look how Fast they could take Civilizations and Military Assets Down..FOO Fighters..Using an Outhouse Weapon..Amazing..and Now..? Business as Usual..Same Game...Next Level...

Yeah, Right

jjc: "It took another week to confirm/prove human-to-human transmission."

This is the only thing that I find... odd... about the timeline.

A week to confirm human-to-human contagion seems like a long time to me.

Mind you, I also do not know what the protocol is to "prove" such transmission.

Everything else seems to me to be pretty much on the money: the ticking clock starts when the hospital sent a fluid sample to the test labs (December 24) and received the results (December 27).

The WHO was informed December 30, which is actually commendably fast because it appears that some samples sent to another testing lab was misdiagnosed as SARS i.e. the health authorities were receiving conflicting information.

From then on it appears that the Chinese followed the rule-book. As did the WHO. As did the Atlanta CDC.

Yeah, Right

Fred: "Let me know what your sources tell you about the Covid19 treatment he recieved in that Chinese hospital he died in"

Sure, always happy to help. But I have to point out that these are actually your sources because I'm going to start from this article that you provided earlier:

Within it is a link to an article that describes the Chinese investigation of his reprimand:

In Mandarin, of course, which I do not read.

But Google Translate is always your friend, and that translation shows up a link to the full, public, official report:

Again, Google Translate is your friend, because it provides a full timeline of his illness.

I won't reproduce it in full as that would be an abuse of the Colonel's patience.

But in short:
"On January 6, 2020, Dr. Li Wenliang admitted an 82-year-old eye patient. The patient developed fever on January 7 and was subsequently diagnosed with new coronavirus."

"On January 12, Dr. Li Wenliang was hospitalized in the Second District of Ophthalmology, Wuhan Central Hospital, and was diagnosed with acute conjunctivitis and lung infection in his right eye." (not sure if the mistranslation is for "eye infection" or for "right lung")

"Dr. Li Wenliang is arranged to live in a single room for isolation, to organize dedicated shift care, to monitor blood oxygen saturation, heart rate, blood pressure immediately, to give respiratory support and anti-viral, anti-infection, phlegm, stomach protection and other symptomatic support treatment, using hormone and gamma globulin."

It goes on from there, but I will point out that Wenliang came under the care of, in turn:
a) the "team leader of the new coronary pneumonia in-hospital medical treatment team"
b) a "professor of the Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, Tongji Hospital"
c) the "head of the Wuhan New Coronary Pneumonia Treatment Expert Group"

All in vain, of course, and he was then transferred to another hospital and placed in an iron lung, but by February 7 he was pronounced dead.

It's all there for you to read. Feel free to pass it on to any physicians that you know and ask them to comment on the treatment he received: I'd be genuinely curious to hear what they have to say.

But to a layman like myself it seems clear that the medical authorities in Wuhan tried everything within their power to save him.


This is quite interesting. I think the Colonel would have some opinion about the assertions in this Pepe Escobar article.


"... the ABC News report according to which intel collected in November 2019 by the National Center for Medical Intelligence (NCMI), a subsidiary of the Pentagon’s Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), was already warning about a new virulent contagion getting out of hand in Wuhan, based on “detailed analysis of intercepted communications and satellite imagery”."

"The bottom line is explosive: the Trump administration as well as the CDC had an advance warning of no less than four months – from November to March – to be properly prepared for Covid-19 hitting the U.S. And they did nothing..."

"And then, validating the ABC News report, Israel steps in. Israeli intel confirms U.S. intel did in fact warn them in November about a potentially catastrophic pandemic in Wuhan (once again: how could they possibly know that on the second week of November, so early in the game?) And NATO allies were warned – in November – as well."

"Moreover, the Israeli disclosure supports what’s nothing less than extraordinary: U.S. intel already knew about Sars-Cov-2 roughly one month before the first confirmed cases detected by doctors in a Wuhan hospital. Talk about divine intervention."

Yeah, Right

TonyL, without knowing the ABC source then the Escobar article is nothing more than speculative and unsubstantiated drivel.

Barbara Ann

Yeah, Right

The link to the ABC News article is right in Escobar's piece. More unnamed sources 'leaking' material damaging to Trump. The Pentagon has denied the existence of the report referenced, so I guess whether it is speculative & unsubstantiated drivel or not depends on who you believe.


Jim S

The same Pepe Escobar who described the CCP's response as "breathtaking"? Hmmmm. Mmm-ahhh-haha...


Jim S,

As the Colonel always said "Source and Information must be evaluated separately", or something to that effect. Look at the information, which has been cited in Escobar article. Barbara has point out where the ABC source came from above.

I'm interest in the Colonel's opinion about The Times of Israel source.

Yeah, Right

"so I guess whether it is speculative & unsubstantiated drivel or not depends on who you believe"

Who you believe is a concept that relies on knowing who is doing the talking.

The Pentagon has officially denied the original ABC report, while Esper was nonplussed when asked about it - it is clear he had no idea what the reporter as talking about.

But follow Escobar's link to the ABC story and note how it very quickly goes from
"according to four sources briefed on the secret reporting"
"according to two officials familiar with the document’s contents"
"one of the sources said".

Note also that this last source is the ONLY one who gets quoted.

The other three signaled the truth of the story by vigorously nodding their heads, apparently.

I think that ABC report really had only that single source while the other three "confirmations" wouldn't pass even the most cursory of sniff-tests for credibility.

Jim S

Please be assured my reaction has nothing to do with the quality of the intelligence or even of the article itself; indeed, it was a low-quality comment and I somewhat regret making it. I apologize if I gave offense.

Israel's official position is certainly of interest.


Yeah Right, or should I call you "Somthing to Think About",

NPR from a month ago is the best you can do from Sydney?
"The party’s top disciplinary body said the police force in Wuhan had revoked its admonishment of Dr. Li Wenliang that had included a threat of arrest.

It also said a “solemn apology” had been issued to Li’s family and that two police officers, identified only by their surnames, had been issued “disciplinary punishments” for the original handling of the matter"
"Police in December had reprimanded eight doctors including Li for warning friends on social media about the emerging threat. China’s supreme court later criticized the police, but the ruling party continued to tighten its grip on information about the outbreak.

The party has faced similar accusations of bungling or thuggish behavior following previous disasters. They include the 2003 outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, a 2005 chemical spill that disrupted water supplies to millions of people in China’s northeast, sales of tainted milk that sickened thousands of children and the failure of private finance companies after the global economic crisis.

In each case, officials were accused of trying to conceal or delay information people said they needed to protect themselves.

The party often responds by allowing the public to vent temporarily, then uses its control of media and the internet to stifle criticism. Critics who persist can be jailed on vague charges of spreading rumors or making trouble."

I'm sure NPR was not lied to by the Chinese government, who lied earlier but were definitely really, really not lying in March when speaking to NPR. CNBC, on the other hand, is less credible than the Communist government of China. Thanks comrade. China would never lie about treatment of the doctor they reprimanded then exonerated after death.


Jim S,

No offense taken.

If I may also point out the Pentagon denial regarding the ABC's report.

"Colonel Shane Day, the NCMI director, denied last week that any such report existed. “As a matter of practice the National Center for Medical Intelligence does not comment publicly on specific intelligence matters,” he said. “However, in the interest of transparency during this current public health crisis, we can confirm that media reporting about the existence/release of a National Center for Medical Intelligence Coronavirus-related product/assessment in November of 2019 is not correct. No such NCMI product exists.”"

It is a narrow denial (NCMI might not be the author of the report that reached the Pentagon and the White House) . Also the ABC's sources might have changed some minor details to cover their tracks, or they have not actually seen the final report.

Yeah, Right

Fred, you have made numerous claims in this thread, IMO every one of them incorrect.

The three I particularly dispute are these:
1) "Dr. Li Wenliang, who was arrested"
2) "and forced to recant his warning about the Wuhan virus."
3) "Yes, I admit China's heavy handed treatment killed him."

All are glib assertions made without even the slightest attempt to fact-check.

Here are the facts, easily attested to following the very links that you provided:
1) Dr. Li Wenliang was an ophthalmologist at Wuhan Central Hospital.

I want you to mull that first point, Fred. He was an EYE doctor with no direct knowledge of what was happening in the Respiratory ward, and he certainly was not a hospital administrator and therefore did not have the authority to speak out on social media on, well, anything to do with public health in Wuhan.

2) He posted his messages on social media on December 30, categorically stating that this was an outbreak of SARS.

Again, mull that point, Fred: WHAT HE POSTED WAS WRONG. The Wuhan medical authorities already knew that this was a novel coronavirus, not SARS.

3) On December 31 Wuhan authorities inform WHO of a novel coronavirus in Wuhan

Once more, mull the date, Fred. Li's "warning" pre-empted nothing. The authorities who *were* tasked with discussing this *were* doing their jobs. There was nothing that needed to be "warned" against.

4) On January 3 the head of the CDC in Atlanta was discussing this outbreak with the head of the Chinese CDC

5) On January 3 Dr Li Wenliang was called in by Wuhan police and given an official reprimand.

Note those two dates, Fred: the police could not have been attempting to "hide" this outbreak on the very day that this outbreak was being discussed at an inter-governmental level.

6) The police documented that Li was not authorized to discuss hospital details and had incorrectly claimed an outbreak of SARS.

Note that the basis of that reprimand is true: he was not authorized to speak on behalf of his hospital, and HE HAD HIS FACTS WRONG.

7) Li signs the document, tucks it under his arm, walks out the police station and.... goes back to work.

That is an important point, Fred: the official report categorically states that the police reprimand was both the beginning and the end of his "punishment". He retained his position in the hospital, his responsibilities were unaltered, he continued to see patients.

8) On January 6 he saw a patient with an eye complaint, that patient subsequently was diagnosed with Covid-19

9) On January 10 Li began displaying symptoms of Covid-19

10) On January 12 he was admitted to the Ophthalmology Ward, and from there was progressively moved to more intensive care

11) On February 6 Li died of Covid-19

Now those are ALL facts, Fred, fully documented and freely accessible to you.

This doctor made a mistake on December 30 by repeating scuttlebutt on social media. The scuttlebutt he took upon himself to repeat was not only wrong, but was already known by the authorities to be incorrect. Not only that, but he took it upon himself to blabb misleading rumours at the very time that the Chinese authorities were informing the WHO about the real state of affairs in Wuhan.

His social media posts were a mistake in judgement on his part, and when he was officially reprimanded by the police he took it on the chin, admitted that he had been an idiot, and then WENT BACK TO WORK.

Honestly, I can't make it any easier for you than this.
It's not "sophistry". It's "research".
You should try it one day.

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