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06 April 2020


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mark logan

Sounds like the BS by which the USAF has fighter jock captains lead attacks in which the unit commander is just flying along with the group. Us grunts let the boss lead no matter how f---d up he is.



Yes the admiral was in command of the whole thing and could have relieved the CO. Which would have caused different publicity.


Did you not notice the "We are not at war" is conveniently the opposite of what Trump is saying about this pandemic and its response? The CO decided, like Vindman and he who John Roberts would not allow to be named in the Impeachment trial, what is the best policy for the government. He has wonderful cover for this with zero testing availabilty onboard and the knowledge that nobody in the press is going to look at the risk profile of the crew and conclude comorbidities are going to be essentially zero and the most at risk, by age, are going to be the admiral, the CO, and the other senior officers and NCOs.


The air group aboard the TR, CVW-11 in this case, is typically commanded by an O-6 Captain, NOT an Admiral. The Strike Group Commander would be the Admiral and in many or most cases his flagship would be on a different ship within the group. Perhaps on the USS Bunker Hill CG-52? Which btw also made the port call to Da Nang.

And speaking of Da Nang, the port call was not up to Captain Crozier. It was pushed by the state dept in order to 'commemorate 25 years of diplomatic relations':


Mark K Logan


That analogy fits well. In the air the COC can be fuzzy. If the lowly Lt. pilot-in-command of the bird says "We're bailing out!" Sir Air Admiral best put on a chute. From Big Boss to passenger in a flash...differences in opinion on the matter will be sorted out on the ground.


@ Bill Wade, Apr 7 2020:

"I don't care what you think about Armstrong but if you live outside of the United States you might want to give him a second look and try to start buying some US Dollars when you can find them."

1. I live in the USA and many money men I consult, including family members who manage billions in assets of "global wealthy families" are attempting to diversify from US dollars.
This calculator of Value of Dollar over time provides a helpful estimate of the size wheelbarrow needed to move all those dollars -- "Just like Weimar"

Many asset managers are counseling that currency will disappear, to be replaced by electronic means of exchange or cryptocurrency systems.
Or you can base decisions about your financial future on numerology, like Armstrong does, when he's not running a Ponzi scheme from his jail cell.

Me? I consult the fortune teller on Connecticut Ave. Beautiful dogwood tree just across the street assures me the gods smile on the surrounding dirt.

2. As for Martin A. Armstrong, his a-historical version of Hitler & mercy killing is the least of his many misdeeds:

"[He] uses his own computer model based on pi. He spent 11 years in jail for cheating investors out of $700 million and hiding $15 million in assets from regulators. . . .

"The case against Armstrong was finally closed in 2017, with the distribution of about $80 million to claim holders by the receiver, according to court filings. Armstrong appealed the refusal of the receiver to transport his remaining possessions from storage lockers in New York and Pennsylvania to him in Florida, but the appeal failed in 2019."

Sometimes you can't fix stupid.

Mark K Logan


I think the Admiral..or whatever he was, not relieving the captain of command or shifting his flag to another vessel and staying out there is a strong indication he too did not see a compelling reason for the fleet to remain at sea at that time. The Navy's reversal of their decision to deny his request indicates at least some up the chain didn't either.

I'm giving Croz the benefit of the doubt for now. The investigation will probably enlighten us on motive.

Master Slacker

What I find interesting is that the IC knew of China's pandemic issues last November. Which most likely indicates that the US rural population will be dealing with this issue for the next 6 months. The virus does not care about business, the virus does enjoy proximity.


master slacker

The masses care about the economy. they can not live on government handouts very long.



I don't know what the admirals did or did not do. Releasing the letter in the manner he did indicate to me that he wanted it public with all the ramificaitons implied. He commaned the USS Blue Ridge immediately prior to taking command of the Roosevelt. It's not like he didn't know how to get in touch with the commander of the 7th Fleet without doing what he did.

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