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06 April 2020


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Kevin McDevitt

Well said. I have been concerned about this same issue for the past month. Here in Michigan, our governor was quick to pass the 'Executive Order' for everyone to stay at home. There is now a $1000 fine in place to back this up and there are stories about police at Home Depot passing out these tickets to customers coming out, regardless of whether they were using PPE, maintaining distance, etc.

How quickly we allow the elimination of our rights for the illusion of security.

Upstate NY'er

And replace the "orange God" with who?
Trump is doing just what he's been continually criticized for NOT doing - listening to the "experts."
And these "experts" are destroying the economy - and the nation - from their very narrow scientific perch and face it, the fun power trip.



I don't trust Fauci or Birx any farther than I can throw a bull by it tail.

The reason -- Bill Gates, the money trail of both Fauci and Birx lead back to Gates, as does the UN WHO Communist Director.

I was told many years, to follow the money trail. And the money trail between Gates and all these players lead up to a lot of dough for Gates, he's underwriting every business out there that is trying to create a 'vaccine'. The reason that Fauci and Birx have both tried to throw cold water on Trump's Anti-Malaria alternative, is that the Gates vaccines will make Gates and his cronies lots of cash, whereas Trump's common-sense won't make Gates one dime.

If Trump follows Gate's cronies guidance, there will be far more deaths from the economic breakdown, than the COVID-19. Trump I perceive realizes this, and is trying to head them off at the pass.

If everybody heeded Brix's -- you have to stay home, you can't go to the grocery stores or the pharmacies,-- then they would die from starvation and disease.

Let's get the economy up and running, then there is money for the ventilators, the life saving drugs, the medical masks, and the ability to create more hospitals if really needed.

Let our USAMRIID AND Russia's VECTOR work together hand in hand, I have full confidence in them, and little to no confidence in the CDC, nor in Gates and his cronies.

Now I'll get off my soapbox.


Can't predict anything because this is an Election Year Flu and Democrats still control the media, and thus the narrative. Narratives don't do data.


Branco still says it best. Cartoon visuals and spare words: https://legalinsurrection.com/2020/04/branco-cartoon-bedside-manners/


Health Expert #1: Jeremy Konyndyk, Senior Policy Fellow
"He previously served in the Obama Administration from 2013-2017 as the director of USAID’s Office of US Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA)," "He is currently a member of the World Health Organization’s high level Independent Oversight and Advisory Committee..."
Is that the same WHO that was lying to us in January?

Health Expert #2:
A former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Thomas Frieden (Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry Administrator, 2009-2017). "Frieden was prominently involved in the US and global response to the West African outbreak of Ebola. His visits to West Africa beginning in August 2014 and a September 2014 CDC analysis projecting that the Ebola epidemic could increase exponentially to infect more than 1 million people within four months Which, oh yes, didn't happen. What did happen was a giant ClusterF*** at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas because the Obama administration made the brilliant decision to bring Ebola patitients to the USA.
Dr. Frieden link1: https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2014/09/30/cdc-confirms-patient-in-dallas-has-the-ebola-virus/
Dr. Frieden link2: https://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/ebola-virus-outbreak/no-excuse-cleanup-starts-after-delay-ebola-victims-apartment-n217776
Here's the results of Dr. Frieden's brilliant modeling:
Total Cases [Ebola] (Suspected, Probable, Confirmed): 28,652 and 11,325 dead.
How's everyone's math? Twenty eight thousand isn't anywhere near a million.
See here: https://www.cdc.gov/vhf/ebola/history/2014-2016-outbreak/index.html

Donald J. Trump FFS sake what are you doing? These "elites" of the world are wrong, they were wrong then and they are wrong now. This is more Obama operative sabotage of America because God knows Biden can't win so they will destroy this country rather than see you get re-elected. What the hell are you listening to them for?


Have been disturbed by all the new super powers public servants have developed recently.
As an older man 57 y/o that retired from corporate life at 50 I am fortunate.
No debt and a large and highly valued skill set.
While not being reckless or obstinate I am conducting my business as usual.
Taking extra time to help those I know deserve assistance as any responsible member of a community should.
God bless,I for one am curious about what what our country will look like on the other side of this.
Fear the orgy of federal largesse unleashed on already rotten financial institutions will be America's down fall.
Well at least for us deplorables.


I'll jump in and defend my fellow scientists. I don't think this has anything to do with power, but with the fact the infection is still in its early stages in the US, so it's hard to predict how fast it will subside.

Based on data we are running about 10 days behind Italy, with infected people (excluding cured, so active cases) increasing 8% per day. A week ago it was increasing by 15% per day, so we are making progress. For comparison, Italy is down to 3% increase.

We want to see a large decrease in the number of infected before restrictions are released. In South Korea, the number of infected has been dropping for 3 weeks straight. They are down to 50 new infection per day, we are getting 35-40,000.

I think a lot of people are looking to see how Koreans do, as they are the closest to eradicating the epidemic. Once Korea reopens, we'll see if there is a spike in new cases, if not, that will give us a safe point to relax the measures in the US.

I think we are looking at mid-May at earliest, more likely June. My university just received an invitation to submit a large scale testing for coronavirus antibodies in people with an early May deadline, Stanford University just opened up their pilot project to public testing (first 2500 people). This is the kind of test that we'll need in place before we restart the economy, as it will allow us to confirm if people have immunity or not and have them act accordingly.

Charles Schulte

This is the insurance policy the DEEP STATE spoke of. You are living it, all of a sudden the left cares about deaths? Homeless, shootings in Chicago, 17 year wars? OK I’m a believer. (SARC)


J: both Fauci and Birx are tied into the Clinton Foundation.

Fred: I don't think the President is listening at all to these yokels, I think he's humiliating them, time will tell, I'm hoping

Martin Armstrong has an informative article up today. He's not political at all but believes most governments are corrupt and usually the one's causing any problems in the world today:




My understanding is that S Korea never closed more than parts of a city for small periods of time. They also did not initiate a travel ban last I looked.

Many scientists (whose credentials are more impressive than those of Birx or Fauci) are rejecting this lockdown. I’m very uncomfortable with Bill Gate’s role in this. He appears to be shopping for a new monopoly.


Steve Bannon comes out with guns loaded:


Upstate NY'er

Anyone notice?
The same people running scared and panicked of coronavirus are often the same ones who think we'll all be dead in "X" years because the earth is melting.
Hell of a way to live - perpetually scared.

Charlie Wilson

I give Bannon a 10 on my rant-o-meter. Actually listened to the whole thing too.


Hope Steve Bannon looks into the doings of the CIO for the massive CalPERS pension fund in California.

The brand new and young CalPERS CIO is a US naturalized Chinese who previously was in the Chinese military. He spends CalPERS funds to invest in Chinese arms merchants supplying the same Chinese military who at the time were suppressing the Uighers.

The same CalPERS who has been over-promising, and losing money hand over fist leaving the pension fund about 70% funded today compared to 102% funded in 2000.

The same CalPERS who thinks making virtue-signaling investments is sound pension fiduciary policy. No Israel; but strong on China. No guns, no tobacco, but guns for the Chinese military is AOK.


Upstate NY'er,
re The same people running scared and panicked of coronavirus are often the same ones who think we'll all be dead in "X" years because the earth is melting.
Hell of a way to live - perpetually scared.

Assuming generously that the folks who believe their data and science are honest and that in fact global warming is not an according to Trump "chinese hoax invented to harm the US economically", that the corona virus is dangerous even for grandiose loooong time atheles like Bolsonaro and that global warming indeed is melting a lot of ice in the arctics - what would that mean?

For the small island folks in the pacific it means they likely may lose their islands and will have to flee or drown and for the florida retirees living with a nice view to the sea rising water thanks to ice melting also isn't going to be a lot of fun.



Our yearly spring flood has just ended and the rhine just got twice as wide and a few metres higher. We get that when the snow in the alps melts. Good that we have levees high enough. A couple years ago it was higher and flooded in a few houses near the rhine the car garages in the cellar. I saw some "watered cars" once worth a million € + removed as worthless crap and garbage after two weeks in water.

I also helped during a local rhine flood during my military service, driving people to work by boat. Alas, I also met a pysicist who insisted to me that floods are a myth invented to build levees to help construction corporations, as he had learned in university. Oh dear. Nice guy except for that nonsense.

To be "scared" of rising water levels is IMO a rather reasonable and sensible thing to do even though it may be too little too late.

Trump, a fracking and coal friend, probably is not at all concerned about that. Likely he has a "Mar-a-Lago backup golf site" in colorado or some other place well higher than, say, 5 metres over water, perhaps even with a landing strip long enough for Air Force One naturally set off against tax liability.

Means practically: If you're less wealthy and locally bound, better get a nice life jacket and/or a boat?


Yesterday, God was seen walking around in Australia.
"What are you doing here?" he was asked.
"Working from home" came the reply.



You have become an ugly hateful b--t--d. Goodbye.


Boris Johnson not long ago was advocating keeping everything in the UK running as business as usual. "Herd Immunity", he said. The PM is now in intensive care on a ventilator.

The CCP, playing the long game, shut things tight for 2 months. Today's restrictions in China are tougher than many US states.

The US is not China. The UK is not China. Who is going to win the long game? Stay tuned!

blue peacock

The lengthiness of the shutdown is purely a political decision.

Right now the "experts" like Fauci are in the drivers seat. Despite the fact they never got their asses into gear early to prevent the spread like Taiwan. They have also fanned the flames of hysteria with their wild projections based on their flawed models. The right thing to do is fire these guys as they failed to contain in the first place, caused delays in getting tests to market and more importantly have not yet commissioned widespread antibody tests to determine what percentage of the population have already been immunized.

Since this is an election year and each state and city will determine their own re-opening schedule we should take into account the political calculation of the players. Then there's of course the ambulance chasers in the media.

At some point those people desperate to feed their families may take matters into their own hands and break curfew.



Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly appears to be eating a little crow after he flew to Guam and cussed out the crew of the USS Theodore Roosevelt and trashed its relieved Captain.

I've never ever heard of Service Secretary cussing out the entire crew of an aircraft carrier.



IMO, two boat school a-holes pissing on each other.


@ Bill Wade:
One good thing about the Armstrong link: the "Just like Hitler" idiocy was deployed early on.
Most writing that uses such shallow and historically inaccurate comparisons screams Desperately Seeking Attention and is not worth my time.


Because antibody tests are not available my opinion is only subjective.
I believe I was infected between 1/17/20 till 1/27/20.
If not that was the worst flu ever that developed a bacterial infection that required a warm compress to open my eyes for a few mornings.
Hate to deal with something worse!

different clue

Kevin McDevitt,

That story about police arrogating to themselves the privilege of
passing $1,000 fines to people coming out of Home Depot is disturbing to me in that I was going to go to Home Depot by bus on one of my upcoming off days to order some essential ( to ME) items and ingredients for making raised garden beds with.

One wonders if that is really what Governor Whitmer had in mind or not. If not, she will have to stamp that police action out fast and hard, or it will spread and spread and spread.

I guess I will have to call Home Depot and see if I can order these things for delivery by phone. I will also ask them if this is indeed happening and if it is . . . is their Central Headquarters putting our Governor's feet to the welding torch to make her make it stop.

I walk home after work from my job at the hospital. If a policeman decides to ticket me for " being outside without a policeman's approval", the first people I would call would be an ever-spreading ring of media . . . and my University Hospital bosses.

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