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05 April 2020


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Fred did you actually read my comment?


I misread it, sorry.



I will happily carry a nice notorized card indicating I have recieved the required innoculations when I travel to Australia. I am not about to imprison myself becuase the governor of my state wants me to prove I don't have this or any other other communicable disease nor do I wish to have Chinese style facial recognotion and location tracking imposed on me in the United States.

"The rules and practices for ship quarantine are also at least 200 ..."
They also couldn't be imposed for Aids, Ebola and created a firestorm when Trump imposed limited travel bans in January and floated the idea about quarantining NYC. The left wants to quarantine every American until Fauci and company give persmission to go to work, school etc. He and his experts want zero infection and zero deaths that can be blamed on thier decsion along with the power of being incharge, so we'll wait until old age takes them away or we have a rebellion unless overules them.


steve see TwiV 598. They have been having good correlation between neutrophil/lymphocyte ratio and those who make that rapid cannula to vent transition.
You may also be interested in this.



Stay safe. I think President Trump is of the same opinion as you.


Syria says it has begun mass production of hydroxy chloroquine for the treatment of COVID19. If Assad ends up shipping some to the US on an aid flight - that would be one heck of a PR coup.



Steve very sorry the TWiV link https://www.microbe.tv/twiv/
I think there is some immunological tipping point as PO2 becomes a problem that the scatter gun approach of compassionate use is ill suited to clarify. I hold out hope that structured clinical trials will find that the trial drugs are better than we thought if time and dosage and combinations can be refined.



Thanks. Off to the grocery store, where everyone else can go but is still safe, unlike the office, the barber shop, the oil change place, the beach, because the experts know best....

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