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20 April 2020


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This is introduced by the same idiot who worried that Guam might "tip over" if the Navy put another base there - Hank Johnson from Georgia and...... shockingly...... a Democrat.


Does the 4th from last point imply that gun manufacturers are going to have to insure themselves from the activities of their guns post sale?

If so, it is surely unlikely that they will be able to stay in business. Maybe a key point for the Law.


Col Lang,
As a modest proposal, may I suggest that we
try to achieve more "community safety" by
repealing the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments
rather than trying to sabotage the 2nd Amendment.
Deo Vindice


......In effect, destroying the second amendment.

Once you give bureaucrats any power over your firearms, you have lost your Republic, created as it is, out of the wishes of your founders who expected you to preserve it in good order.

One thing - the bit about “statutory process ....for a family member....to remove firearms from an individual who poses a risk...etc.

I have first hand experience where a lying SOB referenced my firearms in an unrelated domestic violence matter, and the first I knew about it was when the police arrived to politely ask me for my guns just in case the respondent tried to get one. of them.

It took me two weeks of patient factual explanation that the allegation was total BS before I had them returned.

I was lucky. Once you get caught up in such bureaucratic systems, it is almost impossible to retrieve your name and reputation.

......And furthermore, Australia is awash with illegal firearms of all sorts and criminals use them so freely that our police are now having to up gun ordinary officers to stay ahead. So much for firearm regulation.



"Once you get caught up in such bureaucratic systems, it is almost impossible to retrieve your name and reputation."

That is the whole point behind "me too" , "believe all women" , " and other such machinations of the left.

Barbara Ann

"To end the epidemic of gun violence.."

Of far greater concern to me is the epidemic of timid men who lack imagination and an understanding of the lessons of history. The proponents of this bill know nothing of the tempestuous sea of liberty. The very thought of it probably makes them queasy. When will we achieve herd immunity to this insidious disease?


Barbara Ann -

"the lessons of history. The proponents of this bill know nothing of the tempestuous sea of liberty."

At the very simplest level, the immediate provocations for first skirmishes of the American Revolution, the Battles of Lexington and Concord in Massachusetts, and the Gunpowder Incident in Virginia seem little known or taught in schools today. These provocations being 1) the secret attempts by British Governors and military to seize local, colonial stores of gunpowder and field weapons and 2) a British military ban in December 1774 on exports and sales of weapons and powder to the American Colonies.

Clearly colonists took a lesson about liberty and the rule of tyrants from this, which they codified in the 2nd amendment. No accident that this amendment follows immediately after the enumeration of individual rights in the First.

Perhaps no accident that these lessons are seldom mentioned among the general account of glories, which has become the popular summation of our founding revolution. As if all that remains of those long years of struggle, both the military fight and the ensuing efforts to form a useful but not oppressive government, is the Declaration's "all men are created equal."

Sadly, by the evidence of what passes for intelligent public debate, there is cause to wonder whether any aspect of the Constitution is taught at all, except in Law Schools.


https://www.enblocpress.com/news/deterrence-dispensed-project-lopoint-release/ is the latest URL for keeping up with the various political adaptations of the gun rights activists who use 3D printing. I think that many readers of this website will find that 3D printing can shift the balance of political power. It is not a panacea, obviously. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. Those who value liberties must guard them jealously.


Fifty million kids are being homeschooled by gun owners, no mass shootings reported. Looks like guns aren't killing anyone this week either. If only we had some common sense criminal control, the kind NYC abandoned.

Not to worry, California doesn't believe in common sense criminal control either:

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